Footnotes from the Ukrainian "Crisis"; New High-Points in Cynicism Part IV

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Re: Footnotes from the Ukrainian "Crisis"; New High-Points in Cynicism Part IV

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Donetsk Peoples Republic proclaims itself successor of the Donetsk-Krivoy-Rog Republic of 1918
February 17, 2015
Three articles are enclosed. — Compiled by the editors of New Cold, Feb. 16, 2015

1. Donetsk Peoples Republic has proclaimed itself a successor of the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic of 1918 News, Feb. 6, 2015 (translated and slightly revised from the original by New Cold

The MPs of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Peoples Republic have adopted a memorandum of understanding recognizing the political continuity of the Donetsk Peoples Republic with the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic that was born out of the Russian Revolution and existed for a few years. [The full text of the Memorandum is below.]

Map of soviet republics in Ukraine in 1918, on Wikipedia, in Spanish. The word ‘cuenca’ means basin (or center). Dark line is today’s Ukraine border.

“It’s a political document about the continuity of the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog and present-day Donetsk republics. We see ourselves as part of that historical construct, which was proclaimed in 1917, ” said Director of the National Council DPR Andrey Purgin.

Purgin added that a relevant document will be adopted in Lugansk People’s Republic as well. Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Soviet Republic (RSFSR) was proclaimed on February 12, 1918. Part of it included the territories of present-day Donetsk, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhya oblasts as well as parts of Kharkiv, Sumy, Kherson and Mykolaiv oblasts.

The capital of the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic was Kharkiv and later Lugansk. The government of the Republic was represented by a Council of People’s Commissars, headed by Artem (Fyodor Sergeyev). In March 1918, the Republic became part of Soviet Ukraine, at the time a constituent of part of Soviet Russia. A year later, an agreement was reached for its dissolution. A Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was declared in 1922 and its capital became Kyiv. It was a founding constituent of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, founded the same year.

Since mid-April, the Kyiv authorities have carried out in the East of Ukraine “a special operation” to suppress the protest movement in the Donbas region. Ukraine’s military actively uses heavy artillery and military aircraft and helicopters. A large number of civilians have been killed and wounded as a result, and many homes of local residents and infrastructure have been destroyed.

Recall that Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics were declared after self-determination referenda took place in May 2014. On November 2, Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples’ Republics held their own elections, marked by high voter turnout without serious incidents.

* * *

2. Memorandum of Donetsk People’s Republic on the principles of state-building, political and historical continuity

Russian original published on February 5, 2015 in Novorossia-Novosti. Translated to English by Kristina Rus for Fort Russ website.

We, members of the People’s Council of Donetsk People’s Republic of the first convocation, elected by universal democratic and free elections on November 2, 2014, taking into account the principles of international law, embodied in the Charter of the United Nations, proclaim the following memorandum on the principles of state-building, political and historical continuity.

On February 12, 1918 at the IV Congress of Soviets of the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog basin, based on the idea of economic integration, created the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic (DKR). At the outset of building of the multinational people’s state was its founding leader Fyodor Sergeyev (Artyom). The Republic was comprised of the territories of Kharkov and Ekaterinoslav governorate [Dnepropetrovsk], Krivorozhye of Kherson governorate [Kherson governorate included Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson], part of the counties of Taurida governorate [Crimea and parts of southern Kherson region] and industrial areas of the Don Host Oblast. The Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic (DKR) did not formally cease to exist, despite the German occupation, war and other social disasters. Its ideas lived on in the hearts and souls of millions of people.

In the late 1980’s, the International Donbass Movement was created under the leadership of Dmitry Kornilov. In 1991, it raised the black-blue-and-red flag of the DKR. In March 1994, the people of Donbass called for the federal structure of the Ukrainian state. Federal trends were expressed at the Severodonetsk Congress in 2004, where a decision was made to hold a referendum in Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts on the issue of gaining the status of autonomous republics. Such attempts to reorganize the state were declared as criminal by the Kiev authorities. Popular protest resulted in the creation of a political movement ‘Donetsk Republic’. The people of Donbass finally confirmed their choice at the referendum of May 2014.

We, members of the People’s Council of Donetsk People’s Republic, recognizing our responsibility to the past and paving the way to the future:
– declare the continuation of the traditions of Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic and declare that the state of Donetsk People’s Republic is its successor;
– call for cooperation and uniting efforts to build a federal state on a voluntary contractual bases of all the territories and lands, that were part of Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic.

* * *

3. Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Soviet Republic: The importance of united struggle

By Vsevolod Petrovsky, February 2014

The author of the following article was a Marxist historian and journalist in Ukraine who became a member of the Borotba political organization. Tragically, he died on February 8, 2015 from artillery fire by the Ukrainian army directed against the people of the Luhansk People’s Republic. He was 29 years old. You can read a short appreciation of the life of Vsevolod Petrovsky on the Borotba website, here.

On February 9 in Donetsk, the traditional rally took place dedicated to the 96th anniversary of the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog republic, declared in 1918. Representatives of various political and public organizations and labor activists gathered at the monument to the founder and leader of the republic, Artem (Fyodor Sergeyev).

On February 9, 1918, the IV Congress of Soviets of Workers’ Deputies of Donetsk and Krivoy Rog basin opened in Kharkov. On February 12, the Congress proclaimed the establishment of the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Soviet Republic (DKSR). The territory of the autonomous entity was defined not by ethnicity but on industrial-economic principles: the republic included the industrialized areas of the east and south of present-day Ukraine.

Vsevolod Petrovsky, 1989-2015

Soon after the creation of the DKSR, the Donbass Red Army began fighting against German and Austrian invaders, supported by Ukraine’s bourgeois Central Rada government. In May 1918, after fierce battles against an enemy of superior strength, the Red Army was forced to leave the territory of the republic. In February 1919, the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog republic was dissolved, after its territory was liberated from interventionists and the White Guard. It became part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Speaking of the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Soviet Republic, it is wrong to focus on the national question. This republic, although it was an autonomous part of the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic, was primarily Soviet, based on the principles of proletarian internationalism. The creators of the republic fought Ukrainian nationalists along with other enemies of the Revolution. But Artem wouldn’t have thought of sticking insulting nicknames on the inhabitants of other regions of Ukraine. The Donbass revolutionaries, following Lenin, understood very well the importance of a united struggle of Russian and Ukrainian workers against the exploiters.

Suffice it to say that, shortly before the proclamation of the DKSR, Donetsk Red Guard helped their comrades in Kiev, who undertook the rebellion at the Arsenal factory. And the history of Galychina [West Ukraine region] recalls not only Nazi collaborators Bandera and Shukhevych but also the Galycian Soviet Socialist Republic, established in 1920 and crushed by Pilsudski and S. Petliura.

Artem would hardly have given long talks about the “soulless West”. Instead, he had adopted the advanced ideas of Marxism – created by natives of Germany, forced to live and work in exile in the UK. Artem was educated in Paris. He fought with police in Russia. He worked in the fields and in the ports of China, and was imprisoned in Brisbane, Australia as one of the founders of the Socialist Workers Party and proletarian trade unions of that country.

The basis of all his achievements were the ideas of global solidarity of workers, not limited to the “Russian world”. And, of course, we must not forget that as Marxists, the founders of the DKSR rightly considered the basis of all social processes not “spirituality” or “cultural codes,” but economics.

They sought to create an economic system based on the socialization of the means of production, sound planning and the fair distribution of wealth. Therefore, speakers who proclaim the need for Ukraine to join the [Russian] Customs Union should remember that, while this bourgeois association could, perhaps, bring certain benefits to residents of Ukraine, it is infinitely far from the economic model which Artem and his supporters fought for.

Today, the interests of Donbass are not rivalry between the regions of the country, but solidarity of working people all over Ukraine in the fight for the establishment of a just society and a sound economic system. ... blic-1918/
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Re: Footnotes from the Ukrainian "Crisis"; New High-Points in Cynicism Part IV

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Former SBU employee revealed information about secret prisons in Donbass and Kiev’s involvement in downing MH17
2351 ViewsMarch 26, 2019 2 Comments
Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard for The Saker Blog


Former employee of the SBU Vasily Prozorov in 2014 assisted the Russian security services

A former employee of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Vasily Prozorov held a press conference in Moscow. He reported that from April 2014 he rendered assistance to the special services of Russia.

“From April 2014 I absolutely voluntarily, for ideological reasons, assisted the special services of the Russian Federation in obtaining information about the activities of the Ukrainian law enforcement, in particular in the area of the ATO (Kiev’s military operation in the Donbass),” he stressed. According to Prozorov, he decided to do this after the events on “Maidan”.

TASS gives the main points from the story of the former employee of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Vasily Prozorov informed Russia about the whereabouts of Russian “Life News” journalists detained in May 2014 by Ukrainian military personnel. He described that back then he worked in the team of the Security Service of Ukraine in one of the villages near Slavyansk, where these journalists were detained. He immediately reported where they were, “because there were many who wanted to introduce your colleagues as military personnel and start their interrogations.”
In the area of conducting military operations in Donbass there are secret SBU prisons. One of them is located at the airport of Mariupol. The object is called “the library, and its prisoners are called books”. According to him, it was possible to end up in such a prison for anything, including on suspicion of working for the Russian Federation, DPR, and LPR.
The leaders of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics became victims of special operations, and not internal conflicts. “I am not omniscient, but concerning Motorola and Givi I am 100% sure that it was an operation of the special fifth department of the SBU and the special operations forces (SOF) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” he specified. According to him, employees of the SOF are constantly trained under the guidance of instructors from the UK and other countries. Their specialties are acts of terrorism and the deployment of a partisan movement.
Fascist and Nazi views are widespread in Ukrainian law enforcement structures. Prozorov noted that this concerns not only voluntary battalions, where this phenomenon is rampant, but also about linear units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and National Guard.
The “Azov” formation is a non-controlled paramilitary formation that is subordinated only to its leader and the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. Prozorov recalled that in May 2017 another truce was concluded between the parties to the conflict. However, on May 9th-10th the artillerists of “Azov” shelled the DPR and Mariupol. The former SBU officer noted that this is how the battalion carried out the orders of their superior, without informing the leadership of the ATO and the National Guard.
The Ukrainian side is involved in the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing over Donbass. “My personal belief, and it is being backed up by… information, is that the Ukrainian side is involved in the crash of the Boeing,” he said. According to Prozorov, two people are responsible for it – the present Deputy Head of the Administration of Poroshenko Valery Kondratyuk, and the present Head of the Main Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defence Vasily Burba. He noticed that all attempts to find out the circumstances of the catastrophe, for example, in a conversation with the officers of the General Staff, received the answer: “Do not get into this topic if you do not want trouble.”
The Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Parasyuk personally participated in shooting during the events on “Maidan” in the center of Kiev in February 2014. Parasyuk told me that helped with the supply of weapons to “Maidan”, and that there is the “blood of many dead” on his hands. According to the former employee of the SBU, Parasyuk also, being intoxicated, expressed his discontent since allegedly he did so much for “Maidan”, but was compelled to fight in the East of Ukraine.
The SBU is fully under the control of Poroshenko and prepares rigging in the presidential election. Under his control is also the state automated voting system named “Vybory”, and in every territorial election commission there will be members of the special services. They will guard the final election results and ballots and accompany them to the Central Election Commission. Prozorov said that the SBU and its Chairman Vasily Gritsak are a structure that is absolutely under Poroshenko’s control.
The Ukrainian special services created and control the Russian opposition Telegram channel “Stalingulag”, as well as a number of media outlets. Thus, Prozorov said that “InformNapalm” is a media outlet that is controlled by the Ministry of Defence and Main Intelligence Department. He also mentioned “”. “Among the new [media] there is, for example, the Telegram channel “Stalingulag”. According to Prozorov, it was organized, created, and controlled by the Security Service of Ukraine.
The SBU could be involved in punishing the opponents of “Maidan” in Odessa on May 2nd 2014, because it knew in advance about the preparation of the attack. Prozorov named “ultras” and nationalist organisations as the driving force behind this crime.
British and American intelligence officers help the SBU plan covert operations and train personnel for their execution. Ukrainian law enforcement bodies also have many representatives from foreign non-governmental organizations. Foreigners work as instructors in “volunteer battalions”.
The former employee of the SBU noted that what was said by him is a small part of what he would like to report. Prozorov recently finished writing about the events of 2014, the book should be released soon. He summed up by saying that there will be a lot of things that he didn’t manage to speak about yet. ... ning-mh17/
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Re: Footnotes from the Ukrainian "Crisis"; New High-Points in Cynicism Part IV

