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Re: Venezuela

Post by blindpig » Fri May 08, 2020 4:33 pm

The political theses on Venezuela that failed along with the mercenary expedition

Mission Truth

May 8 · 9 min read

By William Serafino


Registration of new tests of the last hours
In the last hours, the Venezuelan state has announced new captures in the framework of the failed "Operation Gideon".
Groups of mercenaries in the state of Zulia , in the coastal town of Puerto Maya and on the El Junquito-Carayaca highway, have been neutralized by the security forces as part of "Operation Black First Crushing the Enemy," activated by the FANB in civic-military unit to protect national sovereignty at this time of alert.
In total, 23 involved in the failed armed expedition along the maritime coasts have already placed themselves under the command of Venezuelan justice in total, as indicated.
Among the arrests are Luke Denman and Airan Berry, two former US military recruited by Juan Guaidó and the United States through the Silvercorp mercenary company to carry out a coup in Venezuela.
Denman's confession on May 6, and Berry's a few hours ago, reveal that the intention of the mercenary raid by La Guaira was to capture and assassinate Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.
The general political and military objectives of the operation were the headquarters of the Presidency of the Bolivarian Republic (Miraflores), the SEBIN intelligence service and the Maiquetía airport in La Guaira.
The plan was simple on paper: militarily control the airport (that's why they tried to disembark Macuto, a few kilometers away), kidnap Maduro in a heavily armed command unit led by aliases "Pantera" and Antonio Sequea, and then mount the Venezuelan president. on a plane bound for the United States or kill him when he was caught.
Berry confirms that the plane would come from the United States and that controlling Maiquetía was key, as Denman did in his testimony. For this, the artillery vans, heavy weapons and combat logistics that failed to land in Macuto, in theory would allow a rapid and surprising advance towards Miraflores, guaranteeing the return to La Guaira.
While the mercenaries revealed the seriousness of the objectives, Juan Guaidó's adviser , the Colombian JJ Rendón linked to a drug trafficking plot a few years ago, confirmed the veracity of the contract signed with Silvercorp.
In the United States, some Democratic senators have asked the Trump Administration to reveal the information they had about this failed coup, in clear violation of the legislation that regulates the state of war and that is controlled by Congress in both houses.
The irrefutable evidence on the participation of Guaidó and Washington is agglomerating, shaping all the pieces of the operation with an ever-increasing level of clarity.
Some ideas also ran aground
Although the frustrated aggression did not achieve its objectives, the act itself has come to demonstrate the flaws of certain premises and political theses that dispute the ideological orientation of the country.
Not only did a mercenary incursion led by the United States run aground on the Venezuelan coast, but so did a diverse set (although only in appearance) of political currents that have positioned their hypotheses as the only measure of concrete reality.
The operation took place in a climate of political debate marked by ideological extremes, by intellectual disorientation, and came to demonstrate a new fracture of the political theses of certain ideological tendencies.
There is a common consensus on the impulse given by the United States to the assassination operation, but the ideas that could explain the reasons for its failure can do little to draw a coherent account of the political situation.
With the events in Macuto, the ideas built to respond to the complicated resolution of the Venezuelan conflict have failed.
The theory of "break" marks María Corina Machado
The flag bearer of the Venezuelan far-right sector has maintained, in recent years, that the initiatives for dialogue promoted by Chavismo and moderate sectors of the opposition represent a waste of time.
That speech, although it does not have its copyright , has shaped the thinking of promoters of the coup d'état such as Luis Almagro, Marco Rubio and Juan Guaidó himself.
This current that links Mayan elements, Creole and Spanish fascism (the case of VOX) and the White House itself, has a rather limited political, organizational and electoral presence in Venezuelan territory.
Its political apparatus covers only some angry areas of the country, which has been demonstrated in the low parliamentary representation achieved in the last elections of 2015.

Juan Guaidó and María Corina Machado, one more to the right than the other. Photo: Archive

