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Re: Greece and the KKE

Post by blindpig » Fri Oct 04, 2019 1:22 pm

Statement by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the KKE



The KKE calls on workers, the people and the youth to rise against the visit of the US Secretary of State, M. Pompeo, and above all against the conversion of Greece into a vast US-NATO base. This is also the content of the “Strategic Dialogue” with the US, initiated by the former SYRIZA government in Phase I and enhanced by the ND government with the current Phase II.

The KKE calls for uprising and mass participation in the mobilizationsof the anti-war and anti-imperialist movement against the visit of the US Secretary of State, which will take place throughout the country. It calls for support for the multi-faceted actions in order for the US-NATO bases in Greece to close down and our country todisentanglefrom the dangerous imperialist plans and competitions.

The “Mutual Defence Cooperation Agreement”, which has already been prepared behind the people’s backand is expected to be signed during the visit of the US Secretary of State, Pompeo, to Athens, furtherengages our country and our people at great risks.

It prepares to turn“once and for all”more than half of Greece to amurderous base for the US-NATO and their plans, from the Balkans and the Black Sea to the Eastern Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf, and make our people a target of imperialist competitions raging all over the region to share the loot in Energy, its transportation routes and the spheres of influence.

The ND government, in the framework of the “Strategic Dialogue” with the US, initiated by the SYRIZA government, proceeds to amultiannual or permanentrenewal of the Greek-USAgreement on military bases, its enhancement and expansion.

The capabilities of the Souda base, which already supports their operationsfrom the Black Sea to the Middle East and North Africaarefurther expanded.
The use of US UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and other aircraftsis consolidatedin the air base of Larissa.
US helicopters are permanently installed in Central Greece (they currently use Stefanovikio inMagnesia for “periodic restationing”).
A US-NATO unitis installed in Alexandroupolis, as they want to exploit its port for military purposes (deploying US-NATO forces to Eastern Europe along the border with Russia) and expand USeconomic interests in the region.

The claims by the government and the Euro-Atlantic partiesthat Greece's attachment to the imperialist chariotof NATO, the US and the EU ensures peace and security in the region are unfounded and unhistorical.

Their bases are not built to protect the country and the borders, but to serve as bases for war and interventions, to protect the interests of energy giants.

This is what the US Ambassador, G. Pyatt, means when he repeatedly states that Greece is a “geopolitical hinge” and a “frontline state” for the US. That is:

On the “front line” of the war plans in the Persian Gulf and against the Iranian people, as Souda was during all the previous years on the “front line”of theimperialist interventions in Syria, Libya and so on.
On the “front line” of NATO’s plans to encircle Russia in the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea.
On the “front line” of plans to keep Turkey in the US-NATO camp, taking on the role of “the channel”, opening up solid co-management plans in the Aegean and Cyprus.
The entanglement in these plans will turn Greece into a “magnet” for potential attacks. Our country has already been targeted. The Russian and Iranian officials' statements saying that in case their countries are threatened, they will turn their missiles against the countries hosting US bases, are characteristic.

Equally unfounded and unhistorical are the claims that in this way our country is protected from Turkish aggression. Turkey, as a NATO force,escalates aggression in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, calling into question and violating borders.

The participation of our country in NATO and the EU over the years, the presence of NATO bases in Greece not only did not prevent, but on the contrary,sharpened Turkish aggression. NATO recognizes no borders in the Aegean, which considers to be a single business space. It plays the role of “Pontius Pilate” in the Greek-Turkish disputes.Besides, the promotion of partition and co-exploitation of mineral wealth plans in Cyprus and the Aegean is promoted under the auspices of NATO, the US and the EU.

No matter how many lies they tell about the alleged“benefits” that the Greek people will have, this is the essence and it cannot be concealed;the only “exchanges” are the ones that the bourgeoisie expects for its upgrading, while for the people the price is even greater risksdue to their plans, with peoples been the victims, and that means new wars, poverty, uprooted people fromtheir homelands. The only winners will be those parts of the capital that will benefit from energy and other business partnerships, which among others,hand the country's public wealthto domestic and foreign business interests.

The KKE firmly defends the people’s interests, works for the development of the joint struggle of the peoples, for mutual, beneficial cooperation, and demands:

Immediate denouncement of the “Mutual Defence Cooperation Agreement”, the closingof the Soudabase and other US-NATO military bases.
No participation of the Greek Armed Forces in imperialist missions abroad, disentanglement from the NATO and the EU predatory alliances.
Strengthening of the struggle for disentanglement from NATO and the EU.
Strengtheningof the joint struggle and solidarity of the peoples against the imperialist war and the system that bears it.
These developments require vigilance and action. They must sound an alarm, a real uprise. With even greater intensity, even more people mustjoin the struggle to inform, to mobilize. The already thousands of signatures collected after the call of the Struggle Committee against the Bases Agreement must be multiplied. Even more organizations and trade unions must be engaged into the success of the rallies that will be held during the visit of the US Secretary of Stateto Greece for the second round of the “Strategic Dialogue”.

