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Post by blindpig » Mon Apr 27, 2020 3:45 pm

Capital and the pandemic: an example of interaction

Will “anti-crisis measures” save workers?

Recently, the author of these lines had a chance to communicate with one private entrepreneur, who at one time started as a truck driver. Things went well with him, he got up and now set up his own enterprise, hired other drivers. The conversation turned to coronavirus.


Crisis and virus
The interlocutor, discussing quarantine measures, said something like this:

“If at least one driver confesses that he was in contact with a person who has been diagnosed with a coronavirus, I will forbid this driver to work. And for at least a month he will not receive money. ”

It is easy to guess that this person is far from the only representative of the business who adheres to such a position. And just as easy to understand what this means.

Of course, any worker placed by the "master" in such conditions, not wanting to be without a livelihood, will in every way hide the fact that he is in the "risk group". If you are not lucky, then until the last moment, until you have obvious symptoms of the disease and are forced to call a doctor. That is, all this time he will involuntarily be a kind of “walking biological bomb” spreading an infection around him and infecting everyone who is near.

If an entrepreneur himself, having placed such conditions for his wage laborers, falls into this dug hole of his own, then this can even be considered retribution. But many and many outsiders are in danger! And in this case it’s not at all the fault of the worker - he didn’t go to barbecue, like a careless urban man, but was put by his employer in a situation in which he was forced to hide the danger.


Therefore, it will not be a great exaggeration to say that the behavior of many representatives of the bourgeoisie in a situation where a country is fighting an epidemic is somewhat similar to the behavior of terrorists. Only the latter consciously sacrifice the lives of civilians in pursuit of their political goals, and the former endanger their subordinates and those around them in pursuit of maintaining profit.

“But the authorities are taking measures to support the business ! - someone will say. “ It seems that six-month tax deferrals (except VAT) were accepted, and the term of loan payments was extended for six months, and a moratorium on bankruptcy was introduced, and the terms for fulfilling government orders should be adjusted to reflect the current situation . ” And even loans for the payment of salaries are supposed, let's listen to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin , who at the end of March at a meeting of the right-wing committee on competition and development of small and medium enterprises said the following:

“On behalf of the president, we are preparing a number of additional measures. We are launching a zero-interest loan subsidy program for entrepreneurs. I set the task for the first entrepreneurs to receive such loans next week. The main condition for such a loan is the preservation of the number of employees. If unjustified dismissals begin, then the interest rate will increase accordingly. Another decision at the elaboration stage: this is a delay in rent not only for state property, but also for commercial space in shopping centers. ”

Of course, the government is trying to look preoccupied with social issues, and it still cannot completely abandon its social obligations. But how great are all these good wishes for the chances of being fulfilled?

Let's be objective: not all those who are engaged in small and medium-sized businesses behave in such an unpleasant manner. In addition, a huge number of small and even medium-sized entrepreneurs are now placed in very difficult economic conditions. Under a certain set of circumstances, they themselves, like wage workers, may face the need to find livelihoods. However, as we see, there are those who are well aware that if you have the audacity and strength, you can get much more profit without government support.

If the government really wanted to really help those whose sole capital is its labor force, then by saying “A”, it would certainly have to say “B”. That is not only “oblige”Entrepreneurs to maintain work collectives and their monetary content, but also to ensure the fulfillment of this good wish. And if an entrepreneur really tries to maintain his enterprise, his staff, at least somehow to support his workers in a difficult situation, then such entrepreneurs really should provide that very state assistance and support. But at the very first complaint of the worker about an attempt to dismiss or stop paying salaries under the pretext that “the company has no money,” bailiffs should intervene in the case, according to the logic of things. Just like they come to collect debts to ordinary, ordinary people. And directly demand from an overly entrepreneurial leader: “There is no money in the wage fund - sell property, even personal!” .

Anti-crisis measures
But we do not hear about such measures. And, according to the above words of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, the most that threatens the employer for “unjustified dismissals” is an increase in the interest rate on the loan. That will perfectly allow the most arrogant businessmen and businesswomen with a malicious smile to ignore all government calls and measures, and shift the solution of their problems to the shoulders of wage workers.

And what are the main conclusions from all this suggesting to the working people themselves?

The first is that even in the existing realities, even within the framework of the current bourgeois legislation, one can and must know and defend one's rights and interests. Moreover, there are still opportunities for this. But at the same time, one must be vigilant and learn to understand that often not very noticeable line, where the struggle for their rights and interests begins to quietly turn into a struggle for the interests of other bourgeois groups that hide behind liberal phrases and seek to use the discontent of workers for their political goals.

The second - to effectively defend these very rights and interests can only be combined in a team.

