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Re: Cuba

Post by blindpig » Tue May 28, 2019 3:18 pm

Panama recognizes that seized drugs are not attributable to Cuba
Panamanian authorities refuted media reports implicating Cuba in drug trafficking after finding cocaine in a container exporting charcoal from the island to Turkey, noting that theseized drugs were likely introduced into the container in Panamanian territory

Author: National news staff |

may 27, 2019 18:05:30

Cuba has a zero tolerance drug policy. Photo: Yahily Hernández Porto

The Ministry of Public Security of Panama recognized that the drugs seized in the country are not attributable to Cuba, thus dismantling another media attack against the island.

Through an official statement, the Ministry admits that the incident is not attributable to any state, and accepts that the seized drugs were presumably introduced into the container in Panamanian territory.

The statement adds that the competent Panamanian authorities have initiated an investigation to identify those responsible for the contamination of the container, noting that this “represents one of the main modalities used by drug trafficking networks at loading ports, which threatens all countries affected by the global production, trafficking and consumption of drugs.”

Cuba maintains strict border surveillance to prevent drug trafficking. Photo: Ismael Batista

Meanwhile, the General Customs of the Republic reiterated that Cuba has a zero tolerance policy toward illegal drugs, and denounced that from May 18, several media outlets had manipulated “the news about the seizure in Puerto Cristobal, in Panama, of 1,517 drug packages (cocaine) in 46 sports bags, inside a container with sacks of charcoal exported from Cuba and with Turkey as the final destination.”

In addition, he offered precise details on the matter, and stressed: “We are in the presence of a modus operandi used internationally by drug traffickers, and in which we have a history of similar cases, as this is not the first time that attempts have been made, without success, to implicate our country in this type of incident.”


In 2018, 2,438 kg of drugs were seized in Cuba:

- 2,071 kg marihuana

- 363 kg cocaine

- 3 kg cannabinoids

- 1 kg crack

- 0.15 kg hashish ... le-to-cuba
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Re: Cuba

Post by blindpig » Fri Jun 07, 2019 2:02 pm

Cuba is not intimidated by measures adopted to reinforce the blockade
Revolutionary Government Declaration

Author: Granma |

june 6, 2019 10:06:24

Photo: Jorge Luis González

The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba repudiates, in the strongest terms, measures announced by the United States government on June 4, 2019, reinforcing the economic blockade imposed on Cuba for more than 60 years, at a cost to the Cuban economy that in 2018 exceeded 134 billion dollars at current prices, or 933 billion dollars, when considering the depreciation of the dollar as compared to the value of gold on the international market.As is known, this new escalation, effective June 5, further strengthens the stringent restrictions U.S. citizens face in order to travel to Cuba, and adds full prohibitions on travel by sea from the United States, of all types, and prohibits cruise ship stops in our country immediately.The objective continues to be pressuring the Cuban nation to make political concessions, by strangling the economy and causing damage at the population’s level. In this particular case, the measures also seek to prevent the people of the United States from learning about Cuba’s reality, and thus undermining the slanderous propaganda campaigns against our country that are fabricated on a daily basis.

These actions are contrary to the majority opinion of U.S. citizens, whose interest in seeing Cuba, and exercising their right to travel, is made clear by the

650,000 who visited us in 2018, along with half a million Cubans resident in the United States.

This past April 17, National Security Adviser John Bolton, on the occasion of an anti-Cuban show that featured the presence of mercenaries defeated at Playa Girón and relatives of the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship’s henchmen, announced that his government would restrict non-family trips to Cuba. It is clear that this individual has managed to take possession of U.S. foreign policy in the Western Hemisphere, which constitutes the main threat to peace and stability in the entire region.The United States promotes the Monroe Doctrine without reservation, with which it seeks to deny sovereign equality and the right to self-determination of each and every one of the hemisphere’s nations.

The recent attacks on Cuba are justified with new pretexts. The most notorious among them is the slanderous accusation that Cuba is intervening militarily in Venezuela, a lie that has been publicly and consistently refuted by the Cuban government.

They go to the unscrupulous extreme of proposing that Cuba betray the convictions and principles that guide the Cuban Revolution’s foreign policy, in exchange for promises of negotiations or easing of the draconian and criminal measures that make up the blockade.

Cuba’s solidarity with constitutional President Nicolás Maduro Moros, the Bolivarian Chavista Revolution, and the civic-military union of its people is not negotiable. The more than 20,000 Cuban collaborators, who in a voluntary and disinterested manner offer their social services in the country, the majority in health care, will continue to do so, as long as the Venezuela people want, cooperating with this sister country.

For Cubans, betrayal is not an option. We are not naive: we have already struggled 150 years for our independence, obliged to confront the hegemonic ambitions of U.S. imperialism since the first day.Cuba will not be intimidated, nor distracted from the essential, urgent tasks of developing our economy and the construction of socialism. Closely united, we will be able to face the most challenging adversities. They cannot asphyxiate us, nor can they stop us.

Havana, June 5, 2019 ... 37f3z4xLs0
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Re: Cuba

Post by blindpig » Sat Jun 15, 2019 10:24 am

Last imperial aberration: The United States prepares «Guaidós» for Cuba
We must be simply desperate to insist, after the failure in Venezuela, in the creation of leaders to subvert governments. But the doctorate of aberration in the White House comes with the intention of making Guaidós, nothing less than in Cuba

Author: Oscar Sánchez Serra |

June 13, 2019 19:06:58

Photo: Internet taken

We must be simply desperate to insist, after the failure in Venezuela, in the creation of leaders to subvert governments. But the doctorate of aberration in the White House comes with the intention of making Guaidós, nothing less than in Cuba.

For the Twitter account of José R. Cabañas, the island's ambassador to the United States. UU., We knew the intention. He wrote in that social network that the "Government of the United States reinforces blocking measures against Cuba and the State Department announces a program to produce Cuban Guaidós. Do not read History? ».

Neither have been shown to it and for not having done this Revolution undefeated has seen 11 US presidents pass. UU., All with the fixed idea and the objective of destroying it, and with complete certainty, the one of now, the number 45 of the history of that nation, will be the 12th.

The new claim is public, if someone wants to know the truth just put in your internet browser the following address: ... ment-of-st .. .

You will find: "The Western Hemisphere Affairs Office (WHA) of the US Department of State has announced a Notice of Opportunity for Funding (NOFO) to support individual Cuban leaders. emerging, particularly within civil society ».

According to the site itself, the purpose of the project of emerging Cuban leaders funded by the WHA is to allow participants to settle in Cuba, with professional resources for grassroots efforts in the promotion of democracy and human rights and more open communications in throughout the Island and internationally. The program reflects that the alumni of the project will have the tools to promote causes by attracting broader audiences, communicate messages effectively to other leaders and partners, and mobilize independent actors within civil society to promote freedom of expression and assembly.

This is the same government that accuses Cuba of having almost an army of soldiers in Venezuela and its doctors as intelligence agents. The lie, which neither the CIA itself swallowed, tried to ground the sanctions against Cuba and now, who sanctions the United States and its President, because a plan like the one of WHA classifies not only as interference, but as a gross aggression against a sovereign and independent country?