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That's it.

Writes Donetsk (donrf)

If they write a lot and willingly about direct war victims, if they are civilians of course, with videos, diagrams, names of direct killer commanders, then the other categories of war victims are not interesting to anyone. HYIP on diseases can not be done, just statistics, moreover unofficial, officially everything is fine on both sides of the front in the Donbas.

Here and in Maiorsk at once three corpses of pensioners, the reasons in principle are clear - cold, traffic jams and nerves. About how our checkpoints work was written more than once, about the work of the checkpoint of Ukraine and other procedures with a pension, too, even an absolutely healthy person can transfer all this difficult and in normal conditions, if they are abnormal ...
The reasons are clear in principle, and the DLNR and Ukraine are interested so that pensioners do not go back and forth, because anti-advertising for the Republics and costs for Kiev. And nothing to do with politics, these old people are really not needed by anyone except volunteers like Smirnov. Shary still helps old people with media personalities, although even to a point ...
But in general, there is health to endure humiliation and you will have two pensions, no, sit on 3-4 thousand, for there is nothing.
At the same time, the authorities have an iron excuse - “they did not send, they have their own pension”, if this is the DNR, and “they themselves went to the referendum”, if they were Kuyivs.

And the people still break through, the youth from the Republics is leaving, and the one that does not support the elderly cannot financially, but here the kopek is alive, that's the result.
More precisely, not even the result but the visible part of the iceberg, the problem with cardiovascular and oncology in the Republics is the most acute, and in the statistics of pensioners a significant proportion of it, I think, are these skates.

Of course, no one will solve the problem. Why should we ruin the business?
Yes, and reducing the number of pensioners is a positive for officials, in the poor embittered belligerent states, officials profess uncovered social Darwinism, sincerely not wanting to understand - we will all be like that.

Slow but effective clearing of the population ..

Natalya Rostov

# Novorossiya


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Re: Footnotes from the Ukrainian "Crisis"; New High-Points in Cynicism Part IV

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Lenin's birthday.

Hello, dear comrades !! On April 22, the Great Russian Revolutionary and State Figure, the Communist and Leader of the World Proletariat Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was born. The Communists of the DPR held a solemn meeting and laying flowers at the monument to Lenin in Donetsk.

It should be noted that in contrast to the current bourgeois Russia, Soviet Russia Lenin acted on the revolutionary as tough as possible with respect to the so-called bourgeois-nationalist UNR — the reactionary Petlyura predecessor of the current Bandera dill. If at the beginning of November 1917, immediately after the proclamation of the UPR, the attitude of the Bolsheviks to the Central Rada was expectant, then by the end of November the Leninist SNK ceased to live with the existence of this crazy bourgeois “freak”.
Lenin strongly condemned the decision of the UNR leadership to unite the South-Western and Romanian fronts into an independent Ukrainian front, independent of the Bolsheviks, whose troops obeyed only orders from Petliura and the Bolshevik N. Krylenko demanded that the UNR authorities abandon their independent decisions and detain all White Guard units in Ukraine who went to the Don. On the night of November 29-30, 1917, the Bolsheviks attempted to seize power in Kiev. However, unlike Petrograd, the balance of power in Kiev from the very beginning was not in favor of the Bolsheviks: in the city there were up to 7 thousand fighters of the revolutionary detachments, including up to 3 thousand red guards, while the headquarters of the Kiev Military District, which stood on the side of the ousted Provisional Government, put up to 12 thousand people. Besides, the Central Rada government had its own (“Ukrainianized”) troops, which, together with the forces of Provisional Repentance, fought against the socialist revolution. In response to the preparation of the uprising, 17 echelons of counter-revolutionary troops moved from different points to Kiev. On the evening of November 10, the cadets and the Cossacks, on orders from the headquarters, agreed with the Central Rada, surrounded the Revolutionary Committee’s premises, routed him and arrested the members. At this time, the forces of counter-revolution agreed on a joint struggle against the workers and soldiers. After that, the workers and soldiers managed to regain their strength and the center of the uprising moved to the Arsenal plant, where the new Revkom was located. On November 11, an uprising began, supported by the strike launched on November 12 to 20,000 workers. By November 13, the Bolsheviks occupied the headquarters of the Kiev Military District, whose command, with the help of the Central Rada, fled from the city on 14 November. However, during the battles of the Red Guards and workers with the troops of the Provisional Government, the Central Rada pulled off loyal military units to Kiev and occupied all government agencies, telegraph, telephone, etc. Thus, the power of the Soviets in Kiev was not established. After the failure of the plan of an armed uprising in Kiev, the Leninist government decided to act by external and internal pressure on the Central Rada. On December 4, 1917, the Central Rada received from Lenin a tough ultimatum in which she was under threat of war: to stop "disorganizing the common front" and "disarming the Soviet regiments and immediately return weapons to them", pledge to "assist the revolutionary forces in the fight against counter-revolutionary Cadet-Kaledin uprising ". For failure to comply with these requirements, Lenin threatened that "... he will consider Rada in a state of open war against the Soviet power in Ukraine and Russia." But the Central Rada did not obey Lenin. Completely peaked, a bunch of stupid svidomitov !!
And then on December 5, 1917, at a meeting of Lenin's Council of People's Commissars, the Rada declared war! On the same day, the Bolshevik Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko was appointed commander-in-chief of the troops “to fight against the Central Rada and Kaledin”, and red troops began to concentrate near the borders with the UPR. On December 7, 1917, a new ultimatum of Lenin's SNK followed, in which the Bolsheviks did not recognize the existence of the UNR itself, headed by the Central Rada. Then Comrade Lenin decided to prepare a military operation against the UPR (and in the deepest secret).
That would be the modern Russian authorities to learn from Lenin !!! He did not recognize the UNR - this bourgeois - nationalist misunderstanding, and the Russian authorities in 14 recognized the fascist government of Ukraine, which reigned after the Bandera coup and the beginning of unprecedented terror against the people.
And now the authorities of the Russian Federation also recognize the puppet of Kolomoisky, the snooping oligarch - this jester of peas, "woven" by bourgeois political technologists to fool the masses.
At that, the first All-Ukrainian Congress of Soviets was held in Kharkiv on December 24-25, 1917, proclaiming Ukraine the Soviet Republic. The congress adopted a decision to establish federal relations with Soviet Russia, elected the Central Election Commission of the Soviets of Ukraine, which on December 30, 1917 formed the first government of Soviet Ukraine. And on December 30, 1917, the Central Election Commission of the Soviets of Ukraine decided to establish Soviet power throughout Ukraine.
Left SRs Mikhail Muravyov was appointed commander of the Soviet units, advancing on the main line of the Poltava-Kiev campaign. Near Kiev, Muravyov’s army numbered about seven thousand bayonets, 26 cannons, 3 armored vehicles and 2 armored trains.
During December - February 1917 Moscow, Petrograd, Kharkov, Donetsk Red Guards occupied Lozovaya, Pavlograd and Sinelnikovo, Yekaterinoslav, Aleksandrovsk and Krivoy Rog, Poltava, Kremenchug, Sumy, etc.
The Bolsheviks successfully won the battles of the UPR troops, since the latter were formed from the peasant environment and did not want to fight, wanting bread and peace. Many Ukrainian units went over to the side of the Bolsheviks.
January 15, 1918 began an uprising of workers in Kiev. At the head was the largest plant Arsenal. In the middle of 1917, the workers of the plant were propagandized by the Bolsheviks and advocated Soviet power and communism.
At Arsenal, the central headquarters of the Bolshevik uprising was created and the Kiev Red Guard was formed. The uprising began.
There were heavy battles. Then on the evening of January 19, a detachment of Petliura, about 900 people with 8 guns, entered Kiev to suppress the uprising.
The Petlyura convoy stormed through the central factory yard and seizing the Arsenal, the Petliurists shot hundreds of Arsenalis.
And on January 22, the adventurers of the Central Rada satisfied with the defeat of the workers approved the decisions “on the right to sign a separate peace with the Germans in Brest” and “on the convocation of the Ukrainian Constituent Assembly on February 2, 1918”. And then, on the same day, the red armies of Muravyov, in the amount of 7 thousand soldiers, with 25 guns, 2 armored trains and 3 armored cars, approached the city. Comrade Muravyov issued an order to his troops— “to storm the city on the move,“ to mercilessly destroy all officers and junkers, gaydamakov, monarchists and all enemies of the revolution in Kiev ”. The heavy artillery deployed on Slobodka began systematically firing into the city center.
At noon, after several hours of artillery preparation, the Red Guards of the 2nd Army went to the storming of the Chain Bridge, sending an armored car in front of them. But the armored car was shot down, and the first attack of the Reds was suppressed ... However, unexpected assistance came from the rear of the Red ... In the Pechersk Lavra, from the days of the Kiev uprising, several dozen rebel workers were hiding. Having learned about the storming of the Chain Bridge, which was located not far from the Lavra, the rebels put a machine gun on the tall Lavra bell tower and started shooting from it at the militants of the UNR.
On January 25, Muravyov ordered his units to completely surround the city on that day and break the enemy’s defenses from January.
In the battles with the troops of Muravyov, the losses of the ukro-troops amounted to 500 people killed and wounded. Separate foci of red resistance in Kiev were still held all day. Army Muraveva successfully captured Kiev.
Muravyov reported to Lenin: “I inform you, dear Vladimir Ilyich, that order in Kiev has been restored, the revolutionary power in the person of the People’s Secretariat, which arrived from Kharkov, the Council of Workers 'and Peasants' Deputies and the Military Revolutionary Committee is working energetically. The disarmed city comes little by little to its normal state, as before the bombing ...
On January 27, 1918, Muravyov telegraphed Lenin: “The remnants of the troops of the Rada retreated to Zhytomyr, where Petlyura and Porsh recruited a squad from high-school students, but, of course, we do not attach any importance to this. I ordered the units of the 7th Army to cut the path of retreat — the remnants of the Rada are making their way to Austria ... ”
This is how Comrade Lenin“ drenched ”the bourgeois Petliura Natsik, who served both the Entente and the Germans and the oligarchs. Would learn from this current leadership of the Russian Federation!

