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Re: Turkey

Post by blindpig » Fri Mar 08, 2019 5:02 pm

ommunist women of Turkey: March 8 belongs to working women
SoL news interviewed with the TKP Women Bureau on what March 8, the International Working Women's day, means for the communist women in Turkey


Thursday, 07 March 2019 15:42

SoL news made an interview with the Women Bureau of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) emphasizing the problems of working women today, women's oppression by the political power and the capitalist employers and resisting working women against this oppression. Communist women remind that March 8 belongs to the women of the working class and called on the women of the proletariat to fight together against the exploitation and oppression for equality and freedom. https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead ... gLTF_D_BwE

What does March 8 mean for the Communist Women?

Regardless of gender, working people are going through the days when the exploitation of labor by the bourgeois is at extreme levels. The system cannot promise any hopes about the future. In order to break this darkness, we need to progress by taking lessons from our past, tradition, history. History is not going to reverse and we can not return to the past, so with these lessons, we need to take a big step forward.

On March 8 of 1917, the Russian textile worker women of Petrograd, who occupied the streets with the slogan of "bread and peace" launched the strikes that sparked the February Revolution. March 8 is an important historical day for the women of the proletariat.

This history has become an important reference for the socialist struggle. In 1910, at the Second International Conference of Socialist Women held in Copenhagen, the struggle of working women was discussed and a decision made to determine an international women's day. After the October Revolution in 1921 in Moscow, at the International Communist Women's Conference, Clara Zetkin from the Social Democratic Party of Germany proposed 8 March as the International Working Women's Day and it was accepted.

March 8 is already widely celebrated as the Women's Day in the world. What do the communist women think about this celebration?

The United Nations, which closed its eyes to this day until 1977, finally recognized this day. But this recognition meant ignoring the emphasis on the working women and its historical meaning. Since 1977, the 8th of March has been introduced and even commercialized only as a “Women's Day" by the bourgeois order.

The system is trying to destroy the values that it does not want, empty the meanings of the values, and make their history to be forgotten.

Women are trying to be presented as flowers in a pot, ornaments in a showcase. They want us to remember and "celebrate" by forgetting our experiences and struggle for living and working humanely. Communist women want to remind again that March 8 is an important date for the historical struggle of the working women. It is important that the working class considers March 8 as a day of struggle and not as a day of consumption or showing off.

Why do you especially emphasize working women? Isn't it the day of all women?

Today's bourgeois order is advertising the day by trying to convince us that March 8 is the day of all women. However, the working women, as we see in the history of March 8, have never was in the same boat with the bourgeois class. They can't be. The exploiters have been the employers, the capitalists and the ones exploited have been the workers.

Women of the proletariat work, they profit. The workers have to go to work in the dark, they are paid lower wages because they are women, they are accused of being pregnant in workplaces, they are sexually harassed, they can easily be laid off in times of economic crisis. The housework and taking care of the children are also the task of working women, and this labor is mostly ignored.

Despite all this oppression, they are expecting us to see ourselves equal with the bourgeois women in Turkey. Girls who are forced to marry at a young age, the university students who have to work to study, and the textile workers who lose their health because of unsafe working conditions are all exposed to this kind of ideological propaganda.

However, women who are forced to marry at the age of playing, who are killed because they resist the harassment of a minibus driver on the way home from school, who are raped and thrown down from the 20th floor by their employers, are the working-class women. Women who struggle to live and work every day constitute millions unless a few bourgeois women. That is why March 8 belongs to the working woman. It's one of the days when we remember again why we must struggle, and break the reign of this bourgeois order. As working women, we must remember that we must struggle together for equality and freedom against exploitation and violence.

http://news.sol.org.tr/communist-women- ... men-175716
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Re: Turkey

Post by blindpig » Tue Oct 15, 2019 2:20 pm

CP of Turkey, TKP Newsletter 15.10.2019: Who benefits from the war in Syria? & 21st IMCWP in İzmir
10/15/19 1:35 PM

Hands Off Syria!

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) has released a statement regarding the military offensive into northern Syria, on which Turkey carrying out ground attacks and airstrikes. Shouting "hands off Syria!", TKP says AKP and the US are partners in crime in Syria for the last eight years.


The real threat to the security of our country is NATO, the US and the imperialist forces and those who insist on collaborating with them.

The peace in Syria can be established only when all imperialist and occupying forces withdraw from the region. It is the Syrians who can determine the future of Syria."

For full-text of the statement: http://tkp.org.tr/en/aciklamalar/hands-syria-0

Initiative by TKP: Prominent intellectuals in Turkey stand against anti-communism

Many progressives and intellectuals in Turkey have signed a petition initiated by TKP against the anti-communist resolution of the European Parliament. The progressives signing the petition said "We protest the European Parliament's anti-communist resolution."