Due to this weakness, they have used the media such as the PanAm Post , far-right intellectuals, some think tanks and influencers on social networks to spread their message and influence public opinion.
Their altered spokesmen maintain that the conflict is no longer political, but of "security"; that is, it must be solved with lead and not with dialogue.
They are victims of a delusional plot where Russians, Hezbollah militants and mysterious delegates of the Communist Party of China conspire in the dark to keep Venezuela subdued as if it were a tropical colony.
They propose as a “resolution” formula to the conflict the combination of a “credible threat” with a surgical intervention to end the “Maduro regime”. They have propagated the idea that if Washington teaches its attributes of strength, that would be enough for Chavismo to fall.
In recent days, the approach of this formula has been partially fulfilled with the expedition by Macuto, demonstrating its failure of origin. The false belief that brute force is sufficient to overthrow the Venezuelan government has been exposed.
And it is that the opposite of what has been theorized has occurred: in the face of the military aggression commanded by Silvercorp, Chavismo has strengthened the general consensus of defense and national dignity, reducing the political and narrative space of the premise of "bankruptcy" by armed means .
The hypothesis of "betrayal of Chávez's legacy"
On the opposite sidewalk, and also representing a minority in political and electoral terms, some angry sectors of the Venezuelan "left" have spread the narrative that Maduro has "delivered" the legacy of Chávez, in the framework of a conspiracy with tendencies Reformists and businessmen who have demolished the conquests of the Chavista process.
According to this perspective, supported by a rosary of complexes, confusing claims and scarce data on material reality, Maduro is leading a large-scale "betrayal" with the aim of handing over the country to capitalists, bureaucrats and landowners.
This premise does not stop to reflect on the complex budgetary panorama of the Republic as a result of the economic blockade of Washington and the kidnapping of national assets that have prevented the country from recovering its economy and attending to the Covid-19 pandemic. For them, this terrible material picture in which the country is located would be in the background, since the fundamental thing is that Maduro, and the Venezuelan government in general, seem to have decided that this is the situation that best suits us, as if our concrete reality was the by-product of a maneuver charged with evil and sadism.

Former General Clíver Alcalá, linked to recent coup attempts against Venezuela, has been a figure affiliated with the narrative of the "betrayal of the legacy" by President Nicolás Maduro. Photo: Infobae

But if this theory were true, the most logical thing would be for Washington and the armed wing of anti-Chavism to suspend their permanent attempts to overthrow the Venezuelan government, now recently with armed intervention.
After all, if Maduro is day by day handing over the country to his enemies, what could be expected is that the United States and even Guaidó himself, his main enemies, would celebrate the actions of the president or view him with good eyes.
And it is paradoxical and confusing. As the "handover of the legacy" increases, the greater the conspiracy to end the Revolution "from within", the attempted bloodthirsty coup by Washington is escalating in danger.
Shouldn't it be the other way around? In other words, shouldn't “treason to the legacy” be the satisfaction of Guaidó and the White House? Why would they be interested in overthrowing a neoliberal and ultra-capitalist government that, according to them, by their own decision, maintains the population subsisting on a salary of $ 4? Why would they want to forcibly end a government that shares their interests?
A premise that has no coherence or meaning.
The armed incursion by La Guaira came to demonstrate that the political thesis of Maduro's "betrayal" starts from an erroneous material and ideological basis, since it nullifies a key factor: the forceful overthrow of Maduro implies overthrowing Chavismo and the Venezuelan nation. . They refuse to understand something so obvious.
The premise of "the two sides"
Except for the ideological delusions that both ends add as nuances, an idea has emerged that the conflict in Venezuela is a kind of battle between two political sectors. A ring is simulated where we are made to believe that it is a 12-round fight between Maduro and Guaidó.
Seeing the situation as a conflict "between the politicians" detached from reality is part of the neoliberal and technocratic thought that was imposed several decades ago to legitimize the role of businessmen and financial yuppies at the forefront of government, state and society affairs. .
This appreciation has largely permeated our collective psychology, our political language as a society, leaving as a result a partial and misleading vision where "both sectors" represent "the same". Seen this way, all politicians would be bad people pursuing particular benefits, so it would be better to place experts, bankers and technocrats at the leading points of society.

The Bolivarian National Militia has been key in neutralizing the last mercenary operation against Venezuela. Photo: Infobae
As a result, the neoliberal economy has crushed politics. The only filter to make sense of our reality comes from the numbers, the figures and the parameters invented by capitalism.
The failed assassination plan revealed that Venezuela is not a country of spectators in the face of a draining fight between "two sides."
This is confirmed by the fact that the alert to the threat of intervention generated an enormous social mobilization in all layers of society, including the military, police and the general population organized under the militia. Once again, Chavismo's organizational capacity from below was demonstrated, but also how its instruments of social organization are the only ones that the country has to defend itself against the intensification of the war.
In a matter of a few hours, the battle between "politicians" disappeared from the panorama and made it visible that the Bolivarian Republic and national dignity is maintained by hundreds of thousands of arms that, organized under a territorial defense plan, manage much of the national geography the economic and social tensions that this moment presents us.
None of the political theses that attempt to explain the Venezuelan reality can offer a coherent opinion on the reasons that have prevented the Bolivarian Republic from falling apart due to the escalation of the aggressions.
They seem to be blind to the reality in front of them: Chavismo has not fallen because there are hundreds of thousands of them working anonymously so that this does not happen.
As a political balance, the failure of "Operation Gideon" has left us a coalition of anti-Chavista tendencies that have had to resort to hiring mercenaries in the absence of a political strategy based on the social and territorial organization of its militants.
It has also made visible that Chavismo is not only the constitutional government of Venezuela, but an organized political and territorial force, which works on concrete and specific goals and responds to a general common objective that incorporates millions of people, promoting their mobilization in moments of high danger.
For this reason, the objective of the operation was surgical: to capture and assassinate the Venezuelan President as a shortcut to end Chavismo. The problem is that they do not calculate or have a strategy to manage the day after, and Chavismo does.
Years preparing for the worst is an organizational advantage and an effective political thesis to respond to a reality marked by conflict. That thesis is the only one that can organize our ideas in a moment as complicated as this. ... 6466e108e2