It should be noted that the German occupation prevented the strengthening of their power to the Bolsheviks. On March 3, 1918, at the request of Lenin, the Bolsheviks concluded a separate peace in Brest-Litovsk, under which they pledged to withdraw the troops from Ukraine and recognize the Ukrainian People’s Republic as an independent state. Then, in Ukraine, various puppet governments changed - either from spring - the pro-German Hetman Skoropadsky, then from November - the pro-Antanta Directorate of Petliura. Some right-wing pseudo-patriots and liberals love to criticize comrade Lenin for concluding the “obscene” (by the way, Lenin expression) Brest Peace, almost committed some kind of national treachery towards Russia and almost acted in the interests of the Germans from the feeling of soil and blood "because of its origin (his mother was half German). But, Brest - Litovsk was a forced retreat and in some way even similar to the current Minsk Treaty on Donbass (although Lenin acted 100 times smarter and more far-sighted than the current bourgeois leadership of the Russian Federation). As the military operations of the summer of 1917 showed, the Russian army was disorganized, decomposed and could not even defend itself. The policies of the Provisional Government and Westernizers of the February list led to the destruction of Russian statehood. The Troubles began, caused by the fundamental contradictions that have accumulated over the centuries in Russia of the Romanovs. decomposed and could not even defend. The policies of the Provisional Government and Westernizers of the February list led to the destruction of Russian statehood. The Troubles began, caused by the fundamental contradictions that have accumulated over the centuries in Russia of the Romanovs. decomposed and could not even defend. The policies of the Provisional Government and Westernizers of the February list led to the destruction of Russian statehood. The Troubles began, caused by the fundamental contradictions that have accumulated over the centuries in Russia of the Romanovs.
Russia then could not fight against the rather powerful German army at that time.
Old monarchist Russia died. Along with it, the “new Russia”, a pro-Western democratic-bourgeois type, also died. A socialist, Soviet Russia — statehood, army, economy, etc. — was still to be created. Under these conditions, other powers were preparing to divide the "skin" of the Russian bear. Our enemies - Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey, were preparing to occupy the western regions of Russia. Our western "partners" —England, France, and the USA, divided the Russian land into spheres of influence and also prepared for the seizure of strategic ports, cities, and points. The masters of the West needed the resources of Russia for building their “new world order”. In the same way they act and now !!
Under these conditions, under the pressure of Lenin, the Soviet government was forced to conclude a truce in November 2017 and begin peace talks, while delaying negotiations. The Bolsheviks hoped that while negotiations were underway, in Germany (where there were a lot of economic and social problems and the army also did not want to fight) a revolution would occur and the Central Powers would lose the war.
But the Germans were not going to pull the peace agreement. The Ukrainian factor also helped them - the Ukrainian nationalists concluded a separate, separate agreement with Germany, which allowed, on “legal” grounds, to launch an invasion of Ukraine, where Soviet troops were able to occupy Kiev and most of Little Russia, freeing it from ukronatsistov. Strengthening their position, the Austro-Germans in the ultimatum form demanded that the Soviet delegation accept its terms of the peace treaty. In general, the so-called Left Communists resisted the conclusion of a truce: Kamenev, Zinoviev, Radek, etc., and also Trotsky, etc. They advocated the continuation of the revolutionary war, as it was during the French Revolution and did not want to make concessions to Germany. However, Lenin insisted on the conclusion of a peace treaty. February 10 V.I. Lenin pointed out to the delegation at the peace talks in Brest-Litovsk that it was necessary to make peace. But headed by this delegation, LD. Trotsky, violated these instructions, rejected the German conditions, putting forward the slogan "Neither peace nor war: we do not sign peace, we stop the war, and we demobilize the army." On February 18, 1918, German troops launched an offensive on the entire front. And on February 23, 1918, a historic meeting of the Central Committee of the RSDLP (B) was held, at which Lenin demanded the conclusion of peace on German terms. The conditions of the Germans tightened. They demanded that Soviet Russia not to claim the Baltic States and part of modern Belarus; withdraw troops from Finland and Ukraine, recognize the Ukrainian People’s Republic as an independent state; to accept the trade regime with the German Empire from 1904; demobilize the army and disarm the fleet; stop the revolutionary propaganda in the Central Powers and their allied states.
As we see, the conditions are really “obscene”, but there’s no question about the transfer of Germany to Ukraine, Belarus, etc. Russia simply pledged to withdraw troops from there, but not to give these lands to the Germans. True, Lenin’s Russia did not even think to comply with many of the conditions of this world. So the Central Committee unanimously decided to "prepare an immediate revolutionary war." Soviet Russia began to take extraordinary measures to recreate the army, first on a voluntary basis, and then on traditional military service. Began a massive record of volunteers in the Red Army detachments.
On February 23 at the meeting of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee under pressure from Lenin, the majority of members 75 to 25 voted for signing peace.
The Soviet delegation returned to Brest-Litovsk on March 1. March 3, the contract was signed. Pravda wrote that Soviet Russia, having approved the treaty, "should immediately set itself the task of arming, general military training, the task of creating a popular Soviet army." So during the “Brest Peace” Soviet Russia was actively arming and training!
As we can see, Lenin understood perfectly well that Germany would lose the war and revolutionary events would occur there - that is why he went to the conclusion of an unfavorable peace.
Lenin repeatedly said that the Brest peace would not last even several months, and that the revolution in Germany was inevitable. And on November 9, the revolution in Germany won, and on November 13 the Treaty of Brest was annulled.
Like this !
And in the Donbass for 5 years the situation is neither peace nor war. Moreover, one nationalist government is replaced by another, equally reactionary. Right now, Pan-Buffer Zelensky won the election. But this does not change anything - only the form of rhetoric has changed! And the content is the same - the continuation of the ATO, the return of the Crimea and Donbas, integration into NATO. Zelensky recently stated in one of his interviews that Bandera is good and he allegedly fought for the independence of Ukraine. Decommunization, according to Zelensky, is also good, and the people allegedly chose it. Although this is a blatant lie, for the Communist Party of Ukraine has always been one of the largest parties in Ukraine and always occupied 2-3-4 seats in elections. Therefore, decommunization is a vile political violence against the people by the Bandera regime.
When on November 13, 1918, the Bolsheviks broke the Brest Peace, after which Germany capitulated to the Western allies, Lenin's authority was elevated to unprecedented heights in the Bolshevik movement.
And in January 1919, the restoration of Soviet power in Ukraine began. On January 3, the Red Army liberated Kharkov, on February 5, Kiev, and on March 10, 1919, the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was established.
By May, Soviet troops controlled almost the entire territory of Little Russia within the former Russian Empire.
This is how Comrade Lenin acted in Ukraine, unlike the current bourgeois Russian bureaucrats !!

Benes Ayo, activist of the “Other Russia” and the DPR Communist Party.

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Re: Footnotes from the Ukrainian "Crisis"; New High-Points in Cynicism Part IV

Post by blindpig » Sun May 05, 2019 11:36 am

Beness aijo
2 May at 10:30 am
Defend the DNI from bourgeois extremists and enemies of the people !!!
Dear comrades, yesterday at the end of World Solidarity Day of Workers, the Leader of the DPR Communist Party Boris Litvinov, as well as a number of communists and supporters of the Russian World, were attacked by fascist thugs.
According to the information of the Internet site “Hot Spot”, as well as the words of my fellow Communists and Komsomol members, juvenile scum are members of the People’s squad of the DPR, which was recently created by the efforts of the Donetsk Republic public movement that is ruling the republic. Yesterday, the scumbags openly accompanied the column of communists, and at the head of them went Roman Troshin - the Fuhrer of the so-called “People’s squad”.
  The creation of this kind of “anti-people squads” in the DPR was announced on March 1 at the direction of A. Muratov, the head of the central executive committee of the governing public movement Donetsk Republic.
A fig in our country needs some kind of private militant group, if martial law is in force in the DPR, the curfew and the streets of the cities are regularly patrolled by the police!?
  Why do some reactionary social forces pursue a policy of terror against the Communists? Why do they press those who stood at the origins of our people's liberation revolution, collected signatures for the DPR in the early spring of 2014, organized 100,000 demonstrations under red banners demanding that Donbass and our reunification with Russia be independent ?! Why do they beat, blow up and burn those who served in the years 14-16 or continue to serve in our army now ?!
But the fact is that certain liberal political forces in the DPR have dishonestly seized power and property in our state, taking over the enterprises taken from the Ukrainian oligarchs and Bandera. These criminals do not want our integration with Russia, do not want the end of the war or the improvement of the standard of living of our working people. The main thing for these politicians is the merciless exploitation of the working class and the criminal accumulation of untold wealth in their pockets.
Our people see it all and understand everything perfectly. Therefore, he supports the Communists and despises the criminal actions of oligarchs and corrupt bureaucrats. But if the Communists come to power, then all large-scale ownership of the means of production will simply be nationalized in the interests of the people - by the way, this attitude will be contained in the declaration on the sovereignty of the DPR of April 7, 2014. That is why the reactionary political forces in the DPR in every way impede the participation of the communists in the elections - they committed a terrorist act in the city committee of the DPR Communist Party in September 2018, and then burned down in early 2019 the house of KDPNR Leader Boris Litvinov.
Therefore, I once again want to ask for help from the leadership of Russia with a request to protect the population of the LDNR from the enemies of the people and political terrorists.
YouTube 4:35
Vile bourgeois provocation of the enemies of the people in Donetsk.
May 2, 2019 at 10:24 am
Vile bourgeois provocation of the enemies of the people in Donetsk.