And finally, the third. It is pointless and even stupid to be led to liberal demagogy and demand an abstract "change of power", "lustration of" bad "officials" and "election of" good ". Because the main source of workers' problems is not at all a specific official, town governor or even president, but the bourgeois class that stands behind them all.

Not a cosmetic “change of power”, but a radical change in socio-economic principles should be our common goal.

I. Molchanov ... zaimodejs/

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COVID-19 began to mow Russian parliamentarians
Members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Kalashnikov and Novikov are already sick

A deputy of the State Duma from the Communist Party faction Dmitry Novikov confirmed to RIA Novosti that he had a coronavirus infection - the test he passed showed a positive result. Earlier, his colleague was informed about the hospitalization - also a deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Leonid Kalashnikov , whose test did not show the disease, however, computed tomography showed foci of inflammation in the lungs indicating coronavirus. According to the parliamentarian, he got infected from his driver.

State Duma deputies in respirators at a meeting

“I'm in the hospital. I am being treated for coronavirus, ”he told Interfax.

Kalashnikov spent a week in quarantine, and then he was hospitalized with symptoms of the disease. At the moment, the deputy is in a hospital with a high temperature, not connected to the ventilator.

Already at two deputies of the State Duma, a coronavirus was detected, this happened after two mass inspections conducted in late March and mid-April.

Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov said that the Communist Party will not expose party members to testing on COVID-19, since Kalashnikov was not at recent meetings. Meanwhile, Kalashnikov participated in the plenary meeting of the State Duma on April 14. Zyuganov believes that at that moment the parliamentarian "was not sick yet."

“We all walk under God,” the Communist Party leader told Interfax.

Coronavirus was previously detected in Russian politicians. In early April, there was an outbreak of the disease in the Moscow City Duma. On April 18, Ivan Zhukov , a deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma, died from injuries caused by a coronavirus infection .

COVID-19 was found in more than 74 thousand people in our country. Over the past day, 5966 people fell ill . A total of 681 people died, 6250 people recovered .

Not the time to gloat, the time to realize - the coronavirus mows not only ordinary workers who are not burdened with power and capital, but also the powers that be. The probability of infection for such citizens is much lower, and therefore we are obliged to pay attention to these cases in order to remain cautious and responsible.

In addition to the economic problems that the disease brings to capital and ordinary citizens, COVID-19 brings death. A particularly terrible situation is developing in the economically backward countries of Asia and Africa, ruined by international large companies . The coronavirus is about to take more than three million lives on the continent.

Despite the fact that this point of view is unpopular among left-wing movements and parties, we ask our comrades to stay at home and not physically contact the outside world, since in the interests of the working people, fighters should remain in order. Be healthy. ... arlamenta/
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Post by blindpig » Tue Apr 28, 2020 11:50 am

The clergyman cursed all those calling to close the church

The abbot of the convent, Nikolai Romanov (shiigumen Sergiy), in his speech cursed everyone who called for quarantine to close the church. The clergyman also said that there is no coronavirus, thus, according to him, Masons and representatives of some peoples are trying to seize power. As evidence of his fabrications, the priest quoted quotes from the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Nikolai Romanov is the confessor of many influential and famous politicians and athletes, for example, Natalia Poklonskaya and Pavel Datsyuk.


Our site has already written about the situation with the closure of churches in Russia and the Sverdlovsk region as well. Now we have heard the opinion of one of the representatives of the church, who insists not only on the inadmissibility of closing churches, cursing all who call for the closure of churches, but also proclaiming black-hundred, obscurantist, hateful slogans. At the same time, we see that the authorities are in no hurry to call this character to justice, despite the fact that his speech is filled with extremist slogans. Obviously, this figure has high patrons in government. This means that similar ideas circulate in power structures.

The Russian authorities flirted and continue to flirt with the Russian Orthodox Church. The state and the ROC have mutually beneficial cooperation: the state gives the church money, various benefits, and provides other support. The Russian Orthodox Church helps the state in propaganda. However, over the past 30 years, the Russian Orthodox Church has gained enough strength and gained some influence in society, so now the state has to reckon with the opinion of the Russian Orthodox Church, because in which case it may lose the support of part of the population, and a rather cohesive part. However, the Russian Orthodox Church cannot go into serious conflict with the state, because in any case, power is stronger than the church. Therefore, both the state and the Russian Orthodox Church take cautious and half-hearted measures: they don’t close the churches directly, but they call on parishioners to stay home. Of course, for many churchmen this situation is intolerable: they lose part of their income,

On the example of this speech, we see how greed, obscurantism and chauvinism pose a threat to human life and health. The work of the churches leads to the fact that the quarantine regime is incomplete, especially since the religious rites themselves contradict the basic rules of hygiene. ... vseh-priz/

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Post by blindpig » Mon May 04, 2020 1:48 pm

Most Russians disapprove of government actions in fighting coronavirus
The most terrible virus is capitalism

According to a Levada Center poll, 48% of Russians do not approve of the actions of the President and the government in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, 46% of Russians approve of the measures taken, 30% consider them insufficient, 18% - excessive.