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"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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Re: Venezuela

Post by blindpig » Mon May 11, 2020 2:04 pm

Genocide and military occupation: the five most important keys to the contract between Guaidó and Silvercorp
Mission Truth

May 10 · 10 min read

Constitutional President Nicolás Maduro shows the passports of the two American Silvercorp mercenaries captured in Venezuela after the failed incursion by Macuto. Photo: AFP

Finally, the full content of the contract signed by Juan Guaidó, Sergio Vergara and JJ Rendón with the signature of American mercenaries Silvercorp in charge of ex-military Jordan Goudreau has been released.
Venezuelan Minister of Communication Jorge Rodríguez, in a press conference from the Miraflores Palace a couple of days ago, made a detailed tour of the clauses of the contract and explained its scope and objectives, including the physical removal of President Nicolás Mature and of high authorities of the Venezuelan state.
With the evidence revealed so far, it is established that Juan Guaidó had detailed knowledge of the contract he signed with the aim of promoting the mercenary intervention against Venezuela that ran aground on its coasts on May 3.
Although the self-proclaimed deputy has denied any link through statements and evasive statements, his adviser JJ Rendón has confirmed the veracity of the contract, while, on the other hand, the leak of a new audio has revealed the conversation between Goudreau and Guaidó at the time of close the deal.


The content of the signed contract indicates that the physical elimination of President Nicolás Maduro and the top leadership of the Venezuelan state was the first objective in an operation that had as its general purpose the prolonged military occupation of the country at the hands of a private army of mercenaries.
1. The contract establishes that Silvercorp's presence in the country would be 495 continuous days, acting as the "security force" of the fake government in order to "stabilize the country".
While the operation to "capture / detain / eliminate Nicolás Maduro, eliminate the current Regime and install the renowned Venezuelan President Juan Guaido (sic)" was the primary objective, Guaidó promised to honor the monthly payments to Silvercorp, even if the The legitimate Venezuelan president, for other reasons, was removed from his post before the armed incursion.
Payment for contracted services could be made with barrels of oil or by resorting to private investors. Silvercorp promised to create a bridge between Guaidó and investors, charging an interest rate of 55% to be paid to the Goudreau mercenary firm.
Following these clauses, Silvercorp would act as a financial intermediary between the fake government of Guaidó and capitalists interested in obtaining an economic return from the illegal operations of mercenaries in Venezuelan territory. Consequently, the contract was also a financial adventure and the chart of artillery neo-liberalism. Goudreau's company would become the star contractor for oil, mining and industrial companies that had to hire Silvercorp's services to operate in Venezuela "safely".
This relationship between transnational corporations and private mercenary firms is common in Colombia, Iraq or Afghanistan, where corporations hire private security firms to protect their businesses in the midst of a low or medium intensity armed conflict. The business of war.
2. According to the contract, Silvercorp would act hand in hand with the fake government of Juan Guaidó and above the defense and national security institutions conceived in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB).
Goudreau's power would be supra-constitutional and would only be accountable to Guaidó. He would be above the FANB, the intelligence services and the police, exercising a capacity for unilateral action in various fields of military activity.
In this sense, the clauses of the contract imply the dissolution of the Bolivarian Republic, its public institutions and the system of guarantee of human rights established in the Magna Carta of the country. The FANB would be replaced by a private occupation army and those responsible for the public powers would be designated as "hostile forces".
The contract highlights that figures such as Diosdado Cabello, Nicolás Maduro and their "supporters" would be declared as such, which in concrete terms implied the persecution and capture of all public and institutional positions in the Venezuelan state.
It was a scorched earth operation, where mayors, governors, judges, prosecutors, ministers and other authorities designated as "chavistas" would be captured, persecuted or killed. Applying these techniques typical of state terrorism, the fake government of Guaidó would reorganize the Venezuelan state in all its organizational units.

