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  1. Trent Willis ILWU Rep To The West Coast Safety Committee Speaks Out

    Local 10 is being sued by their employer for a solidarity action with the workers of Wisconsin. Trent Willis, International Safety Rep. for Northern California, give extemporaneous remarks on dockwork safety and ties it into worker solidarity, resisting over-production demands of the bosses, and ends with the statement "We control commerce". It's 30 minutes, but well worth watching. ...
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  2. Republic of Money: Karl Marx Edition

    "The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas..."

    Karl Marx (1818 Germany) came from an upper-middle-class/bourgeois family.

    Herschel Marx + Henriette Pressburg
    Karl Marx

    His father, Herschel/Heinrich Marx (1777 Germany), was a lawyer, magistrate & vinyard owner; his grandfather (1743 'Bohemia') was the rabbi of Trier, from a family of rabbis. His grandmother also came from a line of distinguished ...
  3. William Z. Foster: 'Lenin Cleared the Road for Socialism in America!'

    Comrade Lenin of Russia
    Rises in the marble tomb
    On guard with the fighters forever -
    The world is our room!

    - Langston Hughes, Ballad of Lenin

    Lenin put American Communism on a hard scientific footing. Daniel Mason reports that "The interplay between Lenin and the United States was very extensive. Lenin had learned the English language early in his career and became an avid student of US economics, politics, education and social life." ...
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  4. DEAR MR. 1%

    I spoke with you for a moment when you were waiting to cross the street to the Chicago Board of Trade on Monday. I wonder if you are the one who put the now infamous message in the window up there announcing your membership in the 1%. I overheard you telling your friend that none of us had jobs. I leaned over to assure you that you were mistaken, you'd be surprised how many of us do have jobs. I told you ...
  5. End of Empire

    Construction slump creates a Sheetrock ghost town

    Empire, Nev., is last intact example of an American icon: the company town.

    EMPIRE, Nev. This mining town of 300 people clings like a burr to the back of the Black Rock Desert.
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