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Re: Turkey

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Enterprises for the production and distribution of electricity must be nationalized!
Let's stop the robbery! For the rights of citizens, against the profit of the oligarchs!

From the editor. We present a translation of an article published on the website of the Communist Party of Turkey .


In recent months we have become poorer. All basic products and services have risen in price: from bread to water, from electricity to transport.

The government, formed by the Justice and Development Party (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi ( AKP ) - approx. ed. ), speaks without a twinge of conscience about saving, reducing the diet, and also urges not to go outside without the need and, if possible, spend the whole winter at home.

In December alone, the workers' confederation announced a 25% increase in the prices of basic foodstuffs . So food was down by a quarter in December, despite supposedly a "record increase" in the minimum wage and an 18 percent rise in the Turkish lira against the US dollar overnight.

And on the first day of 2022, the news reported another price increase. The new year began with news of an average increase of 75% in electricity prices for households. To this, the government formed by the AKP party once again began to tell us that this was not a promotion, but a great sacrifice made by the government for the sake of the people. The price of electricity was much higher, they said, but the government allocated significant funds from the state budget to ensure that this increase did not affect private companies involved in the distribution of electricity. The electricity distribution companies kept their profits, but we workers survived the electricity price increase by "only" 75% .

The AKP-formed government we are talking about is a government that has sold off far more state property and the country's wealth to local and foreign capitalists than ever before in the last 20 years. It was this government that placed the fundamental rights of citizens, such as the rights to electricity, water, heating and transport, into the hands of the oligarchs as a source of income. It was the government that introduced the right to plunder, telling the owners of the companies: "The country and everything that you can plunder in it belongs to you," and the workers: "If you have no money, you have no right to live."

Sabancı , Cengiz , Limak , Kolin and other major capitalist holding companies that have taken over the electricity distribution companies and made huge profits once again express their deep satisfaction with the actions of the government formed by the AKP party. At the same time, we, the workers, have already begun to figure out how we can survive the cold by reducing the consumption of heat and electricity in January.

This must not continue! The production and distribution of electricity should be carried out by the state, and the use of electricity should be declared a fundamental right of every citizen.

This must not continue! The looting of the wealth and resources of the country must stop.

This must not continue! Access to electricity should be a fundamental right of citizens, not a source of profit for oligarchs.

Enterprises for the production and distribution of electricity must be nationalized!

The right to light, heat and water are fundamental human rights and cannot be sold!


Communist Party of Turkey

From the editor. Previously, we translated an article by the Communist Party of Turkey about mass protests in Istanbul. Back then, people opposed rising prices and the cost of living. The adventurous policy of the right-wing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's active participation in conflicts in Syria and Libya lead to the fall of the Turkish lira against the US dollar.

Let us also add that the nationalization of large-scale industry in a bourgeois state is not a panacea. The fabulous salaries of managers, nepotism, kickbacks and other characteristic features of capitalism are firmly guarding the interests of the richest people in the country, the main exploiters, as well as their relatives and friends.

Only the socialization of private property, as a logical consequence of the socialist revolution, can cure these cancers on the body of the state economy.

https://www.rotfront.su/predpriyatiya-p ... -i-raspre/


The Kurdish question is a question of equality
Capitalism divides workers, but not entrepreneurs
From the editor. The “Kurdish question” is an acute social conflict that erupted in the mid-1980s in Turkey and the Middle East as a whole. The classic sides of the confrontation are the government of Turkey and the armed formations of the Kurdistan Workers' Party - a people of 40 million people who have been fighting for more than a century for the creation of an independent Kurdish state. Our comrades from the Turkish Communist Party (TKP) have decided to tell about what is happening in detail in their policy article; First of all, communists draw readers' attention to the class nature of the conflict.
Kurdistan on the map of the Middle East

A small part of Turkey's population enjoys enormous wealth, while millions of people struggle with poverty and unemployment.

Those who are "fortunate" to be in the minority are the political elite, top management, large landowners and the rich, who parasitize on rent. As wage earners and the poor work, this segment gets even richer, accumulating more and more profits.

There are millions of Kurdish citizens among the poor that this unfair system of exploitation in Turkey has created. Kurds are mostly poor - however, like citizens of other nationalities.
But there are also Kurds in this country who exploit others. Kurdish factory bosses, large landowners, loan sharks, contractors are part of that "lucky" minority of Turkish citizens.
The interests of the Kurdish exploiters and the interests of other exploiters coincide. They want to keep an unfair order, they seek new profits and use every opportunity to become even richer.