Hello dear comrades! As we have already told you, yesterday at the end of the festive demonstration in Donetsk in honor of the International Solidarity Day of Workers, another vile crime occurred. The crime behind which are the enemies of the people, vile oligarchs and agents of world imperialism.
A gang of fascist thugs broke through to a group of communists, left-wing activists and supporters of the Russian world who participated in our event and started pushing them, as well as beating up old communist men. Bandera scumbags tried to keep the Communist leader Litvinov on the podium, surrounding this elderly man, a member of the people's council past, author of the historic Declaration of Independence of the DPR, one of the active participants in the events of the fourteenth year, and tried to keep him until the rally ended. But our comrades broke up the villains.
Many of our activists have seen these felons and are ready to testify to Russian law enforcement agencies and the OSCE. The fascist thugs decided to thwart our holiday - probably they planned to organize a mass slaughter with a sea of ​​blood, wounded and killed, and this, given the huge gathering of people in the square - tens of thousands of people - could well have happened. Looks like the bourgeoisie is so afraid of our cohesive and battle-hardened workers who managed to organize a powerful political event on the Day of World Solidarity of the Working People that they are ready to make any vilest and most primitive provocation to intimidate the people of the DPR and LPR.
At first, I thought that perhaps juvenile villains are agents of Petro Poroshenko and Zelensky, who organize various sabotage in the DPR to destabilize the situation and were infuriated by Vladimir Putin’s decree about issuing Russian passports to us. So they decided to take revenge and organize a secondly monstrous provocation in Donetsk, as it was in Odessa - May 2, 2014.
By the way, we remember that in 2016, teenagers were arrested in the DPR who committed sabotage on the territory of the republic. Then the SBU lieutenant colonel Igor Ritsko, nicknamed “Almaz,” intimidated the teenagers, forcing them to commit car bombings of civilians, a military communications vehicle, a light armored multipurpose transporter, a company car of the Yasinovatsky city department of the Interior Ministry and other civilian and military facilities. The plans of the SBU also included undermining the car with someone from the leadership of the DPR. For all this, teens received good money.
However, today I got acquainted with the statement of comrades Alexander Khodakovsky, Pavel Gubarev, Manekin and others respected by me about the use of young people by certain reactionary political forces in the Donbas to oppose political opponents. According to them, some bourgeois scum recruits young people to solve political problems.
I fully support the statement of Manekin, A. Khodakovsky, and P. Gubarev and urge Boris Litvinov to go to court in connection with the unlawful actions of thugs.
In addition, I appeal to President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the State Duma of Russia, the Russian Government and the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov to protect personally the leader of the DPR Communist Party Boris Litvinov, as well as Donetsk communists and activists of the Russian World from provocative actions and sabotage of the enemies of the people.

Benes Ayo, Communist Party activist of the DPR and Other Russia

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Re: Footnotes from the Ukrainian "Crisis"; New High-Points in Cynicism Part IV

Post by blindpig » Thu May 23, 2019 10:53 pm

Benes Ayo. Other Russia. Communist.
May 13, 2019 at 8:09 am
Anti-fascist event of the Communists at Saur-Grave.


Hello, dear comrades! Once again, I congratulate you on two recent great holidays - Victory Day and the Day of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. In connection with the mass celebratory demonstrations and solemn events that took place in our country, many foreign guests came to LDNR.
And on May 10, just between the festive dates, the left forces of the DPR, led by the DPR Communist Party, as well as the Communists from Spain, Russia, Turkey and Germany, visited the memorial complex of Saur Mogila. We laid flowers at the graves of our legendary liberators, fallen soldiers of the Great Patriotic War and the DPR militia and planted flowers at the foot of the monument.
The Bandera punishers fairly pogged down Saur-Grave 5 years ago - on the monuments erected to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, who liberated our mining region from the Nazis, a lot of damage from Ukrainian shells, many sculptures were destroyed and bent.
Comrade Litvinov, the leader of the communists of Donbass, conducted a short tour of the memorial complex, telling our foreign comrades about the symbolism of two of our very important battles with fascism on Saur-Grave - with German fascists in 1943 and with Ukrainian fascists in 2014. As Hegel and Marx wrote, history has a spiral development and evil, unfortunately, often repeats itself. As the German communist noted, this evil — war, destruction, massacres and a humanitarian catastrophe — has a single cause. This is capitalism and imperialism - the sources of aggression, ethnic conflicts and international terrorism.
At the end of our event, Comrade Litvinov read out the Resolution of the International Anti-Fascist Forum: In February 2014, a coup d'état took place in Ukraine. Nationalist forces came to power, for whom fascism became their state ideology. Residents of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine did not recognize the new government and their ideology. On April 7, 2014, a congress of representatives of political parties and public organizations of the Donetsk region proclaimed the Act on the establishment of the Donetsk People's Republic and adopted the Declaration of Sovereignty. On April 14, 2014, the illegitimate Kiev regime launched a full-scale war against the people of Donbass, who chose the path of self-determination.
With the exacerbation of the general crisis of capitalism in the world, the bourgeoisie applies the most stringent measures in the struggle against the working people, including the use of fascist methods. Denying the masses even the minimum legal guarantees of protest against capitalist exploitation, the right of workers to fight for their economic and political interests, the bourgeoisie proceeds to openly suppress the protest movement by armed force. It is necessary to resist all attempts to rehabilitate fascism, to prevent its political and ideological revenge in the modern world! Only together we, the working people of the whole world, will be able to counter the fascist threat.

Saur-Mogila is a mound in the Shakhtyorsky district of the DPR, one of the heights of the Donetsk ridge (277.9 m). A kind of cornerstone of the Donbass, which witnesses many heroic events and keeps the memory of the courage and bravery of the defenders of their native land. All the lonely hills are called "graves" in these parts. According to archaeologists, an artificial earthen mound was made at the very top of the hill in ancient times. There the warrior Sarmatians worshiped their God of war - the Sacred Sword. From one of the spellings of the name of this tribe, the “Savromats,” some produce the name of this monument of nature and history. After all, the first part of the ethnonym "Savre" could easily be transformed into "Saur".
In turn, Anatoly Brodyany believes that the first part of the name Saur-Mogila is a simplified phonetic transmission in the speech of the Slavs of the Turkic term “sauer” - a steppe elevation with a smooth rounded apex. The original meaning of this word is horse groats. This explanation of the toponym is fully confirmed geographically: the top is really smooth and resembles horse groats from afar.
According to another version, Saur is a mythical heroic person who has always defended the interests of the people. In ancient times, South Russia was subjected to devastating raids of the Crimean Tatars in order to capture prey and prisoners, which was accompanied by unprecedented cruelty. And according to legends, a Cossack outpost once stood on this kurgan, and then the guard posts were chained all the way to Zaporizhian Sich. When the cavalry of the Tatar Khan galloped along the bed, clouds of dust rose, which allowed the guard posts to promptly detect the approach of the enemy. The Cossacks lit tar in the towers, the neighbors saw the smoke rising — they did the same. And so the signal of danger reached the Zaporizhian Sich, from where the army came forward to meet the enemy. Saur was one of the bravest and strong Cossacks whom comrades greatly respected.
Once the whole sky was covered with black clouds and thunder began, because of which the Cossacks later noticed a column of dust caused by the approaching cavalry of the Tatars. Saur and his comrades entered into an unequal battle, for a long time not allowing the Tatars to the tower. In the end, the Tatars behind them threw a lasso on him, dragged him from their horse and whipped them with sabers. Then the ground boomed, starting to rise in the battlefield. Thus, another height began to grow at the height. The rain poured down, the storm arose and the lightning blinded the Tatars, who eventually became frightened and began to flee. And in the morning, the Cossacks who had arrived to help found the chopped up body of Saur, burying him at that height and, as is their custom, a large barrow was poured on his grave with hats. Here it is called Saur-Grave.
Other legends relate the origin of the term Saur-Tomb from 1783, when Queen Catherine II issued a decree enslaving the peasants of Little Russia, which was accompanied by popular protests and uprisings. In one of the villages on the river Mius, a pan appeared with the royal guards, who mocked the peasants and did not recognize his serfs as people.
One day, pan cruelly abused the beautiful bride of a young peasant Saur. In response, Saur killed the man and burned all his estates, and the peasants began to attack the landowner carts and gave everything that they had seized to the poor. Good fame of the public defender quickly spread throughout Primius. Saur was elusive for the royal guardsmen and died in old age, and the people buried him on the steppe plain. Each person brought a cap of earth to his grave, which resulted in a huge mound. In 1936, the government of Soviet Ukraine declared Saur-Grave a monument of antiquity and the heroic Ukrainian epic and took protection of the law.

New heroic events took place here during the Great Patriotic War. The height became the main stronghold of the deeply echeloned defense of the Nazis on the Mius Front. As is known, from 1941 to 1943, the Donbass was occupied by German troops. For two years, in the vicinity of Saur-Grave, the construction of defensive structures of the first line of the Mius-front was carried out. At the top was an observation post of the 6th Army of the Wehrmacht (Hollidt group).
After Stalingrad and the Soviet counteroffensive that began on November 19, 1942, which led to the encirclement of the 330,000 enemy grouping between the Volga and Don rivers, the whole course of the Second World War began to change. On February 5, 1943, the troops of the Southern Front joined the Donbass operation. For 12 days they passed with heavy fights from the lower reaches of the Don and the Seversky Donets to Mius. Mius-front was supposed to be, according to the Nazis, the front of revenge for the defeat at Stalingrad.

On July 17, Soviet troops, with a surprise attack by three Guards Mechanized Corps, supported by the 31st Guards Rifle Corps, broke through the front to a depth of 10 km and occupied a bridgehead on the west bank of the Mius River near the villages of Stepanovka and Marinovka. Saur-Mogila was also a part of the occupied bridgehead. German counterattacks began on July 29th. The stubborn fighting continued on July 30 and 31. Parts of the SS suffered heavy losses, but continued to attack. After and under the cover of a smoke screen, SS grenadiers rushed to a height. A long-standing hand-to-hand fight ensued, as a result of which, by 4 pm, the Soviet infantry was driven out of the top. However, after a few minutes, a Soviet counterattack began with several rifle regiments. But then the height could not be taken.
Persistent battles with the participation of large tank and motorized forces on both sides were also conducted in other parts of the bridgehead. As a result, by August 1, the enemy managed to eliminate the breakthrough and again reach the line of the Mius River in the area of ​​Kuybyshevo-Dmitrovka villages. For a few weeks there was a lull on the Mius Front.
On August 13, 1943, the commander of the Southern Front, General F. I. Tolbukhin, held a meeting of the commanders of the formations and it was decided to break through Mius-Front once again. On August 18, an order was announced. At 6 o'clock in the morning, artillery preparation began with the use of a Katyusha, then aviation, infantry, and tanks turned on. By the end of the day, the soldiers of the 5th Shock Army broke through the enemy defenses 16 kilometers wide and approached Saur-Tomb. So, the main strip of fortifications on this site was broken.
The 295th Infantry Regiment under the command of the hero of the Soviet Union Voloshin advanced on the western slopes of the mound, the 293rd Regiment under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Sviridov on the southeast, the 291st Infantry Regiment on the southern. On the night of August 27, the troops of the 5th Shock Army fought for the capture of individual settlements in the area. The 31st Guards Corps occupied Marinovka, which was completely burned by the Nazis, approached Stepanovka, turned into an important strong point. When on August 29, Saurovka and Svistuna were released, the storming of fortifications began at the legendary height. After the artillery attack, Soviet troops almost captured the summit, but a German counterattack in the direction of the farm Saurmogilsky with the participation of flame-throwing tanks and self-propelled guns pushed the attackers. On the night of August 30, a reconnaissance group headed by G.P. Shevchenko broke through the battle formations of the enemy and fully captured Saur-Mogila. After Shevchenko was killed, Veremeyev took over the leadership of the group. During the day, a group of 17 people held the position, waiting for reinforcements and repelling one attack of the Germans after another. By noon our infantry and tanks had reached a height. During the establishment of the Red Banner on Saur-Grave, the deputy division commander A.A. Soshalsky was killed. August 31, under the threat of encirclement, the enemy left the height. The fighters of the 5th Shock Army who participated in the storming of Saur-Tomb after taking Berlin wrote on the Reichstag wall: Stalingrad-Saur-Tomb-Warsaw-Berlin Samsin, Pavlukh, Stegny. waiting for reinforcements and repelling one attack of the Germans after another. By noon our infantry and tanks had reached a height. During the establishment of the Red Banner on Saur-Grave, the deputy division commander A.A. Soshalsky was killed. August 31, under the threat of encirclement, the enemy left the height. The fighters of the 5th Shock Army who participated in the storming of Saur-Tomb after taking Berlin wrote on the Reichstag wall: Stalingrad-Saur-Tomb-Warsaw-Berlin Samsin, Pavlukh, Stegny. waiting for reinforcements and repelling one attack of the Germans after another. By noon our infantry and tanks had reached a height. During the establishment of the Red Banner on Saur-Grave, the deputy division commander A.A. Soshalsky was killed. August 31, under the threat of encirclement, the enemy left the height. The fighters of the 5th Shock Army who participated in the storming of Saur-Tomb after taking Berlin wrote on the Reichstag wall: Stalingrad-Saur-Tomb-Warsaw-Berlin Samsin, Pavlukh, Stegny.