Let the message “No land, no water for the murderers of the peoples”be loudlyheardeverywhere.


"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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Re: Greece and the KKE

Post by blindpig » Tue Nov 19, 2019 12:50 pm

No involvement in the dangerous plans of the USA – NATO – EU is the message of the uprising

With huge anti-imperialist – anti-war rallies in Athens, Thessaloniki and other major cities, the 46th anniversary of the heroic uprising of the Polytechnic University students and the workers of Athens, of November 1973, was commemorated; an event that was the pinnacle of the anti-dictatorship struggle of the people and the youth against the junta of the colonels that had been in government since 21st of April, 1967.

The slogans o fthe Polytechnic uprising are as timely as ever in the struggle against the policies that lead the people to poverty, to unemployment, to insecurity, against the involvement of Greece in the imperialist designs of NATO – USA – EU, against repression and authoritarianism.

It'snot coincidental that in Athens the great anti-imperialist rally, marching through the central streets of the city, concluded in front of the American Embassy, to remind one that the imposition of the military dictatorship in 1967, served “by fire and iron” the interests of the bourgeois class at the expense of the people, implementing the plans of the US and NATO imperialists, culminating in the coup of Cyprus that led to the Turkish invasion and occupation.

In the Statement of the Press Bureau of the CC of the KKEnotes the following among others:

"The gates of the Polytechnic were covered with the slogans" US Out! "," NATO out! ". These slogans are becoming more and more relevant every year as our country actively participates in US-NATO imperialist plans and is turning into a launching pad for war and intervention. After all, just a few days ago the Secretary of Defense in his deplorable statement - addressing an American general - emphasized that "our men shed their blood together with American soldiers in the wars we were involved in, and this will be the case in the future"!

The ND government has taken up the baton from the SYRIZA government, which whitewashed American imperialism and strengthened military cooperation with the USA. Itoffered valuable services to the system, justifying this criminal policy in the name of “the left” and “progress”, espousing militant values and ideals, strengthening the trend towards conservatism.

The other side of the coin is the attack of the government on labor and trade union rights, the increasing tax robbery of the people, the dismantlement of Social Insurance. A vital complement to this policy is the stepping up of the dogma “law and order”, employer terrorism, state repression, with the goal of putting a brake on all popular and youth demands.”

For these reasons, this year’s commemoration of the Polytechnic uprising takes on great importance. The KKE calls upon the workers, the youth, the poor- popular strata, to honor the heroic Polytechnic uprising and the dead of the struggle against the dictatorship, with mass militant participation in the events of the three-day commemoration and the anti-imperialist march on the American Embassy.

To protest against imperialist wars and the involvement of Greece. To express their solidarity towards the victims of capitalist exploitation, refugees and immigrants, which the policies of the EU – governments traps in our country under wretched conditions.

To isolate the contemporary praise-singers of the junta, those who spew the venom of racism, of fascism, of anti-communism.”

The KKE and KNE blocs, which again this year were the most massive in the anti-imperialist rally in Athens and other cities, passed the resounding message of the necessity of clashing with anti-popular policies and imperialist unions.

As the KKE emphasizes in its statement: "Those governments that have chosen to manage the rotten exploitative system and its laws have inevitably followed anti-people policies. What is now needed for a genuine way-out for the benefit of the people is to form a victorious social alliance that will fight against the monopolies, the imperialist unions, the outdated capitalist system itself, with the goal of socialism. This struggle can clash with anti-popular measures, achieve gains, defend democratic rights and freedoms for the people. "

Image ... -uprising/
"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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Re: Greece and the KKE

Post by blindpig » Sun Feb 09, 2020 11:57 am

Greece-US agreement on military bases takes a hammering inside and outside of the Parliament

The disgraceful Greece-US Strategic Agreement was debated in the Greek Parliament Plenary session on Thursday 30/01/20, an agreement which expands and enlarges the US military bases in the country so it can be used as a multi-level military base for American – NATO assassins, at the same time transforming the country into a target for intra-imperialist competitions.

KKE parliament members denounced the agreement, pointing out that it is a crucial link for Greece's deeper involvement in imperialist wars and interventions, putting the country and people at great risk.

The KKE demanded its withdrawal, calling on the people to step up their fight against dangerous designs.