Together with representatives of TKP, the petition has been already signed by 166 intellectuals, including well-known academics, journalists, writers, poets, artists, and lawyers. The petition will continue and the signatures will be sent to the EP.

https://news.sol.org.tr/progressives-tu ... ion-176246

TKP asks: Who benefits from the war economy?

As the Turkish offensive in northern Syria continues, the daily podcast of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) 'Voice of TKP' today asked who benefits from the war economy.

The daily podcast "Voice of TKP" addressed the offensive in Syria in its latest release, stating that the developments in domestic politics and economy are left outside the agenda in Turkey as the offensive continues.

"Erdoğan continues to use anti-US and anti-EU as a stick in the internal politics of the country, taking on an “anti-imperialist” mask," states TKP in the podcast.

http://solidnet.org/article/CP-of-Turke ... -in-Izmir/
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Re: Turkey

Post by blindpig » Mon Jan 27, 2020 2:30 pm

140,000 Turkish metalworkers set to go on strike
Efe Niğdelioğlu and Hamid Alizadeh27 January 2020

Rally taken from Gebze, 19 January

140,000 Turkish metal workers, including those in the important automotive and white goods manufacturers, are set to strike in early February after negotiations with the bosses’ organisation broke down.

All of Turkey’s major metalworkers unions, including Turkish Metal Unions, Turk-Metal, Birleşik Metal-İş, decided to strike after an agreement could not be reached in the collective agreement negotiations between the unions and The Turkish Employers’ Association of Metal Industries (MESS).

The MESS responded by making a decision to initiate a lockout. But this is sure to anger the workers even more in some factories. The workers immediately responded by with ongoing partial strikes.

Had the workers accepted the deals proposed by the bosses, they would have been left in a miserable state. That leaves them with no other options than to fight. The original offer of the bosses was a mere 6.4 percent of wage increase over three years. The bosses went on to raise their offer to 8 and then 10 percent. But this would still indicate a decrease in real wages.

In a blatant lie, the MESS stated: "While MESS revised and increased the wage increase offer for the purpose of reconciliation for the second time, Turkish Metals and United Metal-İş strikes decided to change their demands. The wage increase offers of the trade unions are five times the period inflation.’’ Bosses love to carry on lying.

The official inflation rates over the past two years have been at 16.33 and 15.68 percent respectively. The previous agreement was already below the inflation rate, and the new one would cut even further into the living standards of the workers of one of the most profitable industries in Turkey, which brings in more than $30 billion per year. The unions have demanded wage increases between 27 and 34 percent, along with more humane working conditions in a two-year contract. This would merely maintain the present living conditions.

While the bosses are raking in huge profits, the cost of the economic crisis is being passed onto the workers. The poverty limit today stands at around 6,500 Turkish liras, yet the minimum wage is around only 2,300 Turkish liras, leaving millions of workers in a desperate situation. On top of this, all official inflation figures have been manipulated by Erdogan’s government. The real inflation, which is hitting the poorest hardest, is an immeasurable burden on working-class families.

What next?
If an agreement cannot be reached in the collective negotiations, the unions have announced that they will go on strike. Workers will use their power over the production process and try to win their rights. It seems that the agreement will not be reached and a general strike will start as a result. According to Adnan Serdaroğlu, leader of the Birleşik-Metal union, the MESS is placing its trust in the Erdogan government to impose a ban on the strike.

This is what happened in 2018, when failed negotiations led to an overwhelming vote to strike amongst the metal workers. But the strike was banned by government decree shortly before it was to take place.

The metal workers’ movement has been heating up for a number of years. In 2015, a series of radical wildcat strikes in the sector led to widespread concessions by the bosses. Back then, the workers were not only striking against the bosses but also against the leaders of Türk Metal, which is an affiliate to Türk-is: a semi-statal union. While the leadership of Türk-is are on the right-wing of the labour movement, the union’s semi-official status means that it is the biggest union with more than a million members. The fact that Türk-is is now officially supporting these strikes is an indication of the pressure building up underneath the surface of society. The Türk-is are putting themselves at the head of the movement in order to slow it down and prevent it from becoming a threat to the regime.

It’s getting hot
Following the failed negotiations, hundreds of thousands of workers have joined rallies around the country. Speaking at a mass rally in Genze, Adnan Serdaroglu, the leader of the Birleşik-Metal said: “we create the wealth and want our share.” The workers accompanied the rally with their enthusiastic slogans: “We will not be the slaves of the bosses” and “this is just the beginning, continue the struggle!”