Let's read the basis of the monster: "the project participants will be Cuban citizens and residents who demonstrate an interest in communications and other leadership roles. As emerging leaders, participants can be university students or young professionals. " And this is the "jewel" of WHA: "the participants must also demonstrate the aptitude (maturity, independence, self-sufficiency, etc.) to succeed in a project abroad. Participants must demonstrate an avowed desire to return and work in the management of organizations and / or independent activities in Cuba. "

In other words, the participants would work in Cuba at the service of a foreign government, with the aim of erasing the continuity of the Revolution, which is already in the hands of the new generations, well prepared and, in the words of Raúl Castro Ruz, « the transfer process to the new generations of the main responsibilities is going well, I say more, very well, without any setbacks or surprises, and we are sure that we will continue that way ».

The imperial alienation reaches such a degree of paroxysm that the project includes an implementing organization with a recruitment plan, which seeks candidates that represent the gender, racial, socioeconomic and geographical diversity in Cuba.

Against this island they have proven everything and have failed in 60 years, just because that diversity they invoke, with total hypocrisy, is precisely the national mosaic that nourishes the continuity of the Revolution, presided over by their youth in universities, where they receive a very high preparation and that today is more united than ever to his Government in the development projects of the country.

One piece of advice: read the history of the White House and the State Department, the heat of this Island, the human that generates its Revolution, just as it has melted imperialism, it also melts the Guaidós. ... 9-19-06-58

Google Translator
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Re: Cuba

Post by blindpig » Fri Jun 28, 2019 12:48 pm

Cuban government approves measures to boost the economy
The Council of Ministers has approved a group of measures to boost the economy, among them increases in salaries for workers in the budgeted sector, and pensions, which will benefit more than 2,750,000 persons

Author: Yaima Puig Meneses |

Author: Leticia Martínez |

june 27, 2019 22:06:46

Photo: Dunia Álvarez

The Council of Ministers, led by its President, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, has approved a group of measures to launch an economic strategy based on taking maximum advantage of domestic capacity and human potential within the country.

The President explained that - based on government visits to the provinces, the population’s opinions, proposals in congresses like that of the Federation of Cuban Workers, and addressing the problems facing the economy aggravated by the hostile policy of the U.S. government - for several months a work group including academic specialists in economic sciences systematically discussed the decisions that are now approved by the highest body of the country’s government.

Minister of Economy and Planning Alejandro Gil Fernández stated that, in general, the measures “are focused on providing a greater response to the needs of the population and the economy, encouraging the active participation of all actors in the search for solutions and ways to confront the economic siege imposed on us by the United States government.”

The goal is that what has been designed will not only stimulate savings, and promote development, but also allow progress to continue on fundamental questions to generate more favorable conditions for the Cuban economy’s performance.
He commented that the measures essentially seek to defend national production; diversify and increase exports; substitute imports with domestic products; strengthen the state enterprise; advance in food sovereignty; promote local development; implement the Housing Policy; and put science at the service of resolving problems.

All this, he emphasized, requires the use of methods and work styles far removed from formalism and bureaucracy, using a comprehensive approach, to contribute to making decisions adopted by the government more effective.

Gil Fernández explained that the measures, which will be put into practice gradually, address dissimilar issues, including an increase in national production; municipal self-sufficiency; local development projects; investments; retail sales; and the promotion of agricultural production.

He noted as fundamental the role of cadres at all levels and their training. He likewise described as imperative, “concretizing changes related to the country’s institutionality, since changes have been made in the economic model, yet we continue working with basically the same institutional structures.”


“This is not the final salary increase we are heading toward, but it is significant enough given the conditions in which we find ourselves,” the President of the Councils of State and Ministers emphasized, referring to the salary increase for the budgeted sector.

Photo: Estudios Revolución

The goal is, he said, that this decision will begin to be implemented in the month of July, so that, before the end of the summer, workers will receive the first benefits.

In this regard, the Minister of Economy and Planning explained that the minimum salary in the budgeted sector will increase to 400 pesos and the average monthly salary will rise to 1,067, saying, “This measure includes 1,470,736 workers in Central State Administration agencies, local People’s Power bodies, organizations and associations, and has an estimated annual cost of 7,050,000 pesos.”

In the case of Social Security, taking into account increases made to the minimum pension in November of 2018, this remains at 242 pesos. Other persons who at that time did not receive an increase, and have pensions below 500 pesos, will benefit from the approval of these new measures, which will favor 1,281,523 persons, at an estimated annual cost of 700 million pesos.

Meanwhile, Social Assistance will not change, given the increase provided in November of 2018, when the minimum amount was established as 217 pesos.

Minister of Finances and Prices Meisi Bolaños Weiss additionally explained that the application of the Special Contribution to Social Security will be extended to workers in the budgeted sector, in line with the principle that all contribute to the financing of expenses to provide these benefits, saying, “This rate will be 2.5% for those with monthly incomes of up to 500 pesos, and 5% for those with salaries greater than 500 pesos.”

Likewise, it was explained that the cost of this salary increase must not increase the State Budget deficit approved for 2019. In this regard, it is imperative that measures be taken to make savings and strictly control expenses, in both budgeted and non-budgeted activities, while collecting all income generated, and taking advantage of all potential and reserves present in the economy.

In terms of the enterprise sector, the Minister of Economy and Planning recalled that in 2014, the approval of pay per performance regimens was decentralized. The allocation and distribution of salaries was linked to meeting specific indicators and administrative restrictions were eliminated. As a result, he said, the average salary had increased from 600 to 871 pesos by the end of 2018.

Despite the positive impact of these measures, the Minister noted that difficulties persist. Thus the Council of Ministers agreed to perfect pay per performance mechanisms in the enterprise sector, maintaining the link with production results, which will be implemented beginning in 2020.

Among the incentives, he emphasized the granting of authority to approve salary systems to enterprise directors, always prioritizing individual productivity wherever possible, and maintaining growth in earnings before taxes (compared to previous periods) as an indicator considered in enterprise pay for performance plans.

With the goal of avoiding the inflationary effect of the measures, he emphasized that the Minister of Finances and Prices will have the necessary mechanisms throughout the economy to mitigate possible price increases.

In this regard, the President noted that involved ministries must establish observatory mechanisms to stay abreast of prices, and of how consumption evolves, “So that we have time to rectify any element to prevent inflation.”

He likewise called for stimulating sales of food, construction materials, tourist packages, and offers made by the Cuban Telecommunications Enterprise, Etecsa, for example. In summary, he said, let’s all think about new options.

Díaz-Canel highlighted the need to be rational in filling staff positions. The person employed must be the one who will produce the most, because the measures are not meant to throw money around, but to give an incentive to those who work and contribute more, he said.

He likewise insisted that, from now on, cadres must be well trained to avoid erroneous interpretations, and systematic follow-up on developments around these issues must be provided.

The intention of this group of measures, he commented, is to strengthen the country’s development and confront the current difficult situation. Not all will be put into effect immediately, since they require more analysis and work.

Over the next few days, via different press media, our population will receive more detailed information on the scope of these decisions. ... he-economy
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Re: Cuba

Post by blindpig » Wed Jul 24, 2019 3:15 pm

Cuba is a safe country, but U.S. continues its attempts to manipulate reality
Yesterday, July 25, Cuba demanded that the U.S. government cease its manipulation of alleged health problems reported by its diplomatic staff in Havana, as a pretext to impose aggressive measures to harm our country, economy, and people

Author: Ana Laura Palomino García |

july 24, 2019 10:07:25

Yesterday, July 25, Cuba demanded that the U.S. government cease its manipulation of alleged health problems reported by its diplomatic staff in Havana, as a pretext to impose aggressive measures to harm our country, economy, and people.