After 71 years, the battles on Saur-Grave were resumed ... Now, the DPR militia opposed not only German, but Ukrainian fascists.
In 2014, the height value increased even more. Now Saur-Tomb was less than ten kilometers from the Russian-Ukrainian border. It controlled the entire corridor to the south along Russian territory. In addition, the height covered the defense line LDNR, passing through the cities east of Donetsk from the south. For Saur-Grave was the city of Snow. To the west of the Snow Mound hung over the road leading to Torez. Thus, the success of holding or, conversely, a front breakthrough in the south of the DPR depended heavily on height retention. It was precisely the attempts of the Ukrainian troops to break through the southern frontiers of the DPR that turned into the most brutal and bloody battles of the entire war. In mid-June, Ukrainian troops took Mariupol with a quick assault, and a weak militia squad in the city was dispersed. After that, Saur-Tomb was at the forefront and the Ukrainian troops were able to develop an offensive along the Russian border. Control over Saur-Mogila was necessary in order that the brigades of the “three forces” approaching the border crossings might not be afraid for their rear and supplies.
Meanwhile, after the Ukrainian troops headed towards their sad fate, and some of the forces launched an attack on the mound, it turned out to be an unpleasant fact: Saur Tomb was strengthened and it was unreal to take it with bare hands. Serious battles for it began on July 1. It is noteworthy that on the third day of these battles, Nazi Parubiy fussily declared that the “stronghold of the terrorists” had been destroyed. Meanwhile, on the sixth of July, the defenders of Saur-Grave inflicted a crushing defeat on the Azov battalion. He lost up to 70-80% of the personnel and was assigned to the rear for re-formation. In mid-July, Saur-Mogila began to play a crucial role in the entourage of the 5,000-strong grouping of the Ukrainian army. From the summit, there was the only route from which the 72nd and 79th airmobile, as well as the 24th Mechanized Brigade of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, reinforcements could arrive. Then, in the vicinity of Saur-Grave, the territorial battalion "Shakhtersk" and part of the newly formed battalion "Azov" were also surrounded. Ukrainian planes were sent to help surrounded, but on the twenty-third of July, two of them were shot down in the vicinity of Saur-Mohyla from MANPADS (Su-25 attack aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force). However, the fall of the aircraft did not reduce the intensity of the struggle at Saur-Grave.
In late July, a platoon of the Vostok battalion was sent to protect the height from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Its total number was only 32 people. The platoon commander, Oleg Grigorievich Grishin, was a native of Donetsk, an Afghan warrior, a holder of the Order of the Red Banner and the Red Star, awarded the medal “For Distinction in Protecting the State Border of the USSR”; Oleg Grigorievich so skillfully managed to organize the defense that a handful of fighters ready for self-sacrifice lasted 13 days and destroyed a large number of manpower and equipment of the enemy. During the confrontation, only five of them survived, the rest were killed. Grishin was awarded the title Hero of the DPR (posthumously). The platoon "Vostok" also helped scouts, warriors of the "Oplot", and the militia of the city of Snow.

The next peak of the fighting was at the beginning of August. On August 6, a powerful artillery strike was launched on the militia positions. As a result, on August 7, the Ukrainian military managed to temporarily repel the height of the militia.
Violent battles continued throughout the month. The columns came from the Amvrosiyivka side, conducted artillery preparation, occupied the adjacent villages. Then they moved to the attack. The militia several times summoned the fire of their own artillery. The militia began to gradually take over. By the end of August it was already clear to everyone that the Ukrainian group held in a cauldron was doomed. The Ukrainian military were completely cut off from the outside world: they could neither deliver reinforcements, nor replenish their ammunition. However, commands to “hold on” continued to come from the General Staff and the Armed Forces of Ukraine turned out to be abandoned to the mercy of fate. At the end of August, the barrow Saur-Mogila completely passed on to the militiamen. On the final return of control over her headquarters DNI reported on the twenty-sixth of August,
It should be noted that, against the background of the current war, the battles at Saur-Grave were of a turning point. The losses of Ukrainians after those events were huge. For example, out of 1,200 personnel of the 79th airmobile brigade, only 369 paratroopers managed to escape from the boiler. And this data is only for one unit. More than four thousand Ukrainian soldiers fled.
This was followed by the Ilovaisky "pot", the release of Novoazovsk and the exit of the militia to Mariupol, from which many representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces also fled. Then the militia turned into a decisive offensive, which was unfortunately halted by Minsk - 1 of September 5, 2014.
As we can see, history repeats itself. And for the final Victory, it is not enough for us only to get rid of 45% of the territories of Donbass controlled by us. As our gallant grandfathers and great-grandfathers after the expulsion of the fascist plague reached Berlin in 1945, we must, after the liberation of all the lands occupied by the Bandera junta of Novorossia and the final defeat of the fascist're coming out of Kiev.

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Re: Footnotes from the Ukrainian "Crisis"; New High-Points in Cynicism Part IV

Post by blindpig » Thu Jun 06, 2019 6:22 pm


American snipers and Volodymyr Zelensky
The course for war continues after the election of a new president in Ukraine.

Ukrainian presidents are often judged by their first visits. Where will he go: to America or to Russia? Will he be pro-American or pro-Russian? Of course, the direction of the first visit cannot fully characterize the future policy of the president. But something about the choice of the visit still says.

The first visit of Volodymyr Zelensky was in the zone of the so-called Operation of the Joint Forces. Not in the United States and not in Russia, but in the Donbass, on the contact line of the Ukrainian punitive units and the militia of the Lugansk People’s Republic. And, characteristically, Zelensky visited only military units and saw the everyday problems of the Ukrainian fighters. However, he absolutely ignored the needs of the civilian population. In particular, having visited the village of Stanitsa Luganskaya, Volodymyr did not even think to visit the only checkpoint on the territory of Lugansk region between the territories controlled by the LPR and Ukraine.

And this is very significant. After all, Ukraine over the years has ignored the demands of civilians to open at least one more point, for example, in the village of Schastye. Unlike the territory of the DPR in the Lugansk region, there is simply no possibility to cross the contact line by car. People suffer in lines and from time to time they die right on the contact line, because the majority of those who cross it are elderly people.

From Zelensky, people were waiting for the main thing – stop the war. The “Ze'” Team tried to avoid any specific words, confessions and promises. But one of its leader said clearly: “Peace – immediately.” Zelensky said this in his inaugural speech.


However, exactly the opposite is happening. After the new Ukrainian president took office and after his visit to the contact line, shelling from the Ukrainian Armed Forces only intensified. The number of victims among civilians increased. And this, unfortunately, confirms our forecasts.

They gave Volodymyr Zelensky a victory because his presidency does not threaten the plans of the war architects in the Donbas. A number of NATO countries, primarily the United States, Great Britain and Canada, have already invested so much money, time and effort in turning Ukraine into a military-terrorist state, that they will not sacrificed their foothold for some electoral promises of the President of Ukraine.

The same Great Britain within the framework of the training mission ORBITAL has trained more than 11 000 servicemen in Ukraine. And the scope of the mission is not reduced. The Canadian military mission UNIFIER is carefully renewed every year by the decisions of the government of this country, and the number of Canadian military personnel involved in the program is only growing. The United States is actively working in the Black Sea and Azov regions of Ukraine, using the construction units of the US Naval Forces to build its new military base in Ochakov under the guise of the Ukrainian Naval Operations Center.

American officers are almost always in Odessa and Nikolaev, instructing and training Ukrainian special forces. The military attaches of the US embassy in Ukraine and the CIA specialists arrange regular inspections of military units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, checking the completeness of equipment and armaments that they “gave” to Ukrainian security forces.

In Ukraine, there are always several groups of British officers of the 77th brigade specialized in electronic and psychological warfare. These officers “supervise” the activities of the Center for Information-Psychological Special Operations of the Special Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which “work” not only, and not so much, in the Donbass people’s republics as on the deployment of the information-psychological struggle against Russia itself.

On May 6, a multipurpose reconnaissance ship of the British Navy, named Echo, arrived at the port of Odessa and moored to berth No. 18. This is a modern reconnaissance ship of the British fleet. “Echo” was the first ship of NATO, which arrived in Ukraine after the provocation in the Kerch Strait. The ship Echo was put into service in March 2003. It has a length of 91 meters, width – 17 and draft – 5.5 meters. Displacement – about 4000 tons. Speed – 15 knots. The crew – 72 people, the commander of the ship is the second rank Captain Matthew Warren.


On May 13, 2019, the US multinational inspection team arrived in Odessa. As part of ensuring the implementation of the US-Ukraine agreements, inspectors visited military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the city of Nikolaev, in the settlements of Dachnoe and Sarata, Odessa region. We were even given a list of the delegation from Odessa with the names of its members. These are Andrew Horsfall, Jason Lorish, William Falllows, Nicholas Clandac, George Makarenko, Ricardo Maldounado, John Figueroa (senior group), Carlos de Jesús (observer from Portugal).

On May 14, 2019, five Lithuanian military personnel who had travel certificates of the NATO TRAVEL ORDER arrived on the territory of Ukraine through the border control station “Yagodin – Auto” of the Lutsk border detachment.