The big part of the Russian population does not approve of the government coronavirus policy

The situation with the spread of the coronavirus infection in Russia continues to worsen (on April 30 there are over 106,000 infected ). Despite the measures taken for social distancing, the factual situation in cities simply got out of hand: lines in the Moscow metro, holding church services in many regions, in crowded spaces .

However, not only the virus is rampant in the world, but also the economic crisis . And here Russia, as in the fight against coronavirus, follows the example of the West. In some aspects it is more successful than in western countries, but in other aspects the situation is not so good.

The citizens of Russia have experienced the “beauty” of capitalism and, of course, blame the authorities. But the blame must not only be laid on the government, but also on the system itself that allowed the catastrophe happen. And along with the prosecution, it is necessary to make demands. These requirements are indicated in the joint statement of the communist and workers parties: the issuance of PPE to the population, the protection and support of medical personnel, the protection of the income and rights of workers. How to assert your rights, see our materials . ... ronavirus/


After the end of the self-isolation mode, food prices will rise
The poor will get poorer


After the abolition of restrictive measures and the end of the high-availability regime in Russia, food prices and imported goods may rise . Clothing and shoes are also more expensive. The rise in price will be caused by the fact that part of the clothing and footwear stores will close, the rest will raise prices to compensate for losses.

Rising food pricesAnother rise in prices for food and other goods will lead to a decrease in the well-being of workers. The situation is complicated by the fact that many of them will lose their jobs (according to some reports, the number of unemployed by the end of the year will increase to 8 million people), part of the workers were sent on vacation at their own expense during the quarantine period. Meanwhile, the Russian authorities are focusing their efforts on supporting small and medium-sized businesses, and workers' support is limited only by a certain increase in unemployment benefits and other minor measures.

The concern of the Russian authorities for business is explained by the fact that power in Russia belongs to the capitalists, the government and all institutions of power express the interests of the capitalists. That is why they care mainly about the well-being of the capitalists. Workers receive assistance on a residual basis, so much as, in the opinion of the government, not to show strong discontent. Workers can improve their situation, increase wages and increase government support measures. To do this, they need to actively fight for their interests and seek from the capitalists, from the authorities to improve their situation. In the case of intense protests, increased pressure on the government, leadership and capitalists will be forced to go to meet the working people.

Thus we see that in a bourgeois state, authorities care primarily about the well-being of the capitalists. Working people, through struggle, can improve their situation. However, this improvement will be temporary and minor. In order to achieve a significant improvement in their situation, workers need to create their own state, in which power will belong to them. ... odukty.jpg

"The poor will get poorer"

Yes indeed, and we can expect the same. Cuz somebody gotta pay for the reduction of profits and it ain't gonna be the oligarchy(here or there). Ya hear speakers on npr saying how this must change 'income inequality'(but whadda bout wealth?) but it ain't gonna be in the direction they got in mind.

(edit: changed equality to inequality)
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Russians can not get the help promised by the government
State support or populism?

Many Russians do not see any reason to seek state support to alleviate the difficulties caused by the epidemic and the crisis, since its size is often much less significant than the time and effort required to get it. This is clearly seen in the example of a survey conducted by the Socium Foundation in Yekaterinburg , which showed that only 22% of Yekaterinburg citizens who applied for state aid managed to get it at least in some amount.

Cutting socialMost often, citizens applied for receiving payments for children, unemployment benefits and deferred payments on loans. Most of these appeals, according to the survey, were not satisfied. And if we correlate the number of those who received financial support with the number of all residents of Yekaterinburg, at the moment, only 2% of the adult (18 years and older) city population could receive state support .

Speaking about their experience in applying for state support, many of the respondents indicated the impossibility of breaking through the bureaucratic barrier to receive assistance. It seems that the apparent lack of funds allocated to support citizens leads to the fact that officials deliberately "filter" the flow of applications, making it difficult to receive payments. And banks, for well-known reasons, are in no hurry to meet the needs of borrowing customers.

In general, state aid is addressed to very narrow social groups and is due to circumstances that are not so easy to confirm. Most residents of Yekaterinburg simply could not find themselves in this list and, as a result, more than 70% of respondents were not going to ask for any support at all and had to rely solely on their own strengths.