Speaking from the Parliament podium, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, General Secretary of the KKE Central Committee, noted:

«You state with no shame: “The more bases we have, the greater the obstacles to Turkish aggression!" If this is so, how is it possible that in the last three years where the "American footprint" in Greece has indeed grown, that Turkish aggression has continually increased and escalated? Don't you know that NATO doesn't recognize borders in the Aegean? Don't you know that the US, NATO and the EU have virtually legalized the invasion and occupation of NATO’s Turkey in Cyprus for so many years? Do you see something else besides all theiraspirations for Turkey's illegal drilling in the Cypriot EEZ? You pretend you don't know: Turkish provocation and aggression is firmly backed byNATO. »

And he continued, «You still say,"The Agreement is a defensive one"... Who are you kidding? Even young children today know that the US has the most aggressive plans, to thwart the plans of its competitors, Russia, China, Iran. These plans reek of gunpowder, like that which has been used for years in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya (...).»

«You also tell us:"The bases protect Greece." However, the other side of transforming Greece into a vast American and NATO military camp is what you hide from the Greek people. Why don't you tell them openly what Russian officials, or recently,what Iranian officials are saying: That US and NATO bases, wherever they exist, and in Greece, that is, are a target for reprisals. (...)

NATO bases do not protect. On the contrary, they make our country, the Greek people, a target. The Greek people are being both targeted and paying. With more than 4 billion euros a year coming out of our pockets for NATO's needs, you come forward with today's Agreement and you free it of any obligation to pay for landing, docking, or even base upgrades.»

On the government's argument that "we are receiving US technical know-how for the Greek Armed Forces", D. Koutsoumpas commented in his speech: «We see something else: You providing military equipment and Armed Forces personnel in Saudi Arabia with the responsibility of the government! Really, what sovereign rights of Greece are at stake in Riyadh and the deserts of Saudi Arabia?

Providing Greek frigates for patrols in the Strait of Hormuz while the participation of Greek Armed Forces personnel in Libya is being planned? And you are all doing this, those of the Euro-Atlantic arc. Since even SYRIZA is urging the government to find –as it says - the right formula for sending forces outside our borders, as long as it under the official aegis of the UN, the EU or even NATO! And all this in the name of "the left and progress", continuing to denigrate militant values and ideals. »

Huge rallies against the Agreement

In Athens, Thessaloniki, and in dozens of other Greek cities, class unions, mass organizations and the Greek Committee for International Détente and Peace (EEDYE) simultaneously organized huge rallies against the Agreement.

In Athens, the rally was held outside the House of Parliament, followed by a march on the US Embassy.

Nikos Papanastassis, a lieutenant colonel, a member of the National Council of EEDYE and MP of the KKE, spoke at the gathering, along with Giota Tavoularis, president of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry Workers and a member of the Executive Secretariat of PAME.

Dimitris Koutsoumpas was among the protestors, after coming out of the Parliament building, while a large delegation of the KKE Central Committee participated in the mobilization.


The KKE voted against

Finally, with 175 votes in favor, 33 against and 80 “abstaining”, the Greek-US Strategic Agreement was ratified by the Parliament. The KKE voted against, while the Agreement was voted for by the ruling party ND and the social-democratic PASOK/KINAL. The stance of the former social-democratic SYRIZA government was hypocritical, the party which had prepared the deal while it was in government, maintaining, multiplying, and expanding the US military bases. SYRIZA now voted "to abstain", arguing that the government should have secured a better “exchange” from the US. Members of the far-right "Hellenic Solution" Party voted against based on the same logic of "exchanges", along with the social-democratic MeRA25 with its pointless pacifist argument on humanizing imperialism. _

31.01.2020 ... arliament/



The KKE denounces to the Greek people that the US plan for the Palestinian issue, which is falsely described as the "deal of the century", not only does not guarantee an independent Palestinian state but perpetuates and shields Israeli occupation.


The plan provides:

- The ceding of Jerusalem to the State of Israel as an "undivided Israeli capital".

- The annexation of the Jordan Valley, which is the heart of the 30% of the West Bank, and areas north of the Dead Sea by the Israeli state.

- The maintenance of Israeli settlements and thousands of settlers who are occupying forces in the Palestinian territories.

This is a very dangerous development, part of the general imperialist plan put forward by the US for unacceptable arrangements in the region against the peoples.

We must now strengthen solidarity with the Palestinian people.

- For the end of the Israeli occupation and an independent Palestinian state at the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

- For the abolition of settlements and departure of settlers, return of Palestinian refugees to their homes.

- For the release of all Palestinian political prisoners from Israeli prisons.

The Greek governments, the current ND as the previous SYRIZA government, have a share of responsibility for upgrading the strategic cooperation with the state - killer of Israel, but also because they have not proceeded to the necessary recognition of an independent Palestinian state, despite the unanimous decision of the Greek parliament.