These are just a few facts of NATO military activity in a few days. As we see, the direct military intervention of Western states in the Ukrainian conflict does not stop. Washington’s assurances about the “failure to provide lethal weapons” or “prohibiting the use of weapons supplied by the United States in the Donbass” have already ceased to sound. Western countries directly allocate cash assistance to the Ukrainian authorities, but with the condition that the same weapons produced in the West will be purchased with this money. A number of countries have already been seen in the supply of arms to Ukraine only for the current year – these are the USA, Canada, Israel, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

A few days ago, the Ukrainian parliament adopted in the first reading a law on military ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Some observers laughed, seeing behind this only the elimination of the Soviet category of “ensigns.” However, the meaning of the law is different. There is a unification of the tactical units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the relevant units of the NATO countries. Roughly speaking, NATO officers will not have to readjust in order to manage the Ukrainian privates and sergeants.

For the same purpose, the division-platoon units are unified under NATO standards. For example, since May 14 of the current year, on the basis of the 199th Training Center of the Landing Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (military unit A2900, location of the city of Zhytomyr), screening tests are carried out for servicemen selected to follow the Marxman course and the course of basic training of sniper .

A marxman is a fighter-shooter operating as part of an infantry unit, designed to support his unit in accurate shooting conditions of dynamic combat. Like a “under sniper”. He fires at short and medium distances (up to 700–800 meters) and is often armed not with a sniper rifle, but with standard armament for an infantryman, only better shot and reinforced with sighting devices.

As you can see, the preparation of the Ukrainian troops for the war as an advanced cannon fodder, but under the control of Western officers and generals, is in full swing. And at all levels – reconnaissance events are held, information and psychological support is enhanced, tactical units are rebuilt, and sabotage groups are being prepared.

All this testifies that the course of the Ukrainian authorities to military escalation, the level of anti-Russian hysteria forcing in society in the foreseeable future will not decrease. Western countries invest too much effort and money in training their new fighting dog, the Ukrainian state …

Alexey Selyanov

Translation by Donbass Insider ... -zelensky/

Well, I dunno, warnings of imminent war come out of Donbass every six months & come to naught. This is 'game', I think.
'marxman' ))
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Re: Footnotes from the Ukrainian "Crisis"; New High-Points in Cynicism Part IV

Post by blindpig » Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:26 am

5th Congress of the DPR Communist Party

Hello, dear comrades!
Today, in the House of Culture of Kuibyshev, the 5th regular congress of the DPR Communist Party took place.
About 200 people attended - delegates and guests. The composition of the presidium - 1) Gumelyuk Igor Gennadievis - 1 secretary of the Central Committee of the public organization "Union of Communists of Luhansk region". 2) Litvinov Boris Alekseevich - member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the People's Republic of Russia, 1 secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the DPR. 3) Popkov Vadim Nikolayevich - 1 secretary of the Komsomol of the DPR. 4) Rodin Vladimir Romanovich - member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, assistant to the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation G. Zyuganov, Deputy of the State Duma of the 4th convocation. 5) Ruban Georgy Stepanovich - member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the People's Democratic Republic of Russia, 1 secretary of the Donetsk city committee of the Communist Party of the National People's Republic, history teacher. 6) Khmeleva Anatoly Petrovich - a member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the CPPRNR, 2 secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the DPR. 7) Yakubovskaya Lyudmila Alekseevna - 1 secretary of the Amvrosiyevsky District Committee of the CPPNR
The Mandate Commission was represented by 5 people. 1) Boev Viktor Petrovich - 2 secretary of the Makeyevka City Committee of the CPPRNR 2) Zhuravlev Nikolai Evgenievich - Member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the CPPRNR, Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPDNR 3) Poklad Oleg Alexandrovich - member of the Central Committee of the CPDNR, 2 secretary of the Khartsyzk City Committee of the CPPRNR. 4) Pyzhov Ivan Ivanovich - member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of Russia, 2 secretary of the Gorlovka City Committee of the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of the Congregation 5) Retinskaya Nadezhda Aleksandrovna - 2nd secretary of the Donetsk City Committee of the Party’s political party, member of the Central Committee of the Youth Party of Youth of the DPR.
The composition of the Secretariat - 3 people. 1) Guts Irina Vyacheslavovna - member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the People's Republic of Vietnam, secretary of the Torezsky CC KPDNR, teacher of a vocational school 2) Svichkar Lyudmila Leonidovna - member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the People's Democratic Party of the Republic of Kazakhstan People's Party of the Russian Federation. District Committee KPNNR
In general, the congress was devoted to the activities of our party and described its work for 5 years. The overwhelming majority of delegates rated the work of the party and the active of the Central Committee as positive. Various city and district organizations have been created, which new members constantly join. The Communist Party of the DPR stands for the complete liberation of the Donbass from the Bandera occupation and the closest integration of the LDNR with Russia. We also apply maximum information and political efforts to eliminate the fascist regime in Ukraine and provide humanitarian assistance to the military personnel of the DPR army, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, etc. The party has established excellent partnerships with many Communist Parties and left-wing movements of the world - the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the German Communist Party, the Italian Communist Party, the New Communist Party of Great Britain, the Turkish Communist Party, the Spanish Communist Party
The KP DNR requires holding free and fair elections in the Donbas, in which all political movements in the country should be able to participate: the Communists, Purgin, Khodakovsky, etc. We strongly condemn the bourgeois extremists and enemies of the people, who organized the terrorist attack in the building of the DPR Party Committee on September 30, 2018 and retroactively canceled our party’s registration to prevent the Communists from participating in the elections to the People’s Council. The investigation is currently underway.
The party holds various rallies, pickets and commemorative events on November 7, February 23, April 7, April 22, May 1, May 9, May 11, etc.
The congress was opened by Boris Litvinov, the leader of the Communists of the Donbass. In his speech, he stated that our goal is to conquer power by the working people, to build in the Republic of socialism, to restore the Union of fraternal peoples united in a single socialist state (USSR). The reporting period, which begins with the Second Party Congress, was full of significant and important events, both in the world, in the world communist movement, and in our republics. A bright event for the Communists of the whole world was the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. A whole range of scientific, practical, commemorative and anniversary events has passed. In different countries, including the Donetsk People's Republic, millions of people with gratitude to the Great Lenin and his comrade-in-arms remembered and honored the results of the Socialist Revolution in Russia. A significant historical date - 100 years of the formation of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army - marked the uplifting of the spirit of thousands of defenders of the Donetsk People's Republic. The Central Committee of the Party asked dozens of unit commanders to hand them red banners with a hammer and sickle, commemorative awards to distinguished soldiers. This indicates that the feeling of historical ownership and continuity of the struggle against fascism, for the socially just, that is, the Soviet Country, continues in the land of Donbass. The celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Jubilee of the Organization of the Lenin Comsosol left a bright trace in the hearts of not only veterans, but also the younger generation of our republic. The Central Committee of the Party, local party organizations, the majority of communists took an active part in all the commemorative and anniversary events. The massive interest and participation of non-party residents of the Republic in such events indicates that the decision taken by the people of Donbass in the spring of 2014 to build the Donetsk People's Republic as a state of working people, a state that follows the socialist development path, continues to be implemented, despite any difficulties. However, during the reporting period, the events were sometimes dramatic. During this period, our first head, the DPR Hero Alexander Zakharchenko, the DPR hero Arsen Pavlov - Motorola, Mikhail Tolstoy - Givi, Oleg Mamiev - Mamai, gave their lives for the sovereignty of the Republic and freedom from Ukrainian fascism. When defending our Motherland, Communist Ivan Vazhnenko and other Communists died. that the decision taken by the people of Donbass in the spring of 2014 to build the Donetsk People's Republic as a state of working people, a state that follows the socialist path of development, continues to be implemented, in spite of any difficulties. However, during the reporting period, the events were sometimes dramatic. During this period, our first head, the DPR Hero Alexander Zakharchenko, the DPR hero Arsen Pavlov - Motorola, Mikhail Tolstoy - Givi, Oleg Mamiev - Mamai, gave their lives for the sovereignty of the Republic and freedom from Ukrainian fascism. When defending our Motherland, Communist Ivan Vazhnenko and other Communists died. that the decision taken by the people of Donbass in the spring of 2014 to build the Donetsk People's Republic as a state of working people, a state that follows the socialist path of development, continues to be implemented, in spite of any difficulties. However, during the reporting period, the events were sometimes dramatic. During this period, our first head, the DPR Hero Alexander Zakharchenko, the DPR hero Arsen Pavlov - Motorola, Mikhail Tolstoy - Givi, Oleg Mamiev - Mamai, gave their lives for the sovereignty of the Republic and freedom from Ukrainian fascism. When defending our Motherland, Communist Ivan Vazhnenko and other Communists died. During this period, our first head, the DPR Hero Alexander Zakharchenko, the DPR hero Arsen Pavlov - Motorola, Mikhail Tolstoy - Givi, Oleg Mamiev - Mamai, gave their lives for the sovereignty of the Republic and freedom from Ukrainian fascism. When defending our Motherland, Communist Ivan Vazhnenko and other Communists died. During this period, our first head, the DPR Hero Alexander Zakharchenko, the DPR hero Arsen Pavlov - Motorola, Mikhail Tolstoy - Givi, Oleg Mamiev - Mamai, gave their lives for the sovereignty of the Republic and freedom from Ukrainian fascism. When defending our Motherland, Communist Ivan Vazhnenko and other Communists died.
Rodin Vladimir Romanovich, one of the leaders of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, noted that this party, starting in 2015, demands from the Russian authorities to recognize the DPR and the LPR as independent states, and also sent about 70 convoys with humanitarian aid to residents of Donbass - to schools, hospitals, military personnel etc.
Delegates to the congress also debated the topic of the “Russian World”, concluding that the “Russian World” is not some purely ethnic community, but the people who gave us wonderful revolutionaries, in particular Vladimir Lenin, and who created the first socialist state in the world. The Russian people are currently the most divided in the world, because after the criminal collapse of the USSR, a handful of traitors and enemies of the people of about 20 million Russian residents found themselves outside Russia, often under the heel of the fascist Russophobic regimes.
At the same time, the events that occurred in the Donbass in the spring of 2014, as a response to the fascist coup in Ukraine, have deep economic reasons and, from the position of the working people, include not just the “Russian World” uprising against Kiev ethnocracy, but also the struggle of Donbass residents (including other regions of Ukraine) against wild capitalism and unbridled oligarchs, etc.
One of the delegates strongly condemned the infamous Ukrainian so-called flashmob on the return of Donbass to Ukraine, which is now continuing and is gaining momentum. Now this marasmus hooked famous people and the First Channel. So yesterday, Andrei Marochko joined the ZelenskyRecognizeDonbass flashmob and the First Channel has already joined the promotion, so you can say
Ban Zelensky can take and fulfill the Minsk Agreement. After all, there is nothing there that does not fundamentally suit Kiev and on the issue of language, the Patriarchate, and NATO with the EU and even amnesty. And what should we do then? !
We, the inhabitants of LDNR, who have shed a lot of blood within 5 years of protecting our Motherland from the accursed Bandera punishers, will never under any circumstances agree to become autonomous within Ukraine !! Never !!!
Dear comrades, our struggle continues !! Fascism will be defeated !! The USSR will be restored !! Proletarians of all countries unite !!
5 Congress of the Communist Party of the DNI.