In statements to the press, Johana Tablada, the Foreign Ministry’s director for the United States, described a new study from the University of Pennsylvania, published in the American Medical Association Journal, which compared images of the brains of U.S. diplomatic personnel who reported health problems during their stays on the island, with those of a control group, and concluded that differences between the two exist.
Tablada recalled that in March of 2018, in the same journal, an article was published that described the clinical condition of the diplomats, yet, on this occasion, following the publication of the new article, the corporate media has immediately responded with full coverage.

“Two years later, after much speculation and little information or cooperation, not a single reason has appeared to justify the closing of consular services, the expulsion of Cuban diplomats in Washington, deceptive travel warnings, and all the unjust measures adopted by the U.S. using the pretext that its functionaries may face some kind of danger in Cuba.”

She noted that these measures have had a significant human cost to our population, now obliged to travel to third countries to seek U.S. visas to visit relatives, or participate in professional events, with no guarantee that they will actually be granted - despite the fact that specialized agencies in the U.S. and Cuba, such as the FBI and the Directorate of Criminal and Criminal Investigation, agree that there is no evidence of any kind of attack on diplomats in Havana.

Tablada denounced U.S. National Security advisor John Bolton and the State Department, which in their public documents have maintained the irresponsible use of the term "attacks", which deliberately “implies malicious intentions and has never been substantiated."

She stressed that Cuba is a safe country for diplomats from the U.S. or any other country, and for the millions of travelers from the entire world who visit Cuba every year, and reiterated the Cuban government’s desire to develop a respectful dialogue and cooperate on this and other issues for the benefit of both peoples. ... te-reality
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Post by blindpig » Mon Aug 19, 2019 3:05 pm

Vital the only forest hydrological substation in the country
The institution, located in the Galalón area, in the mountains of the municipality of La Palma, has the objective of knowing the influence of the forest as a regulator of water and its impact on watersheds in tropical conditions, in order to protect rivers and reservoirs more effectively

Author: Ronald Suárez Rivas |

August 18, 2019 19:08:34

The substation has the objective of knowing the influence of forests as water regulators, and their impact on river basins. Photo: from the author

Pinar del Río. – The Amistad forest hydrological substation, one of the only two centers of its kind in Latin America, is vital after an investment process of more than two million pesos.
Created in 1978 and located in the Galalón area, in the mountains of the municipality of La Palma, the institution has the objective of knowing the influence of the forest as a regulator of water and its impact on watersheds in tropical conditions, in order to be able to protect rivers and reservoirs more effectively.

According to the Minister of Agriculture, Gustavo Rodríguez Rollero, the rescue and expansion of the substation constitute a tribute to the work of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro - since it is about recovering something he devised at the time - and a contribution to the Plan of State for the Confrontation to Climate Change, also known as the Life Task.

He also said that for an elongated and narrow island like ours, the protection of river basins is of fundamental importance.

Therefore, after resuscitation, the center should become a training school for technicians and engineers, who today have the responsibility of conducting reforestation and water care programs in the country.

The substation covers 52 hectares, belonging to the San Diego river basin, and measures several parameters: rainfall, runoff, daily hours of sunshine, evaporation sheets and the amounts of organic matter and dew that are incorporated into the soil. ... 9-19-08-34

Google Translator

Produce efficiently in every inch of land
During his tour of the province of Artemiseña José Ramón Machado Ventura, Second Secretary of the Central Committee, exchanged with peasants and managers of the territory

Author: Adianez Fernández Izquierdo |

August 18, 2019 19:08:03

Machado Ventura insisted on the need for good cultural attention to crops. Photo: Otoniel Márquez

Artemis. – Sowing each piece of fertile land with optimum soil preparation, good seeds, and precise cultural attention must be a premise for producers in the province of Artemisa, as José Ramón Machado Ventura, Second Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, in an exchange with peasants and managers of the territory.

In the municipality of Güira de Melena, where the tour began, he also insisted on the need to use biological means for the control of herbs and pests, as the financial situation of the country and the iron economic fence that the Government submits to us from the United States prevent the purchase of pesticides abroad.

During his visit to the Entomophage and Entomopathogens Reproduction Center (he believes) in that town, he learned about the increasingly growing acceptance that these biological controllers have in the municipality, which greatly saves the country. There, José Alfredo Ramos, phytosanitary, highlighted the fact that today in Güira de Melena, 5.2 kilograms of biological media are used for every kilogram of pesticides, and continue to develop, even with an export vision.

In the cooperative of agricultural production (CPA) Héroes de Yaguajay, of Alquízar, he praised cassava, fruit pump and sweet potato plantations, the latter very well achieved and without grass, due to good cultural attention and the efficient use of the few chemical products of which They are arranged.

In each space he recalled what is wasted in animal feed, since the possibilities offered, for example, by the cassava plant, which has protein properties, which are currently discarded, are not used.

Likewise, it delved into the low yields of corn, a food for which Cuba imports large financial resources, which could be considerably reduced if each producer attends well the plantations of that crop, from soil preparation, seed selection and correct application of the sowing frame.

The La Caprichosa mini industry was another point of the tour. There Machado Ventura urged to look for alternatives for the container, because plastics are not always within reach, as well as to diversify productions and markets.

He was accompanied by Gladys Martínez Verdecia, a member of the Central Committee and first secretary of the Party in the province; executives of the Provincial Administration and the municipal committees of the Party and Agriculture in each locality visited. ... 9-19-08-03
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Re: Cuba

Post by blindpig » Sat Aug 31, 2019 10:45 am

Cuba: U.S. government earmarks millions to hinder Cuban medical cooperation
By Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aug 30, 2019
Note: Following is a statement by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs on one of the increased blockade measures, including lawsuits against Cuba arising from the implementation of Title III of the Helms-Burton law.Originally posted on Radio Rebelde.

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement strongly rejecting a USAID program against Cuban medical cooperation. Cuban News Agency reproduces the full text of the statement:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly denounces and condemns the recent aggression against Cuba by the Government of the United States through a USAID program aimed at financing actions and the search for information to discredit and sabotage the international cooperation provided by Cuba in the area of health in dozens of countries and for the benefit of millions of people. It is an effort that adds to the gross pressures exerted against various governments to hinder Cuban cooperation and to previous efforts of the same purpose, such as the special parole program aimed at the theft of human resources trained in Cuba.

The core of the immoral slander consists in alleging, without any foundation, that Cuba engages in human trafficking or the practice of slavery and in attempting to denigrate the meritorious work that hundreds of thousands of Cuban health professionals and technicians in various countries, particularly in the Third World, have voluntarily carried out throughout history.

This is an insult to the bilateral and intergovernmental cooperation programs, all legitimately established between the Cuban government and the governments of dozens of countries, which have been consistent with the United Nations guidelines on South-South cooperation and have responded to the health requirements that those governments themselves have sovereignly defined.

It is an attempt against a solidarity effort that has received the recognition of the international community and the specific praise of the highest executives of the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization.

These lies are revealing of the low moral standing of the U.S. government and the politicians who are in the business of aggression against Cuba. The campaign has millions of dollars in funds and the complicity of several major media outlets and, in particular, unscrupulous reporters who sacrifice their supposed impartiality and objectivity to serve the political interests of the U.S. government.