This study shows that the measures voiced by the government to support the population in a pandemic are more like populism than real help to the people. The bourgeois leadership of the Russian Federation prefers to take care of the needs of big business , while workers receive massive reductions and cuts in earnings .

About to what monstrous consequences such antinational policy results, we have already written. ... shhannuyu/


The potential of the support program for backbone companies is 1 trillion rubles
25 such enterprises will be able to apply for restructuring loans worth 200 billion rubles

MOSCOW, April 23. / TASS /. The support mechanism for backbone enterprises will begin to work next week, its potential is estimated at 1 trillion rubles, said First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov.

"The fourth program is in the launch stage and will begin to work next week. It is aimed at large backbone companies and is intended for soft loans for working capital replenishment in the amount of their average monthly stock required to maintain the liquidity of enterprises in the face of a sharp slowdown in cash flow due to the decline in economic activity. The potential of this program is about 1 trillion rubles, the number of participants is potentially about 1 thousand enterprises, "Belousov said on his owl AANII from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The backbone enterprises can apply for restructuring of loans for 200 billion rubles, in the short list of 11 transport, eight industrial and six energy companies.

“Starting next week, in addition to the working capital loan program for large backbone enterprises, an individual support mechanism for backbone companies is launched, such as it was in 2008 and in 2015. Previously, we have about 25 companies on the short list, 11 of them are from transport , eight from industry, six from energy. The portfolio of obligations requiring restructuring is almost 200 billion rubles, we will assist them together with banks, but on an individual basis, "said High Deputy Prime Minister.

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People like animals

The fiftieth floor, on which the board of directors met, was the most obvious example of the "chicken coop principle." Higher than these people, few climbed the shaky career ladder. And Silver Silver Corporation is definitely nobody. And now, among these people with considerable power, a grandiose fight was outlined. However, only three clashed. Varvara Markovna Shlitsova, chief economist. Yuri L. Kostyuk, head of the investment sector. The third was Artyom Sergeyevich Polokha, in fact, the general director of the corporation.

The remaining sixteen directors and department heads were extras and waited for who would prevail. He began, as the most important, Artyom Sergeyevich:

“Gentlemen,” he pretended to be forgotten, because the only woman on the council was Varvara Markovna (the fine hairpin did not make Shlitsova even frown) - and the ladies. The first thing I want to put on the agenda is the Krasavino plant. You see, sanctions hit the corporation hard.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement, although the only thing the company felt from the sanctions was that the shovel with which they rowed money became a thousandth of a gram easier. And the whole point was that under the guise of sanctions it was possible to do something for which at normal times you could rattle in prison. Whatever the reason for calling it possible to increase profits or reduce costs, they will nod their heads with the same smart look. Even if the cause is a declaration of war on Santa Claus by the Antarctic penguins.


Now Artyom Sergeyevich needed to show to the whole audience that he was a powerful leader, not afraid of difficult decisions. Show teeth.

“I propose reducing a thousand workers,” he rapped out with carefully calibrated intonation.

He made an impression. A thousand hard workers in a forty thousand town can bring a big rustle.

Chubby and seemingly good-natured Yuri Lvovich rose. He lifted his gaze from the papers, which until the last second he went through his hands and looked around with a sharp, stern look of a completely heartless man:

“It won’t help,” the deep bass did not match the appearance, but was as well worked out as the look (at one time he even hired theater tutors). - If you dismiss so much, then the plant is still khan, only it will take some more time to feed the rest of the hard workers. It is necessary to declare the company bankrupt.

A whisper swept across the table. The bankruptcy of a working plant is no longer a joke. The FSB may be interested in such a thing. But Kostyuk never ventures in vain. So his position is stronger than that of the general. Approximately such thoughts came to the rest of the board of directors. Artyom Sergeyevich gritted his teeth.

Shlitsova immediately jumped up. She didn’t want to be jammed. After all, everyone knows how easy it is to slide down the career ladder. It was urgent to solve something. And she went all-in:

- If you hire lawyers from Murevich and Sons, I think it will be possible to cut compensation payments by half. And if you force them to renegotiate the contract under the threat of dismissal, then eighty percent.

CEO Polokha felt the throne swaying beneath him. He drank water to hide a grimace behind a glass. Okay, not yet evening. Let a small retreat, but the battle is not over yet. But the meeting must be closed and each of the council talk in person. “ You can’t just bring down Poloha, my dears, ” he thought. For half an hour they discussed smaller matters, and then went away on their own business.

Almost immediately Kostyuk left. But he did not go to his mansion or even to a restaurant. No, he went to a small apartment, where he was the only one. Before that, I stopped at a shopping center. Looking around every second, like a spy in a bad film, he popped into the children's goods department. He put the purchases in a specially prepared opaque bag and almost ran off to his secret lair.