President Nicolás Maduro shows part of the Guaidó-Silvercorp contract document during a virtual press conference in Caracas. Photo: Presidential Press

Taking advantage of the de facto state of siege and with the Silvercorp thugs on the streets of the country, the dismantling of the Bolivarian Republic would be forged, the physical disappearance of Chavismo as a political and institutional force and the conditions would be created for the auction of public companies in benefit of transnational companies.
3. It is catastrophic (and also unprecedented) that a private contract with a mercenary company is the source of the dissolution of Venezuela as we have known it. This is unparalleled in our republican history and worldwide it would be necessary to inquire whether there are examples that could come close.
The contract signed by Guaidó establishes a reorganization of the state and a rewriting of our legal system. For example, one of the clauses establishes the installation of a Venezuelan Strategic Command (VSC), to which Silvercorp would respond. That alleged Command, who would have an undefined but surely Silvercorp commander, would authorize illegal military operations against "hostile forces," operational maneuvers to contain riots and demonstrations, and how arrests of people identified with Chavismo would be made.
Logically, the text assumes that once the Venezuelan constitutional government was overthrown, protests and riots would come demanding the coup. To whiten the illegal and murderous persecution against the Chavista backlash movement in the streets, Silvercorp designates any expression against the fake government of Guaidó as "hostile forces".
In that unit they include Hezbollah, the Colombian guerrilla group ELN, the "illegitimate Venezuelan forces", groups and the FANB itself. This clause fits perfectly with the speech of the "presence of Hezbollah in Venezuela", spread by the hawks and especially by Mike Pompeo and the head of the Southern Command, so it is evident that Silvercorp could associate with US troops, with the Air Force and Southern Command (deployed by the Pacific with several destroyers and one specifically lent by the Fourth Fleet) to pursue alleged "terrorist factors."
The diplomatic and illegal recognition of Juan Guaidó as “president in charge” would suffice to “legalize” the operations of the US Navy, the Air Force and the landing of special forces on our territory to collaborate with the elimination of alleged Hezbollah targets, the ELN , and other hostile forces. It would even enable the political conditions for the permanent installation of US military bases and the conclusion of illegal treaties that allow the activities of US agencies such as the CIA, the FBI or the DEA, as happened in Colombia with the "Plan Colombia" and in Mexico with the “Mérida Initiative”.
In general terms, the contract opened the door to a conventional US intervention, unilateral and on the fringes of the United Nations Security Council, to control power in the face of a generalized military and civil uprising after the coup d'état, since Chavismo would still retain military, police and popular structures to confront the invaders.
4. The contract also dissolves Venezuelan legislation in criminal terms and de facto suspends all institutions charged with ensuring the protection of the elementary rights of the population.
Silvercorp establishes that through the irregular OSC unit, and by unilateral order of the alleged VSC, arrests of people, search of spaces and houses, captures and other measures of repression may be carried out against "hostile forces" or that are presumed to be collaborating with the "allied forces of the old regime". In this sense, it establishes what the post-coup "crimes" will be: being a Chavista, an official, a police officer or a military man who does not surrender to the Silvercorp thugs "sent" by Guaidó, his "Commander in Chief" according to the contract.


These arrests would be carried out illegally when there are “reasonable suspicions”, and would not be subject to any institutional mandate, therefore, those arrested and persecuted would have institutions such as the Prosecutor's Office or the judicial system to defend themselves. Goudreau's army of thugs would become both a prosecution, a court, and an executioner.
To massify these state terrorism techniques, the contract grants an alleged legality to the murder of innocent civilians after falsely accusing them of belonging to the "hostile forces" described in the document. Accusing a head of CLAP, or a layer of community leaders from the Caracas neighborhoods as "collaborators of the ELN or Hezbollah", or of "hindering a mission", of "being associated with terrorists or drug trafficking", would be enough to give death.
In this sense, the Silvercorp contract is a tool to carry out a genocide, as identified by the International Criminal Court (ICC). It's genocide
“Any of the acts mentioned below, perpetrated with the intention of totally or partially destroying a national, ethnic, racial or religious group as such: a) Massacre of members of the group; b) Serious injury to the physical or mental integrity of the members of the group; c) Intentional submission of the group to conditions of existence that must lead to its physical destruction, total or partial ”.
5. Silvercorp also offered its services to install an Assets Unit with which to pursue and capture the country's assets in the hands of the state. According to the contract, Guaidó should pay a rate of 14% in relation to the real value of the "recovered" good.
However, the financial and legalistic jargon that they try to give to the drafting of this clause fails to cover up that they would be authorizing a mega-operation of trafficking in cultural goods, typical of mercenary groups, and condemned by United Nations resolutions.
Likewise, as stated in the contract, Silvercorp would assume the reins of the Venezuelan state by being empowered to carry out police activities, shaping legislation to outlaw Chavismo and authorizing military maneuvers against the civilian population and government structures falsely accused of "collaborating" with "Hostile forces". The use of antipersonnel mines and large-scale armed operations is enabled directly against public institutions, FANB structures and headquarters of the Bolivarian Government where the "crimes" previously defined by Goudreau are committed.
Although the operation is based on an underestimation of the resistance capacity of Chavismo, it is important to note that the contract itself establishes in its calculations the form of government that Venezuela would have after the elimination of Maduro. It is a statement of purpose.
The "state model" projected by the contract is dangerously similar to the "Commonwealth" with which the United States justified its military and political occupation of the Philippines after the war for its colonial rule with the Spanish Empire. The similarity with the Platt Amendment applied to Cuba at the beginning of the 20th century and the current colonial status of Puerto Rico is also scandalous.
They seek to build a military occupation regime with annexationist features.
The ideas that have shaped the contract establish that Venezuela would lose its status as a sovereign Republic, to become a military regime, with parliamentary disguise (there the Guaidó puppet would come in to play), occupied and directed by the United States.
This pattern of thinking is related to the US occupation (misnamed stabilization) in Iraq.
Recall that after the military intervention, Washington appointed Paul Bremer (hawk linked to Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger) as its administrator for Iraq, transferring powers that were within the scope of the Hussein government.