Hello, dear comrades!
Today, in the House of Culture of Kuibyshev, the 5th regular congress of the DPR Communist Party took place. In general, the congress was devoted to the activities of our party and described its work for 5 years. The overwhelming majority of delegates rated the work of the party and the active of the Central Committee as positive. The Communist Party of the DPR stands for the complete liberation of Donbass from the

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In the comments there were questions of why the liberation of Ukraine and re-establishment of the USSR were not on the agenda.
"There is great chaos under heaven; the situation is excellent."

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Re: Footnotes from the Ukrainian "Crisis"; New High-Points in Cynicism Part IV

Post by blindpig » Tue Jul 09, 2019 3:08 pm

An open message to Vladimir Putin from a Russian volunteer: Mr. President, do you want a war?


Well, mister PRESIDENT (supplied by the resident), played out in partnership? And what will you do now? Does your minister of concern ministry Kalantaryan (Lavrov) express another concern? Gather a regular meeting of the UN Security Council and accuse the United States of violating international law? And what's the point? States it ever stopped? It makes no difference who is right and who is guilty in this situation, whether chemical weapons were there or not, the United States has once again shown that they are the law, that they have every right to violate international law, because the world is strong and only with strong will be considered. And your accusations, as an excuse for yourself, are suitable only for the narrow-minded people who live on your television. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those, because I’m well aware that your media says only what is beneficial to your government. I think my head. I am looking for alternative information, primary sources that you need to find yourself, because no one in the finished form will give them to a person.

But then you yourself are not so honest. Take, for example, the Crimea, where you did not observe international law. The Declaration of Principles of International Law (October 24, 1970) states: "By virtue of the principle of equality and self-determination of peoples, enshrined in the UN Charter, all peoples have the right freely without external interference determine your political status ". The methods of exercising the right to self-determination can be:" dividing a state into parts, creating a sovereign and independent state, freely joining an independent state or merging with it, or establishing any other political status. " without outside interference "was not executed in the Crimea. You can even intervene with protection, even with an attack - everything is considered interference. Yes, I understand that under the agreement Russian troops had the right to be in the Crimea But it has nothing to do with the people’s right to self-determination. And if you follow the rule "without outside interference", they should not have interfered in the Crimean events, because Crimea then still belonged to another state, and the Crimeans had Ukrainian passports, i.e.
In confirmation of this, there is the Resolution of the UN General Assembly A / RES / 68/262 on the territorial integrity of Ukraine - a document adopted on March 27, 2014 as a result of an open vote at the 80th plenary meeting of the 68th session of the UN General Assembly. According to the resolution, the UNGA confirms the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders and does not recognize the legality of any change in the status of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the status of the city of Sevastopol, based on the results of the all-Crimean referendum held on March 16, 2014, since this referendum According to this resolution, is null and void.
You yourself admitted that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation blocked the Ukrainian troops to ensure the safety of the will of the citizens, and you personally led the special operation. And your detachment No. 0900 of the special operations forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation began its operations in the Crimean peninsula on February 22, 2014. Video report is attached:

If everything depended only on the people, the Crimea would leave the composition of the Russian Federation, for example, back in 2001, 2005 or 2007. And there Donbass would not have to wait. But the people can express their opinion in such a way that it will produce a result, only with the permission of the powerful.
If you clearly do not follow all the principles of international law, then why should Americans follow them? To whom are you making excuses? In front of people who do not read anything, but only watch TV or sit on social networks? Only for Western partners such excuses do not mean absolutely nothing! Well, launch your propagandists once again, they will tell once again about the dangers of the Third World War or that Russia did not promise anything to anyone, then what? Respect for Western partners will not add to this.

I’ve been looking at the last years with the most popular and pronounced “Russian” trait, I promised to promise people, and then say “we don’t owe anything to anyone” Right here, "respect" you want for it. I would not be surprised if your propagandists, through your media, finally say that there was no rocket attack in Syria. Does this remind me of something?

Do you remember Donbass? If you have forgotten, I will quote your words: “If we see that this chaos begins in the eastern regions, if people ask us for help, and we already have the official appeal of the current legitimate president (Yanukovych), then we reserve the right to use everything the means we have to protect these citizens. And we consider this quite legitimate. ” And the Federation Council gave permission for the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. And Churkin at the UN demonstrated this written appeal of Viktor Yanukovych. By the way, a strange coincidence: only at the international level they remembered this written address of Viktor Fedorovich, and in the Kremlin they began to blatantly lie that they did not receive any request from the Ukrainian president, so the main witness died - Vitaly Churkin. I do not believe in such "coincidences".

And then, Vladimir Vladimirovich, you meanly “moved out” from the topic and in Austria in June 2014 you said that only the Crimea meant the use of troops. But you clearly said “if we see that this chaos begins in the eastern regions”. Or again hope for a short memory of your fellow citizens? Oh yes, in the Crimea there is a naval base. Valentina Matvienko said bluntly that "we intervened in the internal affairs of Ukraine only because we were afraid of NATO ships off the coast of Sevastopol." But there is no base in the Donbas, so you can beat and quit. And turn on your propaganda again, starting from Shapiro-Solovyov, who said that the people in Donbas are genetically different, that the wrong Russians live there, ending with the ravings about the Third World War or the fact that the Minsk agreements are a blessing for the LDNR people. I will tell you what is genetically different, just, your little Solovyov. Recent studies at Moscow State University have shown that residents of eastern Ukraine do not differ absolutely from Russians — they are one people.

Trying to expose the situation in such a way that you have nothing to do with, but just send humanitarian aid to Donetsk and Lugansk? Only those who still believe you are left with less and less. I wonder how many kilograms of cereals and cans of canned food would you rate your own life?

How abnormal to read when your female journalists submit the Minsk agreements in such a way that it is almost a blessing for the residents of the LPR and the DPR, and that it is the Minsk agreements that help the republics to defend their statehood in the international arena. And you asked the residents of the young republics, they need this statehood? Firstly, the Minsk Agreements do not help in this regard, and secondly, you know perfectly well that the second referendum on joining Russia was promised to the people. These 90 and 89 percent of people in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, respectively, came out to secede from Ukraine and join Russia, and the creation of the LC and the DPR was perceived only as a stage on the road to joining the Russian Federation.

(Videos at link. bp)

It is too expensive for Lugansk and Donetsk that your “statehood formation” comes out. It may last for several more years, which will entail greater sacrifices and destruction. So, maybe it is worth doing the same as with the Crimea? To recognize the first referendum on sovereignty, to stop the Minsk mockery, after the liberation of the republics to hold a second referendum on joining the Russian Federation, and nothing will have to be defended? Then these senseless sacrifices will end. Oh yeah, I forgot, there is no naval base there.

And how vile, then, on May 7, 2014, was your alleged warning to Lugansk and Donetsk not to hold a referendum, exactly, after Didier Burkhalter's arrival in Moscow. But you understood perfectly well that the uprising began long ago, that all administrative buildings were seized, Ukraine began to pull up weapons, work was done on preparing a referendum, and the events went so far that it was impossible to stop them three days before the referendum. Although, on the square in Donetsk they talked about the referendum on March 1st. Why not warned then? But your analysts convinced Donbass that you made this “warning” for western partners to show the world community that DNR and LC are completely independent, therefore, to confirm this,

And he spent. In the end, what did you get? And they received, after the victory over the Ukrainian army in the Ilovaisky cauldron, when the demoralized descendants of the ancient ukrov fled, throwing equipment, and it was possible to drive them out of the territory of Lugansk and Donetsk regions without destruction and practically without casualties. At that time, you rendered military aid in very high doses, so that, God forbid, the militia would not go to liberate other cities of young republics. As I understand it, you were initially set up for the Minsk agreements, therefore you stopped the militia, since 1/3 of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions is much easier to cram into a single Ukraine than the whole Donbass. After Minsk-2, your Lavrov straight text said that “Russia is pushing the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics to sign the Minsk agreements,

As a result of the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian side actually re-established its army; increased it quantitatively, having spent several waves of mobilization; built three lines of defense; pulled up even more military equipment, so that with even greater brutality shelling of settlements LDNR. As a result, there was a Debaltsevsky boiler, shelling before and after it.
Humanly, I will say that the one who invented this “truce”, the one who allowed the enemy to increase his military power, when he could be rather easily ousted from the territory of two regions, let him correct his mistakes. Because to allow this, and then say “we are not a party to the conflict”, “we have nothing to do with it” - this is not in Russian, but somehow it turns out in Jewish. But in life it always turns out that the mistakes of politicians are raked by the common people.

After all, you were really afraid of one time, Vladimir Vladimirovich, and therefore respected. You do remember perfectly well that on February 28, 2014 there was a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, where the question was decided whether to start military actions in the Crimea or not. As Turchinov admitted, then the western partners called and asked not to fight for the Crimea, because there were only 5,000 active servicemen in Ukraine. In the west, they were afraid that Russia would go further, and all regions of the south and east of the country, where 2/3 of the population of Ukraine live, will be under its influence. That is, no one in the west was going to fit in with Ukraine. Even Sergey Markov, a deputy of the State Duma of the 5th convocation of the Russian Federation, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, admitted that not bringing in troops was a mistake on the part of the Kremlin. I quote: “Look at how power departments (army, SBU) behaved in the Crimea! 90% of them wrote a statement about the desire to continue serving in the Russian army. And this is despite the fact that Kiev ensured that there were more anti-Russian security officials in the Crimea. Therefore, it is highly likely to say that if the liberation forces entered the territory of the south-east of Ukraine, they would receive the full support of the population, and the army would not shoot at the Russian soldiers, they would simply massively go over to the side of the liberation forces. “The Ukrainian soldiers were really ready to surrender, but they were waiting for the Russian troops to enter. The fact is that it is dishonorable to surrender to former miners and laborers for a soldier, especially for an officer. But if a professional army came in, everything is in order of rank.
But instead, you abandoned the policy of non-recognition of the Kiev junta, when your Lavrov shook hands with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and then the Ukrainian side turned from rogue states to partners and began to actively use its weapons in the Donbas. You actually recognized the new fascist Ukrainian government, calling Petro Poroshenko a partner, and declaring that you were the first to support him, and you will continue to support him. In the spring and summer of 2014, Russia transferred to Ukraine weapons and military equipment from the Crimea - in whole echelons. Although they warned from Donetsk that this should not be done, the one who does this will share responsibility for the escalation of military actions, will become an accomplice to the crimes committed. They wrote letters to Shoigu with a request to stop all this, expressly indicating that this technique would then be used against the LDNR. It was later used. All Ukrainian anti-terrorist operation then was carried out on the Russian fuel. And for a long time in relation to Ukraine on the part of Russia there were no restrictive measures to supply there either fuel for military needs, no spare parts, or military technology. In a recent interview, my words were confirmed by Boris Borisov, the former deputy foreign minister of the DPR, and for this truth he spent a long time "in the basement", where those who spoke the truth about the Minsk agreements still sit.