And the interests of the exploited, poor and unemployed Kurds coincide with those of the other poor and unemployed: this order, which is the source and cause of inequality, must change.

The Kurdish question can only be properly discussed in the light of this fact, and only in this way can the way to its solution be found.

The main problem in Turkey is the existence of "bosses" on the one hand and workers on the other; the capitalist class on one side of the barricades, the workers on the other; the rich one by one, the poor by another.

Dispersal of the May Day demonstration in Turkey

This is also the central problem throughout the world. The root cause of all kinds of tyranny, injustice, coups, wars, corruption and environmental destruction is capital, which sees nothing but more and more profit.
The Kurdish question must be analyzed from a class point of view. The claim that exploiter Kurds and exploited Kurds have common interests is a big lie. There are common interests among the workers, the unemployed and the poor of all backgrounds.
The Kurdish question is a question of equality.

The Kurdish question is also a question of freedom. A concept that ignores their own language, identity and even the existence of the Kurds or imposes on them their disappearance, dissolution and subjugation to another identity cannot be recognized as legitimate.

The thesis that any nation or people is superior to others and deserves certain privileges is a lie that is constantly cultivated in order to mask and maintain inequality in the world, to make the poor hate and even stifle each other for the benefit of the capitalists.

Nationalism, which played a progressive and liberating role in past periods of human history, for a long time became a weapon in the hands of all exploiters without exception.

One cannot prefer Kurdish or Turkish nationalism to another. There is not a single region left in the world where it would be possible to liberate the nation as a whole without making a distinction between the exploiter and the exploited. This is true whether we are talking about Catalonia, Palestine, Corsica, Ireland or Turkey.

Nationalism breeds more nationalism. Thus, for example, Greek nationalism and Turkish nationalism feed off each other. The same is fully applicable to Turkish and Kurdish nationalism.

Although they speak different languages ​​and have different origins, the interests of all the oppressed are common. Thus, when a poor Palestinian and a Jewish factory worker in Israel join forces, the dominance of imperialism, Zionism, and hypocritical Palestinian rulers who benefit from the "Palestinian problem" begins to lose ground.

The Kurdish issue cannot be resolved when exploiting Kurds are on the same side with other exploiters or are negotiating to increase their share.

The ruling elite of Turkey needs the existence of problems dividing the population in order to prevent the workers from uniting for a common struggle. Playing the oppressed against each other in the name of preserving the existing order has, unfortunately, always worked so far. The discrimination that Kurds face because of differences in language, identity, and resources not only divides workers, but also ensures that Kurds facing oppression remain a cheaper labor force.

Similar processes are taking place with respect to labor migrants. The hostile attitude towards them primarily benefits employers who hire immigrant workers who are afraid to assert their rights and are practically enslaved.

The fact that the Kurdish issue was placed within the identity debate was also of the greatest benefit to the bosses, and moreover, the very posing of the Kurdish issue in this context has become an excellent opportunity for the exploiters of Kurdish origin.

The Kurdish bosses managed to get rich a lot on the “Kurdish issue”. However, for millions of Kurds, life today means nothing more than poverty and unemployment.

This cannot continue.

There is no freedom without bread.

A side in the discussion of the Kurdish issue should be represented by all the workers living in Turkey, the whole society. There is no problem that our working people - regardless of origin - are not able to solve with a common will, fighting in a single ranks.

The assertion that the Kurdish issue can be resolved by sitting at the same table with the masters of the exploitative system has no basis. Nothing can be given to the Kurdish people by those who are hostile towards labour, science, art, women, the Republic and the environment.

The border does not lie between Turks and Kurds, but between the exploiters and the exploited.

This is the basis on which people can unite. The common enemy is imperialism, international monopolies, "internal" monopolies and "bosses", that is, the political elite.


The enforced way of thinking that ignores the Kurdish people, oppresses them and makes them deny their own existence, has largely determined that some Kurds in this country have come to rely on powerful world powers. We should all be ashamed that we have not been able to strongly oppose this way of thinking and the unjust order in general.

The way to remedy this disgrace is to stand together against the exploiters in defense of our common interests.

We are not in the same boat.

Imperialism is on the opposite side. The capital class is on the opposite side. The religious elite and reactionaries of all sorts are on the opposite side.