For decades and even today, in those nations with the most unfavorable economic conditions, this cooperation has been and is being offered as a gesture of solidarity, whose expenses are covered almost entirely by Cuba. Similarly, and in line with the United Nations conceptions of cooperation among developing countries, it is offered in several nations on the basis of complementarity and partial compensation for services rendered.

It consists of a totally fair and legitimate exchange among developing countries, many of which have natural wealth, economic dimensions or higher levels of industrial development than Cuba, but lack the human resources that our State has managed to generate; dedicated professionals and humanists willing to work in the most difficult conditions; and the concepts of health coverage that years of successful experience have allowed us to build.

The Cuban technicians and professionals who participate in these programs do so absolutely freely and voluntarily. During the fulfillment of their mission, they continue to receive their full salary in Cuba and also have a stipend in the country of destination, along with other forms of compensation.

In cases in which Cuba receives compensation for the cooperation provided, these collaborators have the merit of providing a highly valuable, fair and totally legitimate contribution to the financing, sustainability and development of the free and massive health system that is accessible to each and every Cuban, as well as to the cooperation programs that are deployed in many parts of the world.

Access to health is a human right and the United States commits a crime by denying it or obstructing it with political motives or aggression.

Havana, 29 August 2019 ... rationnews

The US government, under any administration, is monstrous evil.
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Re: Cuba

Post by blindpig » Tue Oct 01, 2019 1:43 pm

Threats and coercion will not extract a single concession from Cuba
Speech by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, during the general debate of the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, in New York, September 28, 2019

Author: Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla |

september 30, 2019 16:09:09

Photo: Internet Photo: Granma

Speech by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, during the general debate of the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, in New York, September 28, 2019

(Council of State Transcript)

Mr. President;

Heads of state and government;

Distinguished delegates;

I would like to convey my sincere condolences to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas for the loss of life and the terrible destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian. I call upon the international community to mobilize resources in order to provide assistance to that country.

Mr. President:

I want to denounce, before this General Assembly of the United Nations, that just a few months ago the U.S. government began to implement, criminal, non-conventional measures to prevent the arrival of fuel shipments to our country from different markets, by resorting to threats and persecution against companies that transport fuel, flag states, states of registration, as well as shipping and insurance companies.

As a result, we are facing severe difficulties in ensuring the supply of fuel which the everyday-life of the country demands; and have been forced to adopt temporary emergency measures that could only be implemented in a well-organized country, with a united, solidary people, ready to defend itself from foreign aggression and preserve the social justice we have achieved.

In the course of last year, the U.S. government has steadily and qualitatively increased its hostile actions and the blockade of Cuba. Additional obstacles to foreign trade have been erected and persecution increased of banking and financial relations we have with the rest of the world. Extreme restrictions on travel have been imposed, and on any sort of interaction between the two peoples. Relations and contact with their home country have been hindered for Cubans living in the United States.

To date, the strategy of imperialism against Cuba has been guided by the infamous Memorandum issued in 1960 by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Lester Mallory, which I quote: “… There is no effective political opposition (…) The only foreseeable means of alienating internal support (from the government) is through disenchantment and disaffection based on economic dissatisfaction and hardship (…) every possible means should be undertaken promptly to weaken the economic life (…) denying money and supplies to Cuba to decrease monetary and real wages, to bring about hunger, desperation, and overthrow of government”.

The illegal Helms Burton Act of 1996 guides the aggressive behavior of the United States against Cuba. Its essence is a brazen attempt to question Cuba’s right to self-determination and national independence.

It likewise envisions the imposition of the U.S. legal authority and the jurisdiction of its courts on Cuba’s commercial and financial relations with any country, thus riding roughshod over international law and the national jurisdiction of Cuba and third states, while establishing the alleged supremacy of the law and the political will of the U.S.

The economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the U.S. continues to be the principal obstacle to our country’s development and progress in the process to update the socialist economic and social development model that our country has designed.

Every year the U.S. government allocates tens of millions of dollars from the federal budget to political subversion, with the purpose of creating confusion and weakening the unity of our people, articulated with a well-coordinated propaganda campaign aimed at discrediting the Revolution, its leaders and glorious historical legacy; disparaging the economic and social policies that support development and justice, and destroying the ideas of socialism.

Last Thursday, on the basis of crude slanders, the State Department announced that the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, will not be granted a visa to enter this country. This is an action that is void of any practical effect, meant as an affront to Cuba’s dignity and the sentiments of our people. This is nothing but vote-catching crumb tossed to the Cuban-American right. Nonetheless, the offensive, obvious falsehoods being used in an attempt to justify this move, which we strongly reject, are a reflection of the lowness and degeneracy to which this administration resorts, drowning in a sea of corruption, lies, and immorality.

All of these are actions and behaviors that infringe upon international law and violate the UN Charter.

The most recent pretext, reiterated right here, last Tuesday, by the President of the United States Donald Trump was that Cuba is responsible for the failure of plans to overthrow the Bolivarian government of Venezuela. With the purpose of dismissing the heroic feats of the Venezuelan people, imperialist spokespersons repeat, over and over again, the vulgar slander that our country has “between 20 to 25 thousand troops in Venezuela,, and that “Cuban imperialism exercises control” over the country.

A few minutes ago, the President of Brazil, at this same podium, read a script of false allegations drafted in Washington, increasing that shameless figure to “around 60 thousand Cuban troops” in Venezuela.

As part of its anti-Cuban obsession, the current U.S. administration, echoed by Brazil, is attacking international medical cooperation programs that Cuba conducts with tens of developing countries, which are designed to assist the neediest communities, based on solidarity and the free and voluntary will of hundreds of thousands of Cuban professionals, programs which are being implemented according to cooperation agreements signed with the governments of those countries. These have enjoyed, for many years now, the recognition of the international community, the UN and the World Health Organization as a good example of South-South Cooperation.

As a result, many Brazilian communities were deprived of free quality health care which, under the “More Doctors” program was offered by thousands of Cuban professionals.

This period has not been exempted from the most shameless threats and coercion, or immoral invitations for our country to betray its principles and international commitments in exchange for oil under preferential conditions and questionable good friends.

In commemorating the 60th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution, when Cubans achieved our true and final independence, First Secretary Raúl Castro said, and I quote: “…we Cubans are ready to resist a confrontational situation, which we do not want; and hope that more lucid minds in the U.S. government can prevent it,” end of quote.

We have reiterated that, even under the present circumstances, we will not renounce our determination to develop a civilized relation with the United States, based on mutual respect and the recognition of our profound differences. We know this is the desire of our people and the feelings shared by the majority of the U.S. people and Cubans who live in this country.

I likewise reiterate that no economic aggression, threats, or coercion, no matter how harsh, will extract a single concession from us. Those who know the history of Cubans during the long struggle to achieve emancipation and their steadfast defense of the freedom and justice they have conquered, will understand, beyond any doubt, the significance, honest,y and authority of these strong beliefs and ideas treasured by our people.

Mr. President:

Bilateral relations between Cuba and Venezuela are based on mutual respect and true solidarity. We support, without any hesitation, the legitimate government headed by Nicolás Maduro Moros and the civic- military union of the Bolivarian, Chavista people.

We condemn the behavior of the U.S. government toward Venezuela, focused on the encouragement of coups, assassination of the country’s leaders, economic warfare, and sabotage of power plants. We reject the implementation of unilateral, coercive measures and the seizure of the country’s assets, companies, and export revenues. These actions are a serious threat to regional peace and security, as well as a direct attack on the Venezuelan people, facing the cruelest aggression meant to force surrender.