There, closing the door with three locks, he sighed in relief. He threw off the wolf skin in the corridor and went into the only room. Of the furniture there was only a cheap desk, a stool and a mattress in the corner. However, he never used a mattress. This room was for another.

From a bag he took out children's coloring books, and from a desk drawer a set of good colored pencils. Rubbing his bald head with a handkerchief, Yuri Lvovich painted Disney princesses and flowers, squirrels from Soviet cartoons and not at all scary cartoon dragons. At such moments, he did not want to remember the anger, prudence and, most importantly, the wolf skin that lay in the corridor and was waiting in the wings.

Two hours later, Mrs. Shlitsova left the office. Her apartment was not far away, right in the center, in a luxurious house isolated from strangers for especially wealthy people. It would be possible to walk, but this is for plebeians. For real businesswoman there are gyms and country clubs. The driver, who helped her get into an armored Mercedes, almost stepped on her leg.

- Once again, you will do so, I’ll fire him! She hissed at him.

The driver was silent, he knew that with this soulless bitch it is better to remain silent, maybe he will forget. He was not mistaken, all the way Varvara Markovna thought of Andrei. Still climbing the elevator, she was looking forward to talking with the guy.

Andrei has been working in the field of a corrupt vice for seven years, and he did not have a stranger client. But Varvara Markovna paid so much that one could endure everything, including the need to drink cheap vodka from a faceted glass.

The key is turned in the lock. Andrei shook his head, getting used to the role and, as soon as she entered, he said:

- Where is you, your mother?

Varvara Markovna's legs weakened from such treatment. The wolf skin itself slipped from its drooping shoulders, and from this it became inexpressibly easy, as if it were made of lead.

- Eat, cook, sheep! - ordered Andrey.

Shlitsova dutifully wandered into the kitchen. Andrei sat on a stool in shabby cheap sweatpants and a T-shirt. I poured vodka into a faceted glass. Not as he loved, neatly and a little, no, they paid for gurgling and spraying on the table. For a long time he knew that his rich had “bends” in his head. Why should he understand that the only way Varvara Markovna can get rid of the curse of her own ambitions and power. He just did his job, even if it included eating burnt eggs and swear words about it. Then there will be rough, as Shlitsova herself called it, “collective farm” sex, and she will fall asleep with a happy smile on her face.


Artyom Sergeevich Polokha took off his wolf skin in front of only one single person. Not in front of his wife, whom he considered a trophy, nor, especially, in front of his mistresses. He did not need them at all, but the position obliged him to have at least two. No, the only living thing that saw him real was his daughter Anna.

For him she was a whole world. Even when he was returning late, Artyom went into his daughter's room and stood there for several minutes, feeling an unusual ease and joy.

Today, Anna did not sleep. He came to her, threw an old stinking wolfskin on the threshold and embraced his native man. There was no need to be afraid. There was no one who wanted to bite him. Or just make meanness. His little girl, pure and sinless.

She talked about her joys, victories and small ones, and what they still happen at fourteen, sorrows. They laughed, and Artyom felt happy. My daughter asked for pocket expenses. Like a loving father, he reached into his pocket for his wallet. How not to give your child candy? At that moment, the wife came in and said:

- Do not give!

- Do not understand? - Artyom Sergeyevich did not tolerate an imperious tone from anyone.

“Don’t let it,” the wife repeated in a flat, wooden voice and threw him a bag of white powder. “I found this in her backpack.”

Artyom Sergeyevich never used drugs, but instantly realized that the daughter was carrying with her ... and why. His little angel was a drug addict. A dirty, stinky drug addict. Aware of this fact, a lump of nails moved in his chest.

The wolf skin stirred on the threshold of the nursery and crawled to Artyom herself. Would stop, but where there. The gray fur that has already fallen over is again on the shoulders. With a short wave, he whipped his daughter in the face. Anya screamed. Not from pain, from surprise. Father never beat her. Never raised his voice. He never looked at her with such yellow animal eyes. The first blow was followed by a second, third ...

Artyom Sergeyevich stood over a sobbing child and honestly tried to throw off a wolf's skin. That mask that those in power wear in order not to hear their conscience. But the trouble is: if you put on the wolf skin too often, it will grow forever.

Roman Udartsev

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All true in so many cases I am sure, and worth remembering for our full understanding. Nonetheless they will be hanged for their crimes, by & by.
"We ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror."

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Re: Russia today

Post by blindpig » Fri May 08, 2020 10:29 pm

Declaration of Communist and Workers Parties on the 75th Anniversary of the Victory over Fascism

In the name of freedom, peace and truth - against fascism and war

The victory over fascism in World War II is the greatest event in history, the memory of which must be preserved and protected from the ongoing attempts of historical falsification, the purpose of which is to forget the leading role of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, communists and anti-fascists around the world in defeating Nazism.