Behind former President George W. Bush is Dick Cheney, then the American Vice President and one of the masterminds behind the Iraq war. Photo: Mark Wilson

As president of the Coalition Provisional Authority (APC), Bremer would be charged with "rebuilding the country" by authorizing oil contracts with US companies, facilitating army incursions and creating a new framework for persecuting Ba'athism. The United States ruled the country by militarizing and expanding the lofty British colonial model.
The neocolonial management of Bremer updated, according to the hawks' geopolitical prism, the model of governance through an army of occupation that would lead the destinies of the country and control of the institutions for the benefit of private corporations.
For this reason, Silvercorp's contract establishes the armed path to neoliberalism, illegally transferring the country's security and defense powers to the Goudreau mercenary firm.
With these tools, the country would be pushed into a phase of fragmentation, institutional dissolution and "somalization", where large corporations could take control, by hiring mercenaries, of oil wells, gas fields and gold mines before the annulment of the rule of law and the destruction of the country's monopoly over its strategic resources.
The current coordinates of the geopolitical conflict also weave the clauses of the contract: the voracity of a capitalism in crisis, in times of pandemic, disputes with the nation-state for the control of higher rates of profit and exploitation.
In the Venezuelan chapter of this rising Third World War, the document exposes the geopolitical drive to reduce state obstacles to the benefit of the flow of liquid capital, flexible and without border and institutional control.
And it was the armed route selected by Washington to precipitate this operation of constitutional and political resetting of the Homeland. ... 14eb34e77a

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"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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Re: Venezuela

Post by blindpig » Mon May 18, 2020 1:22 pm

Venezuela Reveals Proof of Guaido’s Involvement in Foiled Plot

Guaido has resorted to denying everything despite physical evidence and testimonies from his own team. | Photo: AFP

Published 17 May 2020

Five days before the raid, a Florida law firm representing Silvercorp USA sent a letter to Guaido to remind them that they owed an initial payment.

Venezuela’s government revealed Sunday more evidence that links lawmaker Juan Guaido with the foiled May 3 plot, aimed at killing President Nicolas Maduro through mercenaries hired by the firm Silvercorp USA.

Despite denying any involvement in the failed incursion, five days before the raid, Volk Law - a Florida law firm representing Silvercorp USA - sent a letter to Guaido and other members of the opposition to remind them that they owed an initial payment of US$1.5 million on an Oct. 16, 2019 contract that was “past due.”

The April 28 letter reads that the “administration of Juan Guaido was supposed to pay Silvercorp USA,” represented by former green beret Jordan Goudreau, the retainer fee within five days after the opposition lawmaker and a handful of allies signed the US$212.9 million contract for services “backed/secured by Venezuelan barrels of oil.”

In addition to Guaido, the letter is addressed to other signatories of the contract such as Juan Jose Rendon, Sergio Vergara, and Manuel Retureta. It was also forwarded to Carlos Vecchio and Fernando Blasi.

On April 28, Volk Law sent a collection notice for US$1.5 million agreed between Guaido and Goudreau in the Oct. 16, 2019, contract with Silvercorp USA. Here is the letter.

The former U.S. special forces went public arguing he only got US$50,000 through political consultant Juan Jose Rendon and the opposition kept promising to get him the rest but didn’t deliver.

The U.S.-based company hired by Guaido and his allies was meant to provide services, including “strategic planning,” “equipment procuring” and “project execution advisement.”

The U.S. mercenary was allegedly responsible for training a contingent of 300 Venezuelan army deserters in three makeshift camps alongside the Colombian-Venezuelan border who were to enter Venezuela in a heavily armed caravan and seize the capital within 96 hours.