We call upon everyone to raise awareness of these facts and demand the end of unilateral coercive measures, reject the use of force and encourage a respectful dialogue with the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela based on the principles of international law and the constitutional order of that country.

A few days ago, the United States and a handful of countries decided to activate the obsolete Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR), which envisages the use of the military force. This is an absurd decision that jeopardizes regional peace and security while intending to justify, through a legal trick, interference in the internal affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

It is also a gross violation of the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace that heads of state and government of Latin America and the Caribbean signed in Havana, in January of 2014. Of similar significance is the U.S. decision to bring resurrect the nefarious Monroe Doctrine, an instrument of imperialist domination, under which several military interventions and invasions, coups d’états, military dictatorships, and the most atrocious crimes were perpetrated in Our America.

As we witnessed a few days ago in this Assembly, the U.S. President usually attacks socialism in his public statements, with clearly electoral purposes, while promoting a McCarthyist intolerance of those who believe in the possibility of a better world and entertain the hope of living in peace in sustainable harmony with nature and in solidarity with all others.

President Trump ignores or intends to overlook the fact that neoliberal capitalism is responsible for the increasing social and economic inequality affecting even the most developed societies and that, given its nature, fosters corruption, social marginalization, a rise in crime, racial intolerance, and xenophobia. He forgets, or does not know, that capitalism begot fascism, apartheid, and imperialism.

The U.S. government leads gross persecution of political leaders and popular and social movements through disparaging campaigns and outrageously manipulated and politically motivated judicial processes to end policies that, through sovereign control over natural resources and the gradual elimination of social differences, made it possible to build more just and fraternal societies, thus becoming a way out of the economic and social crisis, and a hope for the peoples of the Americas.

Just as they did with former Brazilian president Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, whose freedom we demand.

We reject Washington attempts to destabilize the government of Nicaragua and reaffirm our unwavering solidarity with President Daniel Ortega.

We express our solidarity with all Caribbean nations calling for legitimate reparations for the horrendous scars of slavery, as well as the just, special, and differentiated treatment they deserve.

We ratify our historical commitment to the self determination and independence of the sister people of Puerto Rico.

We support Argentina’s legitimate claim for its sovereignty over the Malvinas, South Georgia, and South Sandwich Islands.

Mr. President:

The behavior of the current U.S. administration and its strategy of military and nuclear domination are a threat to international peace and security, maintaining almost 800 military bases around the world; promoting projects to militarize outer space and cyberspace, as well as the covert and illegal use of ICTs to attack other states. The U.S. withdrawal from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Nuclear Missiles (INF) and the immediate commencement of intermediate range missiles tests are intended to launch a new arms race.

The President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, said last year, before this Assembly, and I quote: “…The exercise of multilateralism and the full respect for the principles and rules of international law to advance towards a multipolar, democratic, equitable world are required to ensure peaceful coexistence, preserve international peace and security, and find lasting solutions to systemic problems.”

We reiterate our unrestricted support to a comprehensive, just, and lasting solution to the conflict between Israel and Palestine, based on the creation of two states, so that the Palestinian people can exercise the right to self determination and have an independent , sovereign state based on the pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. We reject the unilateral action of the United States to establish its diplomatic mission in the city of Jerusalem. We condemn violence by Israeli forces against civilians in Palestine and the threat of annexation of occupied territories in the West Bank.

We reaffirm our unwavering solidarity with the Saharan people and our support to a solution to the question of Western Sahara so that it can exercise the right to self-determination and live in peace in its own territory.

We support the search for a peaceful and negotiated solution to the situation imposed on Syria, without any foreign interference, with full respect for its sovereignty and territorial integrity. We reject any direct or indirect intervention without the consent of the legitimate authorities of that country.

We express our solidarity with the Islamic Republic of Iran, facing an escalation of U.S. aggression. We reject the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the Iran Nuclear Agreement. We call for dialogue and cooperation based on the principles of international law.

We welcome the process of dialogue between the two Koreas. Only through dialogue, without pre-conditions, and negotiations, will it be possible to achieve a lasting political solution on the Korean peninsula. We strongly condemn the imposition of unilateral and unjust sanctions on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The continued expansion of NATO to the Russian borders creates serious dangers, which are further aggravated by the arbitrary sanctions that we reject.

Mr. President:

We support and admire the recent call made by students and youth for a march in New York. Climate change, with some its effects already irreversible, is a matter of survival, particularly for small developing island states.

Capitalism is unsustainable. Its irrational and unsustainable production and consumption patterns and the growing, unjust concentration of wealth constitute the main threat to the ecological balance of the planet. There can be no sustainable development without social justice.

Special and differentiated treatment for the countries of the South in international economic relations can no longer be overlooked.

The emergency in the Amazon compels us to look for solutions through the cooperation of all, without exclusions or politicization, with full respect for the sovereignty of states.

Mr. President:

There is a proliferation of corruption within political systems and electoral models, which are ever more distant from the will of peoples. Powerful and exclusive minorities, particularly corporate groups, decide the character and composition of governments, parliaments, justice systems, and law enforcement entities.

The U.S. government, after its failed attempt to dominate the Human Rights Council, decided to withdraw from the body to further hinder dialogue and cooperation on this matter.

This is not news that should surprise us. The U.S. is a country where human rights are systematically - and many a time deliberately and flagrantly - violated:

-36,383 persons -100 per day- were killed by firearms in this country in 2018, while the government protects those who manufacture and market them at the expense of citizens' security.

- 91,757 persons die every year of heart diseases because they lack appropriate treatment.

- Infant and maternal mortality rates among African-Americans are twice as high as those of the white population.

- 28 million persons do not have medical insurance or real access to health services.

- 32 million citizens cannot read or write functionally.
- 2.2 million U.S. citizens are in prison.
-4.7 million are on probation and 10 million are arrested every year.

It is understandable why the President is concerned about attacking socialism.

We reject the politicization, selectivity, punitive approaches and double standards in addressing the human rights question. Cuba will remain committed to the realization of the rights of all persons and peoples to peace, life, self-determination, and development.

We must prevent the imposition of a single totalitarian, overpowering cultural model that destroys national cultures, identities, history, memory, symbols, and individualities and conceals the structural problems of capitalism that lead to increasing, lacerating inequality.

The so-called “cognitive” capitalism offers the same. Digital capitalism crowns the world’s value chains; concentrates the ownership of digital data; exploits identity, information, and knowledge, and jeopardizes the already analogically diminished freedom and democracy. We need to develop new types of humanistic and counter-hegemonic thinking of our own, as well as decisive political action to articulate popular mobilization on the web, in the streets, and at the ballot box.

Independent states need to exercise their sovereignty in cyberspace, abandon the illusion of the so-called “network society” or “access era” and democratize internet governance.

Mr. President:

The universal and profound thoughts of the Apostle of Cuba’s independence, José Martí, continue to inspire and guide younger generations of Cubans. His words, written a few hours before he was killed in combat, are particularly relevant, and I quote: “Every day now I am in danger of giving my life for my country and duty, as I understand it and have the spirit to carry it out - in order to prevent, by the timely independence of Cuba, that the United States extending its hold across the Antilles and falls with greater force on the lands of our America. All that I have done thus far, and all I will do, is for that purpose.”