Victory Banner was red

Nazi fascism generated by capitalism was the most terrorist manifestation of monopoly capital. It was he who was responsible for the outbreak of that aggressive war, which led to the deaths of about 75 million people, of whom about 27 million were Soviet citizens who died on the battlefields and as a result of unlimited suffering in Nazi concentration camps. Peoples also cannot forget about black pages, such as the US atomic bombings of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, without any military justification, but only to demonstrate their power and hegemonic goals at the global level.

The Second World War (1939-1945) was the result of aggravation of inter-imperialist contradictions, and also aimed at the destruction of the first socialist state, the USSR, which was expressed, in particular, in aiding the Great Britain, France and the United States, the expansionist ambitions of the rearmed Nazi Germany .

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Victory on May 9, 1945, the undersigned communist and workers parties are convinced that they express the feelings and desires of workers and peoples of the whole world, calling on:

*pay tribute to all those who gave their lives on the battlefields against the fascist hordes, to honor the memory of the heroically opposed anti-fascist fighters, the heroic Soviet people and the Red Army led by the Communist Party, whose contribution is inscribed in the heroic pages of military history, such as the battles of Moscow , Leningrad and Stalingrad, which became decisive for the Victory over fascist barbarism.
*recognize that the victory over Nazi Germany and its allies under the Anti-Comintern Pact was achieved thanks to the decisive contribution of the USSR, the class nature of Soviet power, based on the participation of the masses and the leading role of the Communist Party, the superiority of the socialist system. This victory represents the great historical legacy of the revolutionary movement;
*to appreciate the outstanding successes in the process of social and national liberation of peoples and workers that were made possible thanks to the victory and advancement of the forces of social peace and progress, the expansion of the socialist camp to Europe, Asia and Latin America, the conquests of the labor movement in capitalist countries, the rapid development of the national liberation movement and the subsequent liquidation of colonial empires;
*expose and condemn campaigns aimed at downplaying, distorting or even refuting the decisive role of the USSR and the Communists in defeating Nazi fascism, moreover, falsely and unfairly blame the Soviet Union at the beginning of World War II, erase the guilt of big capital and the governments that served it in assistance to fascism and the outbreak of war, in the justification and rehabilitation of fascism, the destruction of monuments and the memory of the liberating role of the Soviet Army, the promotion of anti-communism and the criminalization of communists and anti-fascist s;
*expose and condemn EU anti-communist resolutions and an attempt at historical and slanderous falsification, equating socialism with a fascist monster;
*to warn that imperialism increasingly relies on fascism and war as a “way out” of the deepening crisis of the capitalist system, whose inhuman character is especially evident when, even in the conditions of a serious epidemic outbreak, Covid-19, imperialism of the USA, NATO, the EU and its allied capitalist powers pursue a criminal policy of blockade and aggression against countries and peoples;
*recognize that the struggle for peace, social progress and socialism are inseparable; to commit themselves to help strengthen the common cause of the working class, working people and peoples of the whole world, political forces interested in preventing the spread of fascism and participating in the struggle against imperialism, imperialist aggression and unleashing a new tragic war.


The situation in which the working people and peoples of the world are underscoring the importance of intensifying the anti-imperialist struggle for the sovereignty of peoples and the independence of states, for the rights of workers and peoples on the path to revolutionary overcoming the capitalist system, which creates fascism, war, injustice and other dangerous contradictions of the current moment. Like 75 years ago, it is precisely the struggle of the Communists and all those who are faced with capitalist exploitation and oppression that will open the way for the future of mankind.

Communist Party of Argentina
Communist Party of Armenia
Communist Party of Australia
Party of labor of austria
Communist Party of Azerbaidjan
Communist Party of Bangladesh
Communist Party of Belarus
Communist Party of Belgium
Communist Party of Brazil
Communist Party of Britain
New communist party of britain
Communist Party of Canada
Communist Party of Chile
Colombian communist party
Socialist Worker's Party of Croatia
Communist Party of Cuba
The Progressive Party of the Working People - AKEL
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Communist Party in Denmark
Egyptian Communist Party
Communist Party of Finland
French communist party
Pole of communist revival in france
Communist Revolutionary Party of France
Unified Communist Party of Georgia
German communist party
Communist Party of Greece
Hungarian worker's party
Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Communist party of india
Tudeh Party of Iran
Iraqi Communist Party
Kurdistan Communist Party - Iraq
Communist party of ireland
Workers Party of Ireland
Communist Party of Israel
Italian Communist Party
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(The list continues to replenish) ... rabochi-2/

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In Germany, the culprit of the Second World War was named

Reason to call forgot

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and German historian Andreas Wirsching published an article blaming Germany for unleashing the Second World War. According to them, only Germany is responsible for starting a war.