These investigations and more than 90 arrests are now part of the unraveling of the so-called ‘Operation Gedeon’, which is lead by Goudreau. ... -0008.html

Video at link highly recommended. What the people can do.
"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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Venezuela Demands the UN to Act on US, Colombia's Interferences

The ambassador reiterated that the U.N. Charter is being systematically breached by the U.S. and Colombia. | Photo: @CancilleriaVE

Published 20 May 2020 (11 hours 36 minutes ago)

"We urge the United Nations Security Council to carry out the task of maintaining peace and security, we demand that it stops the war policies of the U.S. and Colombia," Venezuelan Ambassador to the U.N. said.

Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations Samuel Moncada denounced Wednesday before the body’s Security Council (UNSC) the U.S. and Colombia's involvement in foiled mercenary plot carried out earlier this month against the South American nation.

"The world has seen the armed actions carried out against my country. The U.S. government and Colombia helped in the planning, financing, training, and today they are protecting the mercenaries and terrorists who wanted to attack the (Venezuelan) civilian population, commit targeted assassinations against officials, and kill President (Nicolas) Maduro," Moncada said.

The ambassador reiterated that the U.N. Charter is being systematically breached, with the U.S. and Colombia violating international laws, especially those prohibiting any state from allowing the recruitment of mercenaries or the supplying of facilities to carry out attacks on another state.

"The U.S. and Colombia violated resolution 1279 banning states from allowing the preparation of terrorist actions on their territories; resolution 1373 which implies that states must avoid giving support to entities or persons involved in terrorist actions; resolution 1456, which urges states to help each other investigate and punish acts of terrorism," Venezuela’s representative explained.

Moncada said that the White House and Colombia refused to collaborate with the Venezuelan authorities to punish those responsible for the maritime attacks.

Yet, on May 13, the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump pushed cynicism to the point of including Venezuela in the list of countries that do not collaborate in the fight against terrorism, along with Cuba, North Korea, Iran, and Syria.

Regarding the illegal economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed on Venezuela by Washington, Moncada reiterated that it was a violation of the U.N. Charter as well.

"The U.S. Government has admitted it is pressuring companies to not send gasoline to Venezuela. What would happen if New York did not have gasoline in the midst of a global pandemic? This would be considered a crime against humanity. It is what the U.S. is doing to 30 million Venezuelans," he added.

The Venezuelan official also mentioned the new threat against cargoes en route to Venezuela with fuel. In case the threats materialize and the cargoes are intercepted, it will be an armed action against the ships and the people of Venezuela and another violation of international norms, he denounced.

"We urge the United Nations Security Council to carry out the task of maintaining peace and security, we demand that it stops the war policies of the U.S. and Colombia," Moncada said.

"Our country does not represent a threat and we have to learn this lesson, Venezuela is not for sale, it will never be the colony of anyone and our people will continue to fight to remain free," the ambassador concluded. ... -0023.html
"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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Re: Venezuela

Post by blindpig » Tue May 26, 2020 1:05 pm

Venezuela: Iranian Tankers Start Fueling El Palito Refinery

Tankers began unloading fuel at the El Palito oil refinery. | Photo: Twitter/@rmenendezp

Published 25 May 2020 (16 hours 23 minutes ago)

The operation is part of the cooperation agreements and the strengthening of diplomatic relations between the two countries

Both Iranian tankers that have arrived at the coasts of Venezuela, carrying fuel to meet the demand of this South American country, started fueling gasoline Monday at the northern state of Carabobo in the Palito refinery.

The Fortune, docked on Saturday, and the Forest, which arrived in the early hours of May 25, are two of the five tankers already in the country. The tankers were escorted by ships and planes of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) due to the threats received from the United States.

Along with the Petunia, Faxon, and Clavel, the ships are carrying gasoline and other equipment that will restart the fuel production at the El Palito refinery, one of the most important oil processing complexes in the nation.

Gasoline production and distribution reactivated at El Palito refinery after the arrival to Venezuelan territory of chemical additives and fuels from the Iranian vessel "Fortune."

Oil Minister Tareck El Aissami, present at the arrival of the Fortune on behalf of the government of Venezuela, thanked the government of Iran for sending the ships and stated that their berth expresses the countries self-determination.

"We are very fortunate to have Iran in these times," said the also Vice President of Economy, in a small ceremony at the port, adding that "deeds like this should be a normal thing, not an expression of resistance to the hegemonic claims of the U.S."

El Palito oil refinery, which had to reduce its operations as a result of the blockade, supplies Venezuela's central-western area through pipes that go all the way to Valencia and then spread to the rest of the country. ... -0009.html


What affects the fuel supply in Venezuela?

Despite the upsurge in US coercive measures, the Venezuelan authorities have evaluated strategies to deal with the situation. | Photo: EFE

Published on 25 May 2020 (10 hours 12 minutes ago)

The Venezuelan government has warned of the US persecution to ships that carry fuel to the South American country.

The Government of Venezuela has repeatedly denounced the consequences of unilateral and illegal coercive measures imposed by the United States (US), which threaten the stability of the population, one of the effects being the supply of fuel in the country .