Words written by Antonio Maceo in 1888 have a similar strength, and I quote: “Whoever tries to conquer Cuba will gather only the dust of her blood-soaked soil, if he does not perish in the fight.”

This is the same, only Cuban Revolution, commanded by Fidel Castro Ruz, which is now headed by First Secretary Raúl Castro and President Miguel Díaz-Canel.

And if at this point there is someone still attempting to force the Cuban Revolution to surrender, or hoping that the new generations of Cubans will betray their past and renounce their future, we repeat, with the same vigor as Fidel: Homeland or Death! We will triumph! ... -from-cuba
"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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Denounce US pressures to avoid support for resolution against blocking
Cuba denounced on Monday the pressures and blackmails that the Department of State of the United States deploys against member countries of the United Nations, with the purpose of subtracting support for the resolution against the blockade that the General Assembly of that organization approves year after year

Author: International Writing |

November 5, 2019 01:11:44

Cuba denounced on Monday the pressures and blackmails that the United States Department of State deploys against member countries of the United Nations, with the purpose of subtracting support for the resolution against the blockade that the General Assembly of that organization approves year after year.

The Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, told the UN accredited press that, “far from responding to the repeated call of the international community that for more than two decades has adopted this resolution virtually unanimously, the United States performs additional maneuvers to hinder its adoption ».

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Island said that it is particularly about influencing Latin American countries and that "just a week ago, the Embassies of four countries" of the region were convened in Washington, by the State Department, "with the objective of obtaining your vote against said draft resolution ».

This joins the efforts made by US embassies based in the capitals of six Latin American countries, where they exert pressure "for the purpose of forcing a vote change."

"The gross way in which President Donald Trump's government executes various forms of conditioning and blackmail to achieve foreign policy objectives is known," said Rodriguez Parrilla, who recalled the "marked failure" of last year, "when the State Department He tried to amend and change the nature of the resolution that is traditionally presented to the General Assembly.

"Cuba has the unanimous support of the Latin American peoples and the planet," said the Minister, and said that we hope that on November 6 and 7, when the General Assembly will rule on the resolution, no government in the region will submit to the opinions of Washington, turning its back on the will of its peoples, world public opinion, International Law and the most elementary norms of ethics and justice. ... 9-01-11-44

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"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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"Diaz-Kanel, of course, will set the Yankees in the heat!"
November 7, 17:23

Cuban President Díaz-Canel on Cuban politics and succession to the case of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.
Very worthy speech.

Diaz Canel: only nations can change history

The shorthand version is the apparatus of the President of the Republic
(Exclamations: “Diaz-Kanel, of course, will set the Yankees heat!” And “Thank you, Cuba, guarantor of peace!”)

Thank you all.
I think we all agree that there is no better speech than the speech of poets (laughter), but it is time for us to take stock.

Dear Comrade Army General Raul Castro Rus, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba; fellow and brother Nicholas Maduro Moros, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela;
Dear revolutionary leaders of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean; brothers, friends, comrades!

A special greeting to all who participate in the resistance and come to the Cuban capital, which has always been and will be a meeting place for those who defend peace and solidarity between peoples.
Thank you for your support, enthusiasm, solidarity, for everything that you emotionally express and show in practice; Raul and Maduro and I will give the Yankees heat (Applause).
We have just returned from a long and stressful trip to European countries, which included a visit to Azerbaijan to attend the XVIII Summit of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries.

Members of the Non-Aligned Movement, previously weakened by the end of the Cold War, are regaining the spirit of Bandung - the declaration that life gave him. They are driven by a dramatic development of events and a crisis of multilateralism, which today threatens the United Nations system.

At that forum, Cuba strongly condemned this crisis, which threatens everyone, especially the less developed.

We condemned those responsible for this situation and stated: “Never lied so much, more shamelessly and more cruel price to the vast majority of mankind, for the interests of the minority, which brought its luxury to crazy excesses.
“Already in the 21st century, threats and aggression of varying degrees fall upon all sovereign governments that refuse to serve as a hegemonic power by deploying military bases, providing resources or obeying orders.”
But we were not the only ones to name the culprit by name. Several leaders spoke out anxiously against the return of North American hegemonism, resorting to threats and brutal actions against those governments that they consider enemies because they do not share its policies, and who violently attack socialism, as if it were an unacceptable social system.

At the global level, there is strong concern about the retreat in such important areas as peace, self-determination and the sovereignty of nations, the environment and the fight against climate change, human rights, social justice and the search for economic equality.
In particular, in our geographic area there is no less concern.Latin America and the Caribbean suffer from the return of the Monroe Doctrine and the worst practices of McCarthyism. The postulates of both imperialist politicians are based on the uncontrolled sequence of acts of intervention that the current US administration has unleashed since coming to power.

The President of the United States and his hawkish environment are raining down on the Cuban Revolution, the Bolivarian Revolution, the Sandinista Revolution, the São Paulo Forum, the political leadership of the Brazilian, Bolivian, Argentinean leftists and the social, popular, progressive movements of the entire region, which they consider their backyard. The Inter-American system is once again launching mechanisms of such an odious memory for the region as the Mutual Support Agreement (TIAR) and the demoralized OAS, whichconsolidated as an instrument of political pressure from the United States and oligarchies defending neoliberalism.
How can I not laugh at the OAS if this thing is so ugly that it causes laughter (applause), so our parents sang in those years when this organization excluded Cuba for not obeying Washington’s orders. What can we sing about her now that she was unable to kneel Venezuela and wants to take revenge by revising Bolivia?

They rushed there, worried about the election results in this Latin American country, one of those who have achieved more and better growth in the last decade - after centuries it was the poorest and most backward in the Southern Cone.
Yes, OAS is a very ugly thing. And very cynical. Their “concerns” do not penetrate the depths of the anger of the peoples who oppose neoliberalism and receive rubber bullets, gases and lead for peaceful protests.


In this war, which is being waged against us, it is very important to distinguish the course of its media supplement. At the forefront of imperial politics, there are always tanks of cultural and symbolic offensive to legitimize the injustices of the capitalist system, to disqualify political alternatives on the left and destroy the cultural identity of our nations, as a preliminary step towards their destabilization.

Azerbaijan has just managed to expose the stupidity that Washington has so far tried to impose as a matrix against the legitimate Venezuelan government.
When Nicolas Maduro Moros, as the previous president of the Movement, led the assembly in its first part and handed over the next chairmanship to Azerbaijan, almost all participating delegations - about 120 at various levels of representation - acknowledged with gratitude the work of the Bolivarian Republic at the head of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries (applause).
Where did the alleged rejection of Venezuela by the international community go? Why wasn’t there a single rejection or criticism of the Bolivarian government by governments that represent the vast majority of the United Nations? However, as part of the war of symbols, Maduro’s media lynching, half the planet’s media insist that he has no international support.

They are no better at home with politicians who seriously believe that change in the United States is necessary. Aggressive and disqualifying speeches are raining down on everyone who does not share the president’s actions, via Twitter announcing decisions affecting millions, and anywhere condemning behavior. He talks about socialism without the slightest idea of ​​what this means. And it decrees the end of any experience or political program offering to overcome the prevailing injustice, as if he was holding the course of history in his hands.
He is not the first emperor to propose this. And, of course, will not be the last one to fail. Because only nations can change history (applause).