WWII started

Perhaps from the very beginning of the Second World War, bourgeois propagandists, especially representatives of extreme right-wing, reactionary circles, have spared no effort in putting the blame for starting a war in the USSR. Such voices have become especially strong in the last 30 years since the collapse of the USSR, and the floods of lies and lies pour not only abroad, but also in Russia.

Such actions have two goals: on the one hand, to discredit the USSR and socialism as much as possible, and on the other, to justify capitalism, to prove the innocence of the capitalist system in unleashing the Second World War. At the same time, Mr. Foreign Minister of Germany is not quite right in accusing Germany only of unleashing the Second World War. The allies of Hitlerite Germany bear the same responsibility in starting a war: the most important are Japan and Italy, as well as the smaller ones, but also playing a large role in the preparation and conduct of the war.

With the help of war, the capitalists of these countries hoped to acquire new colonies, enslave entire countries, while seizing sources of raw materials, food and cheap labor, as well as destroy the world's first socialist country. However, the imperialists of these countries also had assistants: the imperialists of the USA, Great Britain and France, who hoped, by directing the aggression of Germany and Japan on the USSR, to destroy the USSR and temporarily quench the appetites of the German and Japanese monopolists. All these aspirations ultimately led to the start of World War II. At the same time, the Soviet Union made every effort to prevent war, and then during the war made the main and decisive contribution to the defeat and destruction of fascism.

Thus, the main culprit in the outbreak of World War II, as well as the First, is capitalism. However, recognition by modern bourgeois scholars and politicians in their studies cannot reach recognition of this fact. The most progressive and honest of them only go so far as to point to those states that have a direct responsibility in starting a war, without pointing to the main cause of the war. This is understandable, since then you will have to admit the guilt of capitalism itself and the fact that now it has turned into a criminal and reactionary system that must be eliminated until it unleashes another world war, which eclipses all previous wars. ... oj-mirovo/

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Re: Russia today

Post by blindpig » Tue May 12, 2020 1:27 pm

In Moscow, mortality increased
The result of medicine optimization

Mortality in Moscow in April exceeded the average mortality rate over ten years by 17%. The average April rate for ten years is 9,866 people; in 2020, 11,846 people died in Moscow, i.e. almost 2 thousand more. Mortality from coronavirus for all time in Moscow amounted to 1068 people.

Healthcare optimization

The coronavirus epidemic has led to an increase in mortality in Moscow. Moreover, mortality from coronavirus gives only about half of the increase in mortality. This means that the epidemic has led to an overload of the entire healthcare system: against the background of the epidemic, many categories of citizens could not receive medical care, regular treatment. This situation has arisen as a result of the optimization of the healthcare system, which was carried out in Russia. During its course, the number of hospital beds in infectious diseases hospitals in Moscow almost halved. Several large infectious disease hospitals in the city were closed. As a result, other hospitals had to be involved to assist.

In addition, we see that not only the optimization of health care, but the entire state system was not ready for an epidemic. From the very beginning, the authorities failed to establish effective identification and isolation of arrivals from abroad, failed to establish a mass production of personal protective equipment, even the simplest masks. Even the quarantine imposed was not complete: many enterprises, under various pretexts, hired employees, churches were opened, and to top it off, the introduction of passes led to a crush at the entrances to the metro.

Such a situation is characteristic not only of Russia, but also of other capitalist countries, including countries of "right" capitalism. Everywhere we see the powerlessness of the authorities before the infection, the lack of the most basic personal protective equipment, even for medical personnel, the lack of various medical equipment. Thus, we see that the capitalist system cannot cope with the epidemic, no matter what countries it develops in: rich or poor, large or small, warm or cold. The picture is the same everywhere. Like the reason - capitalism.

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Re: Russia today

Post by blindpig » Mon May 18, 2020 1:02 pm

On the "mask regimes" in Russia and in the world

How and with what justification are WHO recommendations?

Fearing that there would not be enough medical masks for medical workers, the World Health Organization on April 3 issued recommendations for all countries, according to which medical masks should be worn only by patients and doctors.


From that moment, the countries were divided into those who heeded the recommendations of the WHO, and those who, contrary to these recommendations, introduced mandatory wearing of masks in public places, the so-called “mask regimen” .

As we studied the features of the new coronavirus, it became clear that the recommendation to wear masks “only by explicit patients” is erroneous. As it became known, the incubation period from the moment of infection is 5-7 days, and part of this time the person is the carrier of the infection. A little later it became clear that more than 50% of those infected do not have symptoms at all, while they can infect other people and surfaces in public places by airborne droplets (goods and shelves in stores, handrails in vehicles, etc.).