The illegal appropriation of the refiner Citgo, a subsidiary of the state-owned Petróleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA), was denounced in April 2019 by President Nicolás Maduro, who assured that the US He indebted the company for $ 1.3 billion, in complicity with the opposition in his country.

Citgo was Venezuela's main oil refining and trading company for gasoline, lubricants and petrochemicals that Venezuela had abroad, whose assets amounting to $ 7 billion were frozen by the Donald Trump Administration in January 2019.

On the other hand, the illegal traffic of fuel across the border has also affected the presence of gasoline in the national market and has caused considerable economic losses to the country, facts that the Government of Venezuela has faced through legal actions.

Why has the fuel supply been affected?

- The Caribbean country has been unable to import the chemical additives, supplies and spare parts necessary for the refining of national crude, classified by the American Petroleum Institute as an extra-heavy oil.

- Venezuela cannot purchase US-made spare parts to upgrade its refineries of the same technological origin.

- Commercial oil flows have been affected since, as Venezuelan authorities have denounced, the US It prevents the South American nation from negotiating with suppliers from other countries and persecutes anyone who wants to provide support.

- In the midst of the current pandemic, after the intensification of the coercive measures, the fuel supply in the different service stations of the country is irregular, which affects the distribution of the product to the population.

- Washington ordered to block Venezuelan payments for cabotage services for the transportation of fuel, which has caused difficulties in the supply of this product.

Actions of the Venezuelan Government

The Vice President of Economy of Venezuela, Tareck el Aissami, has assured that the workers of the oil industry, together with the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) before each energy situation, work tirelessly "to restore in the shortest possible time the regular supply of fuel for the whole country. "

The Venezuelan leader announced on April 5 a special fuel distribution plan during the quarantine of the new coronavirus, to guarantee the mobility of priority sectors except for complying with social isolation.

Similarly, he described the US aggressions as "serious violations of the human rights of the Venezuelan people," which acquire the category of "crimes against humanity contrary to international law and to the United Nations." ... -0046.html

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"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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Re: Venezuela

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Voluntad Popular, a terrorist organization
Mission Truth

May 26 · 5 min read

Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López during the attempted coup in 2019. Photo: Manaure Quintero / Reuters

The party led by Leopoldo López has been detached from politics for years. And if it is still tied to certain institutional ligaments such as the National Assembly, even in the time it has found itself in contempt, it is because something of the appearances must be maintained. But Voluntad Popular (VP) is the organization that has most notoriously led the terrorist phase of the anti-Chavism political agenda.
VP's goals are tied to extremist political factions in Washington and Florida in the United States, and even to corporate and academic interests, which yearn for the death of the Bolivarian Republic and the members of the government of Nicolás Maduro.
The most notable elements of VP are Leopoldo López and Carlos Vecchio , fugitives from Venezuelan justice: the first, its undisputed leader, is a graduate of Kennedy College of Harvard University , a campus that serves as managerial training for the order established by the power American; the other is a lawyer whose most prominent employer was (is it?) the ExxonMobil company, himself being an outspoken advocate for the US oil company to the point of having mounted "an unsuccessful legal challenge" against the oil industry restructuring that led Hugo Chávez out.
Without going too far, Juan Guaidó was born and raised under the banner of VP, which explains his assumption of the category of "interim president" of an imaginary government backed only by the power that Washington emanates at the international level, an issue that has not It has been enough to achieve regime change in Venezuela.
In such a way the organization led by López is linked to certain power groups in the United States that come to replicate their ways: hiring the worst elements of society to carry out their objectives ( remember the dismemberment Pérez Venta ), carrying out plans that only lead to destabilization and chaos through violent means.

Leopoldo López with María Corina Machado and José Pérez Venta, a homicidal butcher who was part of his security ring during “La Salida” in 2014. Photo: File

File of a terrorist organization (supported by the drug trafficker)

This Monday, May 25, the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, requested before the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) that VP be declared as a “criminal organization for terrorist purposes” under the interpretation of articles 31 and 32 of the Organic Law against Organized Crime and Financing of Terrorism .
To the corporate media and related to the objectives of VP it seems a scandal, but there is sufficient evidence to justify giving it the category of “criminal organization for terrorist purposes”. There is hardly a single attempted coup or attack against the legitimate institutions of Venezuela in which López's party is not incorporated, be it on an intellectual or material level.
The VP record has its darkest chapters in the terrorist acts of 2014 and 2017, years in which the Venezuelan opposition used the color revolution model previously tried in the former Yugoslavia, Ukraine and many other countries to force a change of regime in the country.
It is worth remembering that, in 2014, 43 Venezuelans died and another 870 were injured by the call for "La Salida" by VP together with María Corina Machado. That year Leopoldo López was arrested and prosecuted for his responsibility in detonating the color revolution.
Subsequently, with Freddy Guevara at the forefront of national coordination, and the lack of López as visible leadership, VP played a fundamental role in the armed phase of the 2017 guarimbas, financing, organizing and leading irregular groups with US money channeled through networks of NGO. There were more than 130 deaths due to the conflicts caused by that clique and more than 135 million dollars in material losses .