Turkey will gain brotherhood, unity, equality and freedom by defeating the other side.
In socialist Turkey there will be no "Kurdish question", Kurdish workers and workers of all backgrounds - with their creative energy - will all together establish a social order in which no one exploits anyone.
Communist Party of Turkey
Central Committee

https://www.rotfront.su/kurdskij-vopros ... -ravenstv/

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Re: Turkey

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There is safety in numbers
Communists of Turkey about struggle and labor solidarity
From the Editor: The growing crisis of capitalism has caused a sharp drop in the national currency of Turkey. The situation of the working people of the country has seriously worsened. How the workers of Turkey reacted to the infringement of their rights and what is the role of the country's communists in strengthening labor solidarity, we will tell in this article.

From the first days of 2022, the cost of living, and therefore the poverty rate, has continued to rise in Turkey. Rising prices for food, electricity, rent hurt the pockets of workers, activating their desire to defend their rights to a decent life.

The wave of protests that broke out in January affected almost all sectors of the national economy in Turkey. It was a response to a mocking proposal by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) to raise the minimum wage. The meager increase in wages against the background of rising prices speaks of the complete failure of the government's populist policy.

The beginning of a broad mobilization of the working class in Turkey can be considered the struggle of workers in the delivery services of several companies.

The couriers of Trendyol Express (an agency company hiring workers for Turkey's largest online sales platform Trendyol ) did not accept the management's offer of an 11% salary increase and stopped working, demanding decent living conditions. On the third day of the strike, columns of workers headed for the company's headquarters in Istanbul. Negotiations with the management ended in victory for the protesters: Trendyol Express workers won a 38.8% wage increase.

The example of Trendyol Express employees was followed by couriers Scotty , Hepsijet , Aras Kargo . Currently, their movement is steadily expanding.

Yemeksepeti Banabi couriers (taken over by DeliveryHero Corporation , which controls food delivery services in more than 50 countries) have become a real symbol of the labor struggle in Turkey in recent years . They do not stop defending their rights to self-organization, job security, decent wages and better working conditions.
Not only delivery workers are fighting for their rights. Here are some examples of recent major strikes by Turkish workers in other industries:

Workers from the British Broadcasting Corporation ( BBC ) went on strike in Istanbul . They demanded higher compensation and wages. After 15 days of confrontation, the leadership surrendered. Following BBC News, a protest began on the Digiturk media platform , provoked by poor working conditions and a meager increase in wages.
At the Alpine Çorap garment factory, workers rose up with the same demand: better working conditions and higher wages. The company provides its products to the largest clothing manufacturers. The leadership was forced to meet the demands of the strikers, as well as provide them with job security. Soon, the Erdal Çorap factory in the Arnavutköy district of Istanbul also joined the demands .
In the city of Gebze, the struggle took on a more intense character. Workers at Farplas Otomotiv , a car parts company, refused to leave the factory in protest at layoffs and low wages. Management responded by calling the police. More than 200 protesters were taken into custody. The confrontation has not subsided so far.
At the Lila paper mill in Çorlu, workers fired due to union membership started a sit-in in front of the union building.
Workers at the Batel Electromechanical Plant in Izmir demanded that management raise wages and provide decent working conditions. Their demands were partially satisfied, after which the strike ended.
In the city of Eskisehir, Kıraç Metal workers started a protest against the recent layoffs at the plant. They were supported by the trade union of workers in the metallurgical industry "Birleşik Metal-iş" .
The wave of protests also reached trade and shipping. In Istanbul, contract warehouse workers from the food chain Migros have protested against the unfair recalculation of wages. It is quite possible that workers from other networks will rise up to fight in solidarity with them. And in the city of Hopa, dock workers are protesting, demanding that the terms of labor contracts be adjusted in their favor.

From the first days of the crisis, the Turkish Communist Party (TKP) resolutely entered the struggle. Through the activists of the trade union Solidarity and Struggle Network PE Solidarity Network ( PE – Turkish abbreviation – “We stand behind the backs of the owners” ), she began to attract workers to participate in protests. Thus, the workers were not left alone with their troubles. The PE Solidarity Network contributed to the strengthening of their solidarity, actively helping groups of protesters to keep in touch with each other.
The protest also affected the areas of education and healthcare in Turkey.

The recently released bill, which changes the working conditions of school and university workers, caused their indignation. Various trade unions of education workers, such as the Union of Public Education and Science Workers of Turkey and the United Trade Union of Private School Teachers of Turkey, have joined the fight against him .