"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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Re: Greece and the KKE

Post by blindpig » Wed Feb 19, 2020 11:21 pm

CP of Greece, Greek Workers hold 24-hour National Strike
2/19/20 2:20 PM
Greece, Communist Party of Greece En Es Ru Sq Europe Communist and workers' parties
Greek Workers hold 24-hour National Strike

The struggle for contemporary social security rights

With huge rallies in Athens, Thessaloniki, and a total of 61 Greek cities, following the call of the Sector Federations and trade unions, workers moved forward against the new law of the ND government, which effectively touches up SYRIZA's previous law by further deepening the privatization of Social Security.

The massive strike was in opposition to employer-led and government-led trade unionism, expressed by the leadership of the General Confederation of Trade Unions (GSEE), which actively supports the strategy of big capital, embracing the criteria of competitiveness and the super profits of capital, in accordance with the so-called “resiliency” of the economy.

Video 1, Video 2, Photos

ND retains the framework of the corresponding SYRIZA law, but makes new anti-labor, anti-social insurance additions in order to safeguard against and to cover up any loopholes that provided justice to tens of thousands of pensioner lawsuits.

Under the new law, the pension is divided into two parts, a national pension and acontributory pension, which will depend on risk and stock market gambling. The employee will pay his insurance contributions, but he will not know the amount of total pension he will ultimately receive. The state will only guarantee the national minimum pension which remains at an abysmally low level.

Themore than 80 billion euros that were stolen from the state pension funds by employers and the state will not be returned.

The huge cuts in pensions in effect since 2010 remain in force.

The retirement age was raised to 67, for both men and women, with the prospect of an increase depending on“life expectancy.”

It pushes vast categories of young workers into the claws of private insurance companies, opening the road in general for public Social Security to be handed over to private insurance companies.

Workers all over the country demand the same thing:

The abolition of all anti-people ND – SYRIZA laws that turn against Social Security.
Mandatory, public and universal Social Security.
The return of all stolen state pension fund reserves.
An increase in the state budget for Health – Welfare, high-quality and free Healthcare provision for all.
Abolition of the increase in retirement age to 67. Retirement age at 60 for men, 55 for women, 5 years less for heavy and dangerous work categories.
Return of the 13th and 14th
The minimum pension to be 80% of one’s salary. No pension less than 600 euros.
Full state guarantee of all pensions.
The class unions, which rally in the All-Worker Militant Front (PAME) and who led the way in organizing the strike, declare that the fight against this new round of attack will continue. The "banner" of this struggle is the right of the working class to work and live based on the contemporarycapacities of production and science, to reap the benefits of the wealth it produces. A struggle linked to the prospect of a different kind of social, economic, and political organization, without capitalists, that will have at its center working people’s contemporary needs for education, work and a life with rights.

Dimitris Koutsoumpas: The people do not forget, they organize, they win

In his statement to the Press at the strike rally in Athens, the GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpasrelated the following:

"The ND government will pay very dearly for the further demolition of the social security system, as PASOK and SYRIZA paid for it before. The Greek people do not forget, they organize, they win. " ... al-Strike/
"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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Re: Greece and the KKE

Post by blindpig » Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:14 pm

The Communist Party of Greece requires the expropriation of private clinics
Government imposed curfew

The last week in Greece are demonstrations and protests organized by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) . Communists, together with doctors, are demanding immediate measures to strengthen public health. In particular, the question is raised about the opening of all beds in intensive care units and the complete expropriation of private clinics.


Protests are held as part of a campaign in which KKE party organizations are involved throughout the country. Together with doctors, they draw public attention to the pandemic problem and require the adoption of the most urgent measures to avoid a repeat of the Italian scenario. Greek doctors are still not fully equipped with personal protective equipment. In some areas of the country, there are not enough doctors, and at the same time, there are many unemployed doctors in the labor market. In many hospitals, some beds are “optimized”. In addition to solving these problems, the Communists also demand requisition of the entire infrastructure of the private health sector.

The head of the Communist Party of Greece Dimitris Kutsumbas listed the necessary emergency measures and additionally stated:

“The protection of public health is mainly ensured through preventive measures, primarily in large organizations, and by decisively strengthening the public health system. This is indicated by the experience of other countries, in particular Italy. In no case should the government shift its responsibility onto the shoulders of citizens and put the blame for the pandemic solely on personal human behavior ... It should have at least requisitioned private clinics and included them in the state planning system, immediately provided hospitals with all necessary means, which paramedics need. Take measures to avoid simultaneous infection with coronavirus, as well as the necessary protective measures at workplaces, in supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, transport, etc.,

Number of infected coronavirus in Greece close to 800 people, which is not too little for a country with a population of 11.3 million people. The threatening situation prompted the government to impose curfews and toughen penalties for violating quarantine. Using the "prohibitive" measures against citizens, the state at the same time maintains loyalty to big business and stops before the "sacred" right of private property. ... kspropria/

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"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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