Everywhere you have one continuous partnership: partnership with the Kiev fascists, partnership with Europe, partnership with the USA - alone, damn it, partners. And the West respects not partnership, but strength. How loudly and for a long time the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation applauded Trump's victory, as if he was their president. The footmen welcomed the new lord - this is unworthy for a sovereign state.

You know, I do not believe that the “5th column” is stopping you. For some reason, to get into the Crimea and Syria, to disperse undesirable meetings to you, the “5th column” does not interfere. More recently, very few spoke of the so-called “5th column”. Now even old women are talking about her at the entrances. It seems that information about the “5th column” was thrown into society on purpose, in order to write off all the sins of the Russian government to this “5th column”. Who is the first shouting "hold the thief"? Of course, the thief himself. According to this principle, it is not difficult to guess who those who dump everything on the so-called “5th column” are.
The main thing that needs to be understood is that the “5th column” consists exclusively of people who influence Russia's internal and foreign policy. That is - it is the powers that be. No bulk, Kasyanovs, Nemtsovs and other liberal pro-Western lackeys have the levers of influence that the president has.
You yourself said in plain text: “If I thought that the totalitarian or authoritarian system was the most preferable for us, then I would simply change the Constitution. As you understand, it was easy to do. This does not even require a nationwide vote, it was enough to hold this decision in parliament, where we had more than three hundred votes. ” Here is a video with your direct speech: (Video at link)

You can, of course, choose a waiting position, wait for the US and the EU to fall apart, when something suddenly happens to Ukraine, but this is not power, but the real weakness. Although, if it happens, your propagandists will present it as your personal achievement only. Or, again, the next "agreement", which only delay the imminent events? But, western partners see and understand everything perfectly. Respect so you do not deserve. As for the Donbass, sacrificing normal, adequate Russian people and waiting for something to happen with the Kiev regime, against the background that you supported this regime, is not a method. Would you agree to sacrifice your loved ones to similar events?

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you have the last chance to rehabilitate and deserve respect among Western partners and thinking citizens - these are more decisive actions in the Ukrainian direction, up to an asymmetrical attack on the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the actions of the United States in Syria, and indeed to end fascism. Because you, by your flirting with the West, and this abnormal partnership turned into a whipping boy. States have openly shown you. And the more you give in, the more you will be beaten, and no propaganda will save you, since everything will become too obvious. And in the end, they will beat you on the territory of the Russian Federation, but then the Third World Won can really begin, unfortunately, on Russian soil. The West understands only power. It is your strength (if any), not lies and propaganda on TV,
Russian volunteer, participant of hostilities in the Donbas from May 2014 to April 2015, Andrei A., callsign “Vivat” . ... a.html?m=1

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This fighter got Putin's number, I'd say.

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"There is great chaos under heaven; the situation is excellent."

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Re: Footnotes from the Ukrainian "Crisis"; New High-Points in Cynicism Part IV

Post by blindpig » Tue Jul 23, 2019 1:37 pm

Beness aijo
20 Jul at 2:35 am
Another anti-communist terrorist attack in the DPR !!

Hello dear comrades !! Attention ! SOS !! Another attempt to attack the DNI. Someone is again trying to remove the leader of the Communist Party of the DPR, the author of the declaration on the sovereignty of the DPR and the former chairman of the DPR Supreme Council Boris Litvinov. For some bourgeois bastards, this man, the only consistent political leader in the DPR, who opposes the transformation of our state into another limp patrimony of the Ukrainian-Russian oligarchy and advocates the reunification of the LDNR with its historic Motherland Russia, as well as the restoration of the USSR, is a bone in the throat!
Yesterday morning, Comrade Litvinov went to his car at the guarded parking lot near the house. Having inspected, as always, the car externally, he got into it, started it and began to leave the parking lot slowly. Passing 8-10 meters, Boris heard a strange sound under the car, like a ride with a flat tire. Stopping, got out of the car and once again began to inspect the wheels. And then he noticed a 2-pound weight under the wheel, from which a rope stretched beneath the car. Inspecting the direction of the ropes, he found under the driver's seat an explosive device attached to the bottom consisting of two grenades. The law enforcement officers who arrived on call removed the explosive device and reported that if the car had traveled a few more meters, there would have been an explosion of great power.
Comrade Litvinov has no business and personal enemies. Therefore, he wanted to kill the opponents of our party and the communist idea. These are vile bourgeois terrorists and notorious scoundrels, behind whom there is big business.
The Communists of the Republic uphold the position of strengthening the sovereignty of the DPR, the development of its political system, the expansion of the principles of people's democracy, leading to the masses the idea of ​​a socialist way of developing the Republic and restoring the USSR.
From my point of view, this attempt is related to the fact that the DPR Communist Party sharply condemns the campaign launched by certain reactionary forces in the Donbass, Ukraine and Russia to cram LDNR back into Ukraine as autonomy. The people and the Army of the LDNR, who have been opposing the criminal Bandera aggression for the past 5 years, will never, under any circumstances, agree to return to the fold of fascist Ukraine. Ukraine, whose troops daily irrigate the territory of Donbass with a mortal hail of fire and iron, as a result of which people are killed and people are injured, and residential buildings are destroyed.
Let me remind you that recently, one of the architects of the “special status” Pasechnik declared that his goal was supposedly to integrate into the Russian Federation, and special status was not autonomy, but a certain state in the state that had its own border, army and courts and did not say no nationalists will come. However, this is a complete lie !! After all, the Minsk agreements in reality imply ultimately the establishment of Ukrainian control over the Donbas and the border between the LDNR and the Russian Federation, provided Kiev fulfills political points.
And Ukraine, in principle, they may well perform! So Zelensky is not against the exchange of prisoners, has already held talks with Putin, even agreed to meet with him in the Big Four format plus the US and UK hawks, which Lavrov cherished as an indication that Ukraine’s readiness to implement Minsk-2. Some other “architects of special status”, in particular from the DPR, argue that when they become a part of Ukraine, the LDNR will be officially recognized by the international community, for we will have autonomy. And then they say we can almost hold an official referendum on joining Russia according to the Crimean scenario. But this statement - bullshit! First, the results of the referendum of March 16, 2014 were actually recognized only by Russia and several non-significant states of the Union. The overwhelming majority of countries believe that Russia annexed the Crimea and the UN, the OSCE, the EU and the PACE are demanding it to return the peninsula to Ukraine, and the European-American imperialists even imposed economic sanctions against Russia. In addition, in the Crimea, the referendum was conducted under the control of Russian security officials.
But, if the LDNR returns to Bandera Ukraine, then in that case Ukrainian Bandera politicians and security officials will de jure be able to enter the Donbass and begin the genocide of our people. And then no referendum will be given to us with reference to the constitution of Ukraine, etc., and if we hold it, then, like in the case of the Crimea, neither Ukraine nor the international community will appreciate it.
Thus, all these insane and legally illiterate statements by the organizers of the criminal action “Zelensky. Recognize the Donbass "and deliberately falsified data that allegedly" a special status "is supported by almost a million LDNR residents - this is an ideological diversion of the enemies of the people. They are well aware that cramming us into the structure of Ukraine in the form of some kind of autonomy will completely erase all of our very fragile and well-established chances of being recognized by the Russian Federation or becoming part of it.
We believe that the operation “Zelensky. The choice of Donbass ”is the bourgeois-liberal structures of Donbass, Russia and Ukraine, who want to seize all of our enterprises, which are now under the external control of Vneshnetorgservice and Gazalyansa - metallurgical and coke-chemical plants, mines (of which Akhmetov once made the biggest state in Europe, more than 30 billion dollars !!), etc. and by dividing this property among themselves, mercilessly exploit our people and extort super-profits from these enterprises.
Secondly, certain bourgeois circles want to resume profitable trade between Russia and Ukraine. For example, this is the team of Boyko-Medvedchuk, constantly moving to Russia and meeting there with D. Medvedev himself, then with oligarch Miller. Their party “The Opposition Platform - For Life” is actively “promoting” in Ukraine the Donbass autonomy project in Nezalezhnaya Square and is currently negotiating with Moscow and the Kiev junta about the resumption of gas contact, which ends in 2020 and about creating a joint gas consortium Russia - EU - Ukraine.
I recall that the other day Medvedchuk presented his vision of resolving the situation in the south-east of Ukraine, which includes autonomy for the people's republics within Ukraine, direct negotiations between Kiev and the LDNR with the participation of Moscow, amnesty, etc.
On July 18, Medvedchuk met with his godfather Putin and told him about the successful "presentation" of this "peace plan" in the European Parliament.
However, this plan is a complete farce, for the Kiev authorities, due to the pressure of the radicals, will never sit at the negotiating table with the LDNR representatives, whom she considers to be terrorists. Secondly, no amnesty, even if Kiev proclaims it, will never be in reality! For the Bandera terrorists and agents of the Ukrainian special services will simply secretly blow up and slaughter all the patriots of Donbass and our militia, as well as their families in the same way as the Bandera punishers did in 40-50 years after the Great Patriotic War, having destroyed about 50 thousand Soviet collective farmers, policemen, teachers, doctors, communists, etc.
Let me remind you that on September 29, 2018, an explosion thundered in the building of the city committee of the Communist Party of the DPR during our election congress, due to which the CPPNR could not take part in the elections to the People’s Council. And in February 2019, unknown terrorists burned down the house of Boris Litvinov. All these sabotage and terrorist attacks, as well as the unlawful deprivation of our party in 2018 of retroactive registration, are links of one sinister chain. This is an anti-communist terror, a real hot war unleashed against the Communist Party of the DPR and the Communists by bourgeois forces who do not want the LDNR to integrate with Russia as if they were a fire fearing socialism and the restoration of the USSR.
I, as a member of the Communist Party of the DPR, declare to you, vile bourgeois geeks and enemies of the people! Komratiya DNI was, is and will be !! You can never, with your sabotage and terror, intimidate the Communists and break the will of our people to resist the appointees of the oligarchs !!
We, like our grandfathers and great-grandfathers under the leadership of comrades Lenin and Stalin, will fight for socialism !!
I remind you that on July 27 we submitted an application for holding a rally with the main requirement for the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the World Community - to recognize the results of the referendum in the Donbass of May 2014.
There is no entry LDNR in fascist Ukraine! Only complete independence, the restoration of the territorial integrity of the entire historic Donbass, that is, the liberation of our territories occupied by the junta, and integration with Russia. Venue of rally Lenin Square, beginning at 11 o'clock.

Benes Ayo, an activist of the Communist Party of the DPR and Other Russia.

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"There is great chaos under heaven; the situation is excellent."

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