Fidel said many times that lying is the main adversary who must be defeated in politics, and that telling the truth is the first duty of every revolutionary. This is one of our fundamental missions as revolutionary politicians. The first enemy to be overthrown is a lie and, moreover, an imperialist lie (applause). They surrounded Cuba with a lie and for years separated it from the natural environment. With the help of lies, they invaded other countries, torn peoples to shreds, threw entire regions from the path of development.
With a lie, they attacked Iraq and Libya and plunged them into instability. Using lies, they turned Syria into a testing ground for weapons and a theater for terrorist operations, which were funded under the false flags of democracy and freedom.
With colossal and ludicrous lies, they accuse Cuba, Venezuela and the São Paulo Forum of promoting popular uprisings in every corner of the planet, covering their eyes, ears and mouth so as not to see, hear and acknowledge that people are screaming from the streets : Neoliberalism is an economic failure and social catastrophe (applause).

In a particularly perverted form, this method is used in a desperate attempt to overthrow the Venezuelan Bolivarian government and at the same time harm Cuba. Although this started back in the years of brilliant and successful integration, during which Chavez and Fidel created the ALBA, in recent months the United States has launched a special false campaign against any type of relationship between our two countries. We are accused of supporting the Bolivarian revolution in a late version of the "theory of satellites", which at one time was used against the former Soviet Union, and resorted to this pretext to justify the blockade.
Cuban medical cooperation is the target of ongoing attacks. It is about discrediting the noble and united efforts that the whole world recognizes, and which, together with the Latin American School of Medicine and the Henry Reeve Brigade, which eliminates the effects of natural disasters, are the most genuine and successful expression of cooperation between developing countries. (applause).

Three projects, matters of undeniable human value, arose according to Fidel’s plan as the highest ups of international solidarity.
Already more than 400,000 Cuban health professionals have provided and are assisting in 164 countries. At this moment, more than 29,000 are treating vulnerable populations in 65 countries.
Nothing says so much about the humanistic nature of the Cuban revolution as this cooperation. Hence the efforts to denigrate and destroy it. This does not surprise us. Solidarity is alien to capitalism.
It was against them and despite them that colonialism and apartheid were defeated in Africa, where the best children of the Cuban revolution shared the victims and even shed blood together with Angolans, Namibians and fighters of other nationalities. From where empires always came for robbery, we brought only our dead (applause) and the conviction that we had fulfilled "the most sacred duty: to fight imperialism anywhere", as Che Guevara bequeathed to us.

Defense, education, healthcare, science ... Cuban cooperation, born of the principle of solidarity, has been, is and will be in any noble field of human activity in which we can contribute. To be in solidarity means to pay our debt to humanity (applause).
It is precisely because Cuba is solidary and faithful to its history of struggle and sacrifice, because it is a sister and comrade of peoples who resist, they condemn and endlessly sanction it.
Our Homeland today suffers from the criminal compression of the blockade, the tightening of immoral and illegal policies that the United Nations General Assembly has condemned almost unanimously for more than 30 years, but the United States has not responded to the demand of the whole world.
This is further evidence of contempt of international law, which is particularly reinforced by an illegal law such as the Helms-Burton Act, which persecutes and sanctions third countries by internationalizing the blockade.
Due to the fact that these traps are not enough to defeat a people who have been fighting for their independence for 151 years and have never retreated from it, the empire is now resorting to the practice of siege, harassment and sanctions against countries, companies and ships involved in transporting fuel to To Cuba.

How can one decree such an action and then declare that they want to isolate the Cuban government and help its people?
Since the time of the famous Mallory Memorandum, Cuba knows very well and has expressed through the mouths of its creators what the first and last goal of the blockade is.
A Yankee functionary said: “Most Cubans support Castro (...). There is no effective political opposition (...). The only effective way to deprive the government of domestic support is to cause frustration and loss of spirit through economic dissatisfaction and deprivation (...) We must quickly put into practice all possible means to weaken our economic life (...) by denying Cuba money and supplies in order to reduce nominal and real wages in order to cause hunger, despair and the overthrow of the government. ” What a perversion!
We will not tire of repeating this so that no one succumbs to deception. The United States policy on Cuba is very clear in this document, dated April 6, 1960.

But even before the Mallory Memorandum, there are other documents and policies that reveal the historical nature of imperial aspirations for Cuba and the rest of our America. Starting with the theory of the "ripened fruit" and the Monroe Doctrine, now reactivated.
Marty saw this more clearly than others, and left us a warning in his political will, an unfinished letter of May 18, 1895, where he reveals the ultimate goal of his battle for changing the fate of the island.
“... every day I risk giving my life for my country and my duty - because I understand this and have the fortitude to follow this: in time, through the independence of Cuba, to prevent the United States from spreading across the Antilles and collapse, with even greater force, on our lands of America. All that I have done to this day, and I will do yet, is all for this ... ”

At the cost of sacrifice, resistance and thanks to solidarity, our people preserved their Revolution all these years. The power of the process cannot be explained beyond the will of the people. But this will would not have existed without a high level of people's participation in their destiny.
Since it must be said bluntly: of the aforementioned document by Mallory, the only thing that has not been implemented is the overthrow of the Cuban government. All the punishments imagined by the empire in the paroxysm of cruelty are being applied right now, as if it was a question of law.

With regard to solidarity, we should all thank you very much for the material support and love of the peoples.
And we say this today, when Cuba needs to double and increase support for its cause, which is a matter of sovereignty and freedom of the peoples of Our America and the whole world.
“Truth and tenderness are not worthless,” Marty said. And although sometimes it may seem that the situation cannot be changed, that politics cannot be defeated, nor empires can be shaken, the history of mankind and the history of the Cuban revolution prove with their own eyes that this is possible (applause).
Cuba is the best proof of how much the solidarity of peoples can do. When imperialism distanced us from America, excluding, to our honor and our happiness, from the discredited OAS; when we were alone in the middle of the hemisphere uplifting the revolutionary banners of a stubbornly not conquering continent, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples was founded here (applause).

That was Fidel’s idea.We were not interested in relations with governments subordinate to the empire in its ministry of colonies. We were interested and are interested in, first of all, the friendship of peoples (applause).
The friendship of the peoples of America and the world pushed forward governments. Today, Cuba maintains diplomatic relations with more than 160 countries, and more than half of them have provided solidarity assistance.
Many of the political and social leaders gathered here remember, as they themselves were participants, the hemisphere meetings against the ALCA, which were given an impetus by the Commander-in-Chief.
Thus was born the Continental Campaign against ALCA, which mobilized millions and sowed the awareness of the need to overcome minor differences in order to achieve unity of all forces and resist the project of imperialist recolonization. And what happened? We defeated him (applause).
The defeat of the ALCA, as well as the historical defense of the Cuban revolution, are the successfully achieved goals of the struggle, which have given us an important lesson: we cannot defeat fragmented and divided. Based on the many things that unite us, we can build common projects in the face of the aggression of imperialism and its oligarchic allies.

Against the blockade, we will continue the struggle in all areas. First of all, here - working, building and resisting, not giving up development.
Cuba’s most valuable resource is its people: smart, funny, adventurous, courageous and creative. A people who are primarily the creator of a revolutionary cause in the most adverse conditions.
If we together chose the path of socialism, even when the empire imposed a ridiculous theory of the “end of history”, this is because only with socialism we achieve social justice and equal rights for all.