Turkey’s key position as a low-wage country on the borders of Europe was the basis of the economic boom, which lasted more-or-less uninterrupted from 2002 to 2012. This boom was in turn the economic basis for the relative social stability of the Erdogan regime. But as the world economic crisis began to filter through to the Turkish economy, all of this has started to unwind. The ruling class has attempted many diversions, such as the wars on the Kurds in Turkey, in Syria and sending troops to Libya. But these measures cannot stem the rising tide of anger. A small sign of this anger was shown in the defeat of the AKP the largest cities of Turkey in last year’s local elections. Now we see how the working class is also beginning to move.

All of this anticipates the bitter class struggles of the future. The Turkish working class is the largest and most powerful working class of the Middle East. When it moves, it will send shockwaves far beyond the borders of Turkey, signalling a new stage in the class struggle throughout the whole region.

https://www.marxist.com/140-000-turkish ... strike.htm
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Re: Turkey

Post by blindpig » Mon Feb 17, 2020 2:13 pm

CP of Turkey, TKP Newsletter 17.02.2020: No lesson to learn from reactionaries & Contract privates die in Idlib


TKG: We don’t have any lesson to learn from reactionaries!

The Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) protested a reactionary professor at Yıldız Technical University of Turkey's Istanbul, who claimed that "natural disasters are linked to the prohibition of child marriages" in Turkish law after the earthquake that hit Turkey's Elazig and killed 41 people.

Statement of TKG was as follows:

"...As reactionism threatens young people and women living in our country every day, we do not accept the invasion of the university positions by such people.


We call on all our friends to come and walk together in this struggle.

To fight against reactionism, to fight against the enemies of science and humanity, #WE ARE HERE!"

For full text of the statement: https://news.sol.org.tr/communist-youth ... ies-176543


Contract privates from Turkey’s poor families die in Idlib

14 Turkish soldiers were killed as dozens of them were wounded in recent conflicts in Idlib. Almost all of the killed troops were contract privates who had become professional soldiers in search of a way out of poverty.

Alpaslan Savaş, CC member of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), recently wrote an article with regards to the military funerals, showing that most of the killed soldiers are coming from poor families in Turkey.

Pointing at the government’s plans for professionalized military services, Savaş said that almost all of the 14 soldiers killed in Syria’s Idlib consisted of contract privates and specialized sergeants.

“The young people at military draft age become contract privates if they are accepted, and nobody is rejected nowadays,” Savaş said, adding that many young men sign contracts for 2 to 5 years in return for a wage starting from 3 thousands lira ($495) per month.

https://news.sol.org.tr/contract-privat ... lib-176549

Erdoğan’s whim for Idlib: Who is planning what?

Journalist and Middle East expert, Ali Örnek, interprets for soL news the recent developments regarding the Syrian winter offensive in Idlib with the aspect of Turkish involvement in the region.

"...Another detail hidden by the US-Turkey rapprochement is that relations with YPG are kept up. The US revived that they budgeted 200 million dollars for SDF, of which YPG is the backbone. Planning to compromise with Turkey in the western part of Euphrates and with YPG in the eastern part of it, Washington does not only see Idlib as a tool to sabotage Russo-Turkish relations. It also represents suitable conditions for restarting of YPG-Turkey negotiations, which the US wanted for a long time..."

For full-text of the article: https://news.sol.org.tr/erdogans-whim-i ... hat-176548
For the Brochure on War in Syria by the TKP International Relations Bureau: https://tkp.org.tr/en/temel-metinler/war-syria

Protests continue against high gas bills in cities of Turkey

TKP is organizing people's gatherings to make protests against the high gas bills in different cities and neighbourhoods of Turkey. Following the gatherings, long queues in front of payment offices are formed to submit petitions of objection.


TKP General Secretary Okuyan: They think war is a TV series

soL news, interviewed Kemal Okuyan, TKP General Secretary, regarding the recent developments in Syria just after Turkish President Erdoğan declared at the parliament, “We’ll shoot the regime forces everywhere in the event of offensive”.

"...Is there any danger of excessive war? Can the tension in Syria confront Turkey with Russia?

As we have always said, the chaos, competition and contradictions in the imperialist system are increasing the possibility of war. Turkey is also included in this competition. The problem is not only limited with AKP; our capitalist class also has an eye on the new fields of investment and the energy resources. This is prevailing either for the Greek capital or the other countries. In other words, large and small, everyone is trying to get a share of the cake and getting armed. No one is innocent.

However, Turkey has been part of the tension in many fronts in recent times. A fact is weakening the social anti-war consciousness..."

For the full interview: https://news.sol.org.tr/okuyan-they-thi ... ies-176547

http://solidnet.org/article/CP-of-Turke ... -in-Idlib/
"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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