Turkish healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, technicians and even medical scientists) have also been actively fighting for improved workplace safety measures and a decent increase in wages. Their protests were coordinated everywhere by the relevant trade unions.

The TKP has always tried to be at the forefront of labor protests in the country. Many class-conscious workers joined its ranks, and the number of party supporters grew significantly.


In addition, the PE Solidarity Network, initiated by the TCH in 2018, has become the voice of the workers from the very beginning of the activism in 2022. With her help, a timid protest at the construction site of the nuclear power plant turned into a protest action of many thousands and forced the owners to surrender. PE actively supports the couriers, helping them to defend their rights, and by all means contributes to the unification of the Turkish working class.

The successes of the communists in Turkey are indisputable, but the activists of the PE Solidarity Network do not intend to stop there.


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Re: Turkey

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The daily struggle for the existence and future of the country cannot be included in the framework of opinion polls
May Day is the day of uniting the workers for the joint struggle against the attacks of capital
Editor's note: We invite you to read the translation of an article by the Turkish journalist Ercüment Akdeniz, published in the Evrensel daily newspaper . The material is dedicated to the Day of Solidarity of Workers.
May Day rally in Turkey

An 80-year-old woman was not allowed to board a shuttle bus running through the market in Ankara, as only those who purchased goods worth more than 50 Turkish liras are entitled to travel. And in Urfa, an elderly woman was kicked out of the bus because she did not have a travel card.

I recently heard a story from a university student. He said that he tries to get up as late as possible in the morning, because that way he starts the day with lunch and is saved from the expense of breakfast!

As the country teeters on the brink of hyperinflation, people are rapidly getting poorer. Everything you touch - at the farmers' market, grocery or street stores - is expensive. The rise in prices in Istanbul is out of the question. Even working families cannot afford anything but the bare necessities.

On the other hand, what about the wealthy classes? According to the World Unemployment Report, the top 10% receive 54% of the total national income. There is a war in Ukraine, but look at the number of billionaires: it is not decreasing, but growing at a record pace around the world. In 2021, the increase in the camp of billionaires was 75% compared to last year! The trend is clear: the class gap is deepening, class contradictions are becoming insurmountable.

So what's the way out?

The discussion in the media was reduced to a discussion of the results of opinion polls. How many votes will each political party receive? Which of them will be able to win over the undecided? The topics of the struggle of the working class and the plight of the people are not even touched upon in the polls. Working people are driven into the politics of the bourgeois system, where they are needed only as "passive voters" in elections held every four years. The media is preaching patience to the poor and advising them to "wait for the election". And in the elections they are offered to agree to "the lesser of evils." In other words, bourgeois politics is a kind of swing. Both parties, which alternately come to power, then temporarily lose it and turn into "opposition", are parties representing the interests of the bourgeoisie.

Voting in Turkish elections

In this regard, it is interesting to look at the results of the elections in Hungary and France. The racist-fascist government of Orbán, described as "extreme right," won the elections in Hungary with a landslide. The opposition bloc against him failed. In France, Le Pen, representing the reactionary-fascist party, advanced to the second round along with Macron. But, unlike the analysts of the "election auction", we draw a completely different conclusion from such results: no economic and political program that is not able to withstand the program of capital will help improve the plight of the people. The working class and the masses of the people cannot reduce the struggle for work, for bread and for freedom to voting in elections where bourgeois politics dominate. For ordinary workers, the political struggle is strikes in factories, resistance at work, and mass actions in public places.

May Day demonstration in Paris

Unlike bourgeois sociologists, we must evaluate the people who are called "undecided" in today's polls in a very different way: in the struggle against the onslaught of capital, the working class and the poor will become "decided" and gain determination to the extent that they take part in strikes, rallies, in resistance and struggle for their rights. Only in this way can the working class enter the political scene and form a united front against bourgeois reaction and dictatorial rule. And May Day 2022 could be one of the big steps in that direction.

Contrary to what they're trying to "sell" to us, the world of bosses isn't just about poll data. They take into account the number of strikes and demonstrations of workers, assess how far the workers have advanced in their struggle for rights, how crowded and bright their demonstrations are. May Day, the Day of International Unity, Solidarity and the Struggle of the Working Class, is a kind of test of the intensity of the struggle between the oppressors and the oppressed. And this year - around the world and in Turkey - there will be a test of strength.