In early April, the TOP-10 countries in terms of an increase in the number of new cases included only those countries in which protective masks were not required to be worn in public places. Moreover, the same list included not only large countries, but also small European states:

Belgium: 42 thousand patients ( hereinafter the data as of April 17 );
Netherlands: 35 thousand cases;
Switzerland: 28 thousand sick.
For comparison, here are some other small EU countries that introduced “mask regimes” in a timely manner:

Czech Republic: 7 thousand patients, the decree is valid from March 18;
Bulgaria: 1 thousand sick, the decree is valid from March 30;
Austria: 15 thousand patients, the decree is valid from April 1;
Estonia: 1.5 thousand patients, the decree is valid from April 5;
Romania: 10 thousand sick, the decree is valid from April 6;
Lithuania: 1 thousand sick, the decree is valid from April 10.
As a result, the position of WHO turned out to be harshly criticized, primarily by Chinese infectious disease doctors. Many experts in China believe that the lack of requirements for quarantine masks by citizens has caused such a huge scale of coronavirus infection in Europe and the United States. For example, in an interview with Science journalism, George Gao , director general of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention , said that the "biggest mistake in Europe and the United States" was the lack of strict quarantine measures and the optional wearing of all medical masks by all residents of the country.

Western countries nevertheless decided to follow the “Chinese version” and began to introduce “mask regimes”.

In Italy, at the height of the epidemic, authorities were negative about the mandatory wearing of masks. So, Lombardy, the most affected by the coronavirus, still introduced a decree, though only on April 6, a month after the outbreak. According to the decree, residents of the region are required to “protect themselves and others by covering their nose and mouth with masks or with ordinary scarves and scarves” .

In the United States , the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Federal Agency of the Ministry of Health) also concluded that everyone should wear masks during quarantine. And not necessarily medical, suitable from any materials. The main thing is to cover the face (face covering). Exit to the street without protective masks in the USA is prohibited from mid-April.

Since April 27 in Germany, wearing a mask when entering the street has become mandatory in all 16 federal states.

France obliged its citizens to wear masks in vehicles from May 11.

Spain did the same , obliging them to use face masks in vehicles from May 4.

Of the largest European countries, the “mask regime” has not yet been introduced only in Great Britain .

Countries that are removing or preparing to weaken quarantine measures retain the “mask regime”, including as an alternative to tougher measures (France, Spain).

It is noteworthy that the first in Europe weakened the quarantine of the Czech Republic (April 24), and it was the first to introduce a “mask regime” (March 18). Mandatory wearing of masks there remains valid.

Attitude to masks in Russia
The opinions of officials and lawmakers have varied from diligently following WHO recommendations (“masks for doctors”) to the gradual recognition of these recommendations as not effective enough and the transition to the principle of “masks are mandatory for everyone” from around mid-April.

Universal mask mode
The Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region Sergey Morozov was one of the first to speak publicly :

“I believe that it is necessary to introduce mandatory wear of masks for all in public places! Today we have already tested this at home. ”

“I’m sure that this particular requirement in China, where the absence of a mask was punished very harshly, made it possible to stop the spread of the virus.”

On April 17, Rospotrebnadzor issued a list of recommendations, one of the points of which was: “When leaving the house, it is mandatory to use a mask that closes the airways” . The new recommendations completely contradicted the previous concept.

From mid-April, the regions began to introduce the mandatory wearing of protective masks in public places (transport, shops, crowded streets, etc.). The decrees allow the use of not only respirators and medical masks, but also any similar ones: home-made, reusable and rag masks.

So, at the moment, “mask mode” has not been introduced in only a few regions of the country:

Republic of Kalmykia;
Krasnoyarsk region;
Arhangelsk region;
Astrakhan region;
Irkutsk region;
Smolensk region;
Tver region;
Nenets Autonomous Okrug;
Chukotka Autonomous Okrug.
Masks misconceptions
In the public mind, there are 3 main prejudices against protective masks, a brief look at them.

Individual protection means
Misconception 1: Masks do not protect against the virus
We give the floor to the head of the department of microbiology of latent infections of the Institute. Gamalei, Victor Zuev :

“The idea of ​​the mask is aimed at implementing the main thing - to interrupt the transmission of the pathogen from person to person. And this happens during a conversation. Someone asked something, someone sneezed, someone coughed. Splashes of saliva fly from a person’s mouth. Masks protect against this. They are not against the virus. They are against the virus infected saliva. ”

Misconception 2: Masks must be strictly medical, otherