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"All Points Of View"

Post by blindpig » Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:49 pm

All Points of View is the on-line publication of the Houston Communist Party(club). A few years back they were in a fight with CPUSA over the party's ever increasing opportunism and were very M-L and on the point of splitting from the party when out of the blue(from my perspective) they reversed course and seemed the image of CPUSA, including the ideologically invalid title of their on-line publication.We got into an argument and I was apparently dropped from their mailing list. Until I found this in my mailbox:

On the Move
by worker
Dear Readers

Thanks for all your support over the years. This website has been on a hiatus for the last few months and will now be phased out over the near future. This will complete the total separation from the CPUSA.

We will be moving to a new website http://allpointsofview.net/wp-admin. We look forward to your support in the future and comments on articles to come and articles from the past.

Editorial Board
Actually no new posts for a year, proly having 'interesting times'...There was this:
The Houston Communist Party is an independent, non-sectarian organization of revolutionaries working to bring about social change in a conscious, progressive direction. We understand the connection between working for democratic reforms and improvements in living standards today, and building a movement large enough and united enough to create revolutionary change and socialism in the future.

We base ourselves on Marxism-Leninism, on the accumulated experience of Communists in our country. Our view of the needs of our working class as a whole, and on our vision of Socialism USA is based on those experiences.

We are rooted in our country’s revolutionary history and our many struggles for full equality and democracy. We call for “Bill of Rights” socialism, guaranteeing full individual freedoms, except the “freedom” to exploit or oppress others. We organize contingents in most major demonstrations, support workers’ struggles for decent wages and working conditions, and participate in many other ways in the political life of our country. Our goal is to become more active in political struggle. We will seek to overturn anti-Communist laws in Texas and around the USA.

Our club is a consistent fighter for the unity of our multiracial, multinational, male-female, young and old working class. Our unity must cross all lines of religion, region, and origin. It must encompass immigrants, both legal and undocumented, the unemployed and homeless. We fight to unite people on welfare, workers in all industries and of all income levels, workers in every region of the country. The fight to build the broadest possible unity is our main contribution to today’s struggles. However, it is important to simultaneously be working towards socialism in this country. The only way to achieve socialism is through struggle. The struggle will be primarily political and the goal will be for working people to achieve state power.

Though still very small, we are a tenacious club with a long, proud history. Our history is steeled in struggles for peace, civil rights, union organizing, social justice, and democracy. Our many years of struggle have taught us hard lessons about how to organize for change, about what works and what doesn’t, about the essential needs for unity, for collectivity, for basing ourselves in reality. Our club has been attacked by the likes of Glenn Beck and countless other reactionaries. We view these attacks as confirmation that we are on the right track. We have been and will continue to be unwavering in our support of working people and their interests. We will strive to educate and lead working people in our struggle against racism, imperialism and capitalism.

Our strategy is to build the broadest possible anti-monopoly and anti-imperialist coalition. We work for progressive and democratic change, organize and give workers a sense of their own power, and work with millions who will learn the necessity of more fundamental change in the process of struggle.Worker and Collective Farm Woman

Our work is geared to winning state power for the working class and all oppressed people and help them to understand the need to replace capitalism with socialism. Our work is to replace the exploitative and undemocratic economic system of capitalism with a socialist society that places people’s needs ahead of corporate greed.

Our club is no longer affiliated with the CPUSA in any way. Our club is opposed to the revisionism, opportunism and undemocratic tactics used by CPUSA leadership. Although we are non-sectarian and are willing and able to work with bourgeois political parties in achieving common goals, we insist that Communists must remain independent and critically evaluate the work and positions of bourgeois political entities.
"Bill of Rights socialism"......and a bunch of mush.

Shit, got my hopes up for a sec. That'll teach me. The ideological differences with CPUSA do not seem apparent. This is democratic socialism with Marx worn on the sleeve. And judging from this ya know they're gonna go for Bernie.

Hell, I'll vote for Bernie too, might even 'support' him if he runs as an independent socialist. Not because the lying old putz would do any good and not because he could win as an independent, he cannot, but simply for the gauge of strength(though the chances of that being honestly reported if 'big' are slim). But I'll not need worry about that at all.

How long, Lord, how long?
"There is great chaos under heaven; the situation is excellent."

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