Today, there is a danger of getting bogged down in opinion polls and compromising pre-election expectations. It needs to be overcome. The working class and the poorest sections of the population will not be able to develop their own revolutionary policy and achieve their demands without a fight. May Day this year should be celebrated more widely and massively than ever. Workers' solidarity actions should take place in factories and enterprises, and preparations should already be made for them.

May Day demonstration in Istanbul

For example, workers opposed to rising prices in January held more than 120 strikes and resistance actions in different cities of the country. Medical workers have been struggling to improve their situation for quite some time now. These forces must be used for May Day. The demand to “increase” rapidly declining wages is on the agenda of almost all sectors of the economy. One of the factors that will determine the outcome will be how organized the workers will be on May 1st.

Turk-Is and Hak-Is ( the largest trade union confederations in Turkey * - ed. ) refuse to take active steps under the pretext of the approaching Eid al-Adha. In conditions of widespread impoverishment, they prefer to consider May Day a holiday, and not a day of struggle! The trade union bureaucracy is clearly afraid of the labor movement. They propose a solution based on systemic politics, not on the strength of workers. Preparations for May Day must begin locally, from the grassroots level, with the exposure of the venality of the "yellow" trade union bureaucracy. Trade union branches and workers' representations of different confederations should unite on this day, leaving aside any differences.

Turkish workers at the May Day demonstration

May Day should also be a day of protest against the war in Ukraine and all imperialist wars and exploitation - under the slogan "No to NATO!". On this day, our workers must also speak out against the multifaceted exploitation of migrant workers. The peasantry, whose habitat has been destroyed, whose plantations, fields, tractors and cars have been confiscated, must also take their place in the ranks and take part in the May Day demonstrations.

The first of May is the day of the general unity of the working people and the uprising against the onslaught of capital. The daily struggle for existence, the future of the country - all this does not fit into the polls. May Day should demonstrate this.

Ercument Akdeniz

*Along with Turk-Is and Hak-Is, the four largest trade union organizations in Turkey also include the Confederation of Trade Unions of Civil Servants and the Confederation of Revolutionary Trade Unions of Turkey. The last two stand on socialist positions.

https://www.rotfront.su/ezhednevnuyu-bo ... vovanie-i/

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Re: Turkey

Post by blindpig » Tue May 24, 2022 1:35 pm

Turkey To Launch Military Operation on Turkish-Syrian Border

Turkish President confirmed that the Turkish army intends to carry out military operations to combat terrorism on the country's borders. May. 23, 2022. | Photo: Al Mayadeen

Published 23 May 2022

The Turkish President has announced that Turkey will launch a new military operation on the Turkish-Syrian border to expand the Turkish-controlled "security zone".

On Monday, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Turkey will launch a new military operation on the Turkish-Syrian border to expand the Turkish-controlled "security zone" up to 30 kilometers inside Syria.

Turkish President confirmed that the Turkish army intends to carry out military operations to combat terrorism on the country's borders.

In this regard, he stated that relevant decisions will soon be made during the Security Council session and "we will start taking new steps to complete the 30-kilometer deep safe zone in northern Syria." This will be a seizing of territory controlled by the Kurdish SDF.

During a speech after the cabinet meeting, Erdogan also referred to his refusal to meet with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotaki.

"I will not meet with the prime minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, he no longer exists for me," Erdogan said.

The Turkish President has announced that Turkey will start a new military operation on the Turkish-Syrian border to expand the "security zone" controlled by Turkey up to 30 kilometers inside Syria, taking territory controlled by the Kurdish SDF

The Hellenic premier during a visit to Washington called for a review of U.S. arms sales to Ankara.

Erdogan said when he announced his country's pessimism about Finland and Sweden joining NATO, that the alliance made this mistake beforehand by accepting Greece's membership, saying that "its policy in the alliance towards Turkey is not clear."

https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Tur ... -0016.html


Turkey calls for NATO action against Swedish sanctions

The procedure for incorporating a country into NATO requires the unanimous vote of its members. | Photo: @tcbestepe
Published May 23, 2022 (21 hours 22 minutes ago)

The Turkish leader pointed out that: "We have not received adequate support from NATO partners on counter-terrorism."

The Government of Turkey on Monday urged the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to adopt measures with respect to the sanctions that Stockholm has imposed on it to consider its vote in favor of the entry of Sweden and Finland.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on the sidelines of an event in Golcuk, located in the west of the country, said: "We hope that NATO will take concrete steps to address concerns instead of making useless statements."