Freddy Guevara led a good part of the shock groups, guarimberos and terrorists that participated in the months of armed insurrection against the Nicolás Maduro government. Photo: Pedro Mattey / AVN

2016 was not without terrorist and violent conspiracies on your part. In the middle of the year, two of their militants were arrested with money to supply terrorists and people to participate in looting and urban disturbances in different parts of the country. Yon Goicochea was captured with explosives that were going to be used in an opposition march call.
During all these stages, VP had the support and financing of the United States government. For example, Luis Florido (then VP deputy), through the efforts of Luis Almagro, was able to hold several meetings in Washington DC in 2017 to coordinate the diplomatic encirclement against Venezuela and channel funds to the coffers of the corrupt opposition leadership.
However, the emergence of the Guaidó plan in 2019 as a coup experiment by the White House inaugurated a new period of irregular violence, alternated with financial piracy and looting of Venezuelan assets abroad.
VP has received unusual amounts of funding from the State Department: with the approval of the TRUTH Act in December 2019, the party's militants added an additional $ 400 million for destabilizing purposes in Venezuela.
Perhaps the most scandalous reference was when the relationship with the Colombian drug paramilitarism was added to the terrorist record, once Guaidó made his transit to Cúcuta, guarded by Los Rastrojos and under the protection of the Colombian government of President Iván Duque in February 2019.

Attorney General Tarek William Saab investigates Juan Guaidó for ties to Colombian drug paramilitary groups. Photo: EFE.

López's party has been active in operations dismantled by the Venezuelan state. In order not to go too far, Guaidó and López themselves were at the forefront of a coup attempt in 2019 that turned out to be a botched job and at the end of the year it became known that some of its members and the police they bought attempted to storm a FANB headquarters in the Sucre state to steal the weapons and supply it to terrorist cells.
Now, after the mercenary attempt of May 3 and 4, knowing the details of the agreement with the contractor Silvercorp, in which the figure of Guaidó is understood as "Commander-in-Chief" of the frustrated Operation Gideon, the entire route is synthesized VP terrorist and criminal.
A file that will be evaluated by the TSJ to determine the responsibilities in various crimes against the nation throughout its 10 years as an organization introduced in Venezuelan politics in a nominal way, even though it has decided to opt for a terrorist organization supported by the Colombian drug traffickers. .
That the American media and politicians (and their conservators in South America) constantly wash the hands and faces of their members does not mean that they do not meet the profile of terrorists. This characterization is well earned. ... f3df8785b0
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"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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Re: Venezuela

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Venezuela: Gold Kept at Bank Of England Needed To Fight COVID

Bank of England's only task is the custody of the gold | Photo: EFE/Andy Rain

Published 27 May 2020 (10 hours 4 minutes ago)

The South American country and United Nations will seek to release the gold held in the British entity.

Venezuela's Central Bank (BCV) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) agreed to use part of the gold deposited in the Bank of England to acquire food and medicine to face the Covid-19 pandemic, BCV President Calixto Ortega declared on Wednesday.

On May 28, Venezuelan authorities will appear in a London court to defend the mechanism established with the UNDP in March. As Ortega said, they will claim that the Bank of England refuses to follow the instructions to sell part of the gold held by the BCV in that institution.

"The Bank of England is not complying with the contract signed with the Central Bank and is risking its prestige," he denounced.
The British entity's only task is the custody of the gold.

"Executive Vice President of Venezuela denounced the theft of Venezuelan gold by the Bank of England "this Thursday, there will be a hearing in the English courts, we hope that global financial laws will be respected."
"We agreed with the UNDP that they would receive the funds directly," Ortega explained. "It's not my word; it's not that I'm saying I'm going to buy food, medicine, and medical equipment. It is the United Nations that is saying it, and they are not going to lend themselves to anything shady, anything that is not neutral, independent," he pointed.

According to a complaint made by Executive Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, since March the Bank of England has frozen 31 tons of gold belonging to Venezuela, due to the British government's position of not recognizing President Nicolas Maduro's administration. She added that opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido is behind this maneuver to strip Venezuela of its assets and thus try to oust Maduro from the presidency.

Amid Covid-19 pandemic, Venezuela will also file a complaint with the International Criminal Court, for extermination and crimes against humanity. The gold retained by the British bank would be used to fight the disease, at a time when the blockade imposed by the US on the South American nation is increasing in strength. ... -0020.html
"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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