The unity around this project - anti-imperialist and liberating, socialist and solidary - is the result of a centuries-long struggle for a unitary ideal and a confirmation that we all owe unity. Therefore, they are trying so hard to break it. Therefore, millions are allocated for political subversive activities and the financing of cultural recolonization projects.They wanted to sell us, wrapped in silk and tinsel packaging - and this is in a world that shatters in thousands of fragments a few steps from our borders; it is in Our America, whose resources are immorally transferred to transnational corporations in the era of neoliberalism, which is now being billed. The recipe for its application is to convince the masses that this is the fastest and most effective way to achieve prosperity. The market, blind, but omnipotent, according to them, will make sure that those below are enjoying the blessings that themselves will flow from the cornucopia in the hands of the elites. What a cruel mockery! So it came to annoying inequality, in which 1% of society has more than the remaining 99%.

The most powerful advertising and entertainment industry, in which almost as much money rotates as in the arms or drug trade, has built a myth about the availability to everyone of the world of dreams that once turn into nightmares to cause an explosion of popular anger.Then
a political vacuum arises. Many parties competing with marketing methods for the limited power that the market leaves them to control what remains of the robbery find the failure of democracy, which they claim to impose as a model of freedom. Most of them enter the government without real programs of economic and social transformation.

When processes arise with the goal of changing the status quo, a discrediting plan, a soft coup, a tendentious justice with the substitution of a policy of judicial crocheting is activated.
All Latin American leaders of the past two decades, who, to one degree or another, have defeated the worst consequences of neoliberalism through social and inclusive policies, have become or are being targeted, even accused of unjust imprisonment , such as Brazil’s indisputable leader Luis Inácio Lula, who has been serving for 19 months. yes Silva. Freedom to Lule! - we demand from this rostrum. (applause and exclamations: “Lule is freedom!”) Freedom to Lule, now! (Applause.)

We live in an era of communication. So let us build together liberation platforms to counter the colonialists with our greatest efforts and energy in the quest for a better world.
The era of turmoil has passed. Our peoples paid a very high price for economic and political experiments that only brought wealth to the elite, in the style of a thug-ridden empire who believes that the world can be bought and sold on the stock market.
The recent left victories in Bolivia and Argentina, the heroic resistance of Venezuela and Cuba to a total economic siege, anti-colonial protests, including brakes on market recipes, cannot demobilize us again.
The left must learn and finally learn the hard lesson of these years of struggle, in which fragmentation and disunity weakened our forces, and the right began the reconquest and the destruction of what was done.

I appreciate the high representation of young people in this hall and on the streets of Our America, which protests against the abuse of neoliberalism.
Seeing how young people rebel and fight for their rights and for the better fate of their countries is something stimulating and challenging at the same time (applause). For, as Fidel taught us, the struggle of this era is expressed primarily in the field of ideas.
For Latin America and the Caribbean, we will always defend the Peace Zone announced in Havana in 2014 on the encouraging days of the heyday of CELAC, today retreating.
A model in this sense is peaceful mobilization and protests by which our peoples demand their rights. And they conquer them.

Friends, brothers, comrades!

In your beautiful Declaration of Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution, you wrote: “We, the peoples of the world, need the example of Cuba” and recalled Marty’s ageless thought: “Who rises today with Cuba, rises for all time.” Thank you for what you said and did ! (applause and exclamations: “Cuba - yes, the blockade - no!”) I
sincerely thank everyone who came from near or far abroad, taking the expenses to answer the call you made, condemn the blockade and outline actions that will help inflict her final n expressions.
I am especially grateful to the Latin American leaders who were and are being persecuted and punished for trying to change the history of bullying of our peoples with the history of their liberation.
Today we want to reaffirm our strongest support and solidarity with the legitimate President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro (applause) and the civil-military union of his people, as well as with Commander Daniel Ortega Saavedra and the Sandinista National Liberation Front of Nicaragua, which also suffered attacks (applause and exclamations: Long live Sandino!).

The stubborn attempts at destabilization that their governments are facing are beginning to spread, and we see it today as a right-wing claim to disrupt the victory of Evo Morales in Bolivia, promoting violence and not recognizing the election results, that from any point of view there is a coup that needs to be condemned ( applause and exclamations: "They will not pass!").

Therefore, from here we once again congratulate Evo on his convincing election victory, as well as Alberto and Cristina Fernandez, who open up new hope in Argentina (applause).
Our constant solidarity with any just cause in the region and the world: with the independence of Puerto Rico (applause and exclamations: "Puerto Rico is independence!"), Whose people have been able to maintain their identity, banner and desire for independence for more than a hundred years colonialism and is an outstanding symbol of the mighty cultural resistance of Latin America and the Caribbean. Long live free Puerto Rico! (applause and exclamations: “Long live!”)

We also support Argentina’s historic claim for the restoration of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands (applause).
We condemn the imperialist intervention against Syria, and together with you we demand respect for its sovereignty and territorial integrity (applause).
We also reaffirm solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian and Saharan peoples for the right to self-determination (Applause); with the inter-Korean process of rapprochement and dialogue and the demand for lifting sanctions against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and with the peace process in Colombia (applause).
No just cause is alien to us, and as a nation that owes its existence partly to solidarity, we will never abandon its practice, according to conviction (applause).

Brothers and sisters:

You called today for the unity of the political forces and the social and popular movement of the left in order to continue to build consciousness, generate ideas and organize the struggle.
We see this struggle as a struggle for the truth. We must defeat the lies on which all kinds of wars are being fought against our peoples: informing, persuading, mobilizing, demonstrating along with the poor of the land, who are already tired of lies and bullying. Offering and creating programs that meet the most pressing requirements of workers, students, peasants, intellectuals and artists. The Action Plan approved by us confirms that progressive circles are aware of the urgency of unity if we really want to create an anti-imperialist liberation project together, taking on the obligation of genuine and delayed integration.

On behalf of Cuba, we want to confirm to you thatwe, the new generation of Cuban leaders, formed and trained by the historical generation of Fidel and Raul, continue to be revolutionaries, socialists, fidelists and Martians (applause), and that we will not give up a millimeter of our positions in favor of independence, sovereignty and social justice. And as a connection with peoples who fight and resist, we will always adhere as a fundamental principle of solidarity, to which we owe so much.

Therefore, we repeat as our words Fidel said more than 50 years ago, when, referring to the solidarity with his work that the Revolution met at an early stage, he said: “The world is in solidarity with Cuba, and therefore, Cuba feels every day more and more solidarity with all the peoples of the world. "
In memory of Fidel and Chavez, the two great people of our America whom we were lucky to meet, listen to and follow in the very altruistic practice of solidarity, we resume their work as a guide for a new and full of challenges for the time that awaits us.

I think we all feel how the broad paths are opening that free people are already following in order to build a better society (applause and exclamations).
A better world is possible, necessary and urgent! We will fight for it!
Always to victory! ... ko-narody/ - zinc

In general, I think Fidel would not hesitate to make such a speech. It is very worthy and indicative in terms of understanding who exactly Raul Castro entrusted to continue the Cuban revolution. The main thing is that the words are confirmed by deeds.

PS. Soon, Putin’s visit to Cuba should take place, where, in addition to economic issues, the issue of intensifying military-technical cooperation will be discussed (Cubans are interested in the issues of modernizing their armed forces and repairing old Soviet equipment). We haven’t officially talked about a full-fledged base in Cuba, but there has been talk of this for years.
PS2. In the title photo, a visit by Diaz-Kanel to the Lenin Mausoleum during a recent visit to Russia.

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"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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