In this sense, the president assured that: "We have not received adequate support from NATO partners in anti-terrorist matters" while drawing attention to the sanctions "that Sweden has imposed on us, there is no explanation for them".

Based on this, the head of state pointed out that: "Since the role we play in NATO is clear, we continue to discuss the lifting of sanctions with our allies."

In this regard, Erdogan stated that Ankara has been the victim of "open and covert sanctions" on multiple occasions, as well as other coercive methods such as threats, pressure and blackmail.

Previously, the Turkish foreign policy authorities have expressed their rejection of the entry of Sweden and Finland into the military alliance due to the support of these countries for the Kurdistan Workers' Party.

The procedure for incorporating a country into NATO requires the unanimous vote of its members, which is why Ankara's opposition contravenes the current expansionist policy of the military bloc.

https://www.telesurtv.net/news/turquia- ... -0015.html

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Re: Turkey

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Türkiye: US Military Bases in Greece Don’t Target Russia

According to the Türkish President, U.S. military bases in Greece don't represent any threat to Russia. Jun. 8, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@GonestAlbert

Published 8 June 2022 (11 hours 56 minutes ago)

On Wednesday, the Türkish President said that he does not estimate that the U.S. military bases in Greece are targeting Russia but insinuated it is rather Turkiye.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Türkiye's President, said Wednesday that he doesn't assume that the military bases placed in Greece by Washington represent a threat to the Russian government.

After the talk held with the Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, Endorgan said that "currently, nine U.S. military bases have been established in Greece. Whom have they been deployed against? They say that against Russia. But we won't buy that."

President Endorgan said that Kiriakos Mitsotakis, Greek Prime Minister had previously offered to welcome the talks between Ankara and Athens without the involvement of third countries, but the same Minister gave a speech in the U.S. Congress with anti-Türkish rhetoric.

The United States and Greece signed a five-year bilateral military agreement earlier in May. The agreement will grant the U.S. access to three bases in mainland Greece along with its long-standing naval presence on the island of Crete.

"U.S. bases in Greece are designed to deal not only with Russia," Erdogan said. "The United States has developed nine bases in Greece. And against whom? They say they are turning against Russia. "We will not accept such an argument on faith," he said.

According to the Türkish President, the Prime Minister of Greece "does not exist" anymore for him since he vowed not to sell F-16 planes to the country. Athens has made clear that Greece has no intentions to get involved in a debate with Turkey.

Repeatedly, both NATO members, Türkiye and Greece have been at the border of an armed conflict caused by the dispute between the islands in the Aegean Sea, and the boundaries of territorial waters and airspace.

The Greek Prime Minister announced that it would raise the question of Türkiye's violation of Greek airspace until Ankara stops doing it, the day after that Türkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu released an accusation against Greece, charging it of violating international obligations regarding the demilitarization of the Aegean Sea islands and threatened response measures.

https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Tur ... -0015.html


“Down with NATO, this is our country!”

Protest of the Communist Youth of Turkey in Incirlik

On May 15, 2022, the Communist Youth of Turkey (KMT) held a protest against NATO and US imperialism in front of the American air base in Incirlik (Adana region). The police prevented the protesters from coming close to the base.


The KMT members announced their intentions on May 6: “Together with the youth from all over the country, we will come on May 15 to the NATO base in Incirlik!” And they kept their promise.

The action began near Incirlik airbase. Young communists chanted slogans to protest against NATO's policies. “Down with NATO, this is our country!” - this is the main demand of the protesters. “ Socialism will come! This country and this people are not for sale!” The KMT members were prevented from approaching the military facility by police cordons.

The protest against NATO and American hegemony was also contained in the press release of the Communist Youth of Turkey, read out immediately:

“No to robbery, we will push NATO out of these lands. We will confiscate the Incirlik base. As the Communist Youth of Turkey, we promise this."

The following statement was read by a KMT member from the University of Çukurova (Adana). Here is its text:

“Founded in 1949 by the US imperialists against the workers' struggle for equality and freedom, NATO still poses a great threat to the working people of the world today. This counter-revolutionary terrorist organization was created in response to the rising prestige of the Soviet Union after World War II, to counter its influence in the world.

