Democracy ?

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Democracy ?

Post by chlamor » Wed Jan 08, 2020 2:06 am

Democracy ?

There are "special circumstances" in the United States, both from historical and systemic standpoints. Among the earliest and most primitive of the revolutionary democracies, American democratic evolution was stillborn for one hundred years because of the perpetuation of slavery and then for another hundred years through the agencies of an aborted Reconstruction and the perpetuation of Jim Crow. As a result, as Democracies go, this one has every anti-democratic institution conceivable incorporated within it:

A Senate modeled on the House of Lords, a largely independent executive, an independent judiciary with significant electoral powers, 50 major administrative units with important independent electoral powers of their own, an electoral college of cardinals, 15000 independent voting jurisdictions with none sharing common practices or procedures, institutionalized voter suppression, institutionalized class-based voter registration, legal voter disqualification with no common system of oversight, an artificial monopoly created by a quasi-official "two-party system", an open system of political bribery, corruption and deceit which legalizes virtually all conceivable interventions of capital into electoral politics but which, nevertheless, includes an unofficial tolerance of that very little which is not legal - this mess amalgamates everything including the kitchen sink, with all of it intended from the outset to frustrate the popular will.

It would be difficult to maintain even one or two of these in any other "Democracy".

And more, with unique arrogance, they lead with this weakness. They promote their system as the highest expression of democracy and include it first in their civil religion: their Constitutional pinnacle guaranteed to "check and balance" every popular expression stands shoulder to shoulder alongside inviolate rights which are violated EVERY SINGLE time (with an apology three decades later) and their system of Liberty which extends to property and only to property.

It is all quite a racket.

Hell, I love to vote. Let's vote for something with impact, though.

I have lots of ideas...

The Liberals all hate the Koch brothers. Well, then let's vote to take away all their money. I don't mean "tax them". I mean take away all of it. I bet we get a big majority for that... with or without "Citizens United".

While we are at it, let's take away Jamie Dimon's money, too... and Gates... and those fuckers who say stupid shit on TV... and Mitt's ..and, and. The longer the list, the bigger the majority we'll get. I guarantee it.

Also, let's vote on disbanding the CIA and the NSA... and all garrisons on foreign soil.

Let's vote to have capital punishment only for political corruption... or white collar crime. I could make a case for that... might even canvas for it.

Why can't we ever vote for good shit like that ?

My mail tells me that you can't do that. I just don't get "Democracy".

You can't just vote for shit. You have to vote for some guy... who then tells you why you can't vote for shit like that.

Say WHAT???

Alrighty then. Let's vote to be able to do any damn thing we want. And let's vote not to have some clown tell us what we can't do.

"Oh, but he's better than the other guy... quack, quack"

And in any case, neither one of them will let you vote for any shit like that. To do that, you have to get two thirds of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to go along with it... and you have to stick your foot in your mouth and pull it out of your ass... in 39 states.

...and you still can't vote to take rich peoples property away from them ...even if you jump through every hoop... because you just can't. It's not allowed.

Say what ?

Who doesn't understand Democracy again ?


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