After the collapse of the USSR, the main task of the bloc became the everyday implementation of the policy of imperialism, anti-communism, and the suppression of labor movements. Turkey was brought into NATO in 1952 by the reactionary government of Menderes, and since then the alliance has been behind all the misfortunes of the country. Assassination attempts on members of our intellectual elite, massacres in Turkish villages - all this is the result of secret NATO operations. The consequence was that our troops were sent to Korea for 23 cents a day. Yes, you heard right. NATO membership is a reward for the lives of the soldiers we sent into the fire for 23 cents.

NATO Air Base Incirlik

We are here today to break this dirty deal and put an end to the policy of imperialism, led in the first place by the United States. We're not here to order, we're asking for a bill. We are ready to talk about the counter-guerrilla organizations created by NATO in our country. Friends, NATO cannot be innocent of either the political assassinations committed in our country or the coup d'état. We will not forget how a US official said on the eve of the 1980 coup: "Our boys succeeded." And we demand an account for all this.

It is no coincidence that people who rose to the ranks of the general staff in Turkey were trained and served in NATO. We, as patriots and communists, say: "Get out of NATO!"

If NATO, which has already caused so much pain to Turkish workers, remains in this territory, can we look to the future with hope? If you look at the world map after the collapse of the Soviet Union, you can clearly see the result of the alliance's activities that is destructive and hostile to the peoples of the Earth. NATO means the renunciation of sovereignty, the disintegration of the country, setting peoples against each other. Turkish capital gave the sovereignty of the country to the accompaniment of anti-communist hysteria. Today it is our duty to return it.

There is nothing new in NATO's current policy. All the same interference in the internal affairs of states, preparation of coups and bombs on the heads of peaceful people. Look at NATO and you will see Yugoslavia, Syria, you will see September 12, 1980. Look at NATO, you will see Iraq, Latin America, Chile. To expel NATO means to stop being an accomplice in these crimes. Let NATO get out of here, and let an independent Turkey live as brothers with the peoples of the region and the whole world.

Business and its proteges in the government support NATO. They call the bloc the guardian of democracy and the guarantor of our security. But they cannot keep it within the law and thereby hide the fact that NATO is a bloody terrorist organization. You will ask why? Because whoever forgets about the revolutionary youth of our country runs the risk of ending up at sea. Yes, the day that the US Sixth Fleet was thrown into the sea is one of the most glorious days of the revolutionary struggle in Turkey. And the fight continues. We received the flag from Deniz Gezmish and his comrades, we are raising it here, in front of the Incirlik base. As the Communist Youth of Turkey, we promise: we will put an end to their struggle. We will expel NATO and create an independent, socialist Turkey.

Deniz Gezmish

Of course, nothing happens right away. Turkish capital is selling factories in our country, destroying forests, and playing an active role in the region and in the world, especially in Syria. By this, he increases the dependence of our country every day. And our struggle is class. To oppose imperialism and to squeeze out its military wing, NATO, from these lands means to put an end to the power of Turkish capital. Without one, the other is unthinkable. The fight against NATO is a fight for labor, for bread, for freedom and for sovereign Turkey.”

"There is great chaos under heaven; the situation is excellent."

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Re: Turkey

Post by blindpig » Mon Aug 29, 2022 4:21 pm

Turkey increases fees for passage of the Straits

Turkey has raised the fee for passage through the Bosporus and Dardanelles by 5 times.

Turkey Increases Straits Passage Fees

In accordance with the rights granted to Turkey by the Montreux Convention, the country will five times increase the price for passage through the Bosporus and Dardanelles. This is reported by the Turkish newspaper Sabah.
“The payment system at the rate was abolished, fixed at a 75 percent discount in 1983,” the newspaper writes. The ordinance should come into force on October 7.
According to the newspaper, Turkey's annual income will increase by $200 million. Now the country earns $40 million a year from the straits.
Montreux Convention of 1936.

https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/5535516 - zinc

It is also worth noting that with the successful construction of the navigable canal, Turkey plans to earn on it in full, without any restrictions that have existed or exist in connection with the Montreux Convention. Actually, the factor of economic benefit was one of the important elements of lobbying for the benefits of building the canal and its ability to ensure its return to payback in the foreseeable historical perspective.


The 'Grand Turk' has no shame, he sits on the fulcrum, leaning this way and that as best advantage dictates, and who's to complain? No one wants to piss him off so no one will complain at this shameless opportunism.

Works wonderfully.... he's survived one 'regime change' event but how long will his luck hold?
"There is great chaos under heaven; the situation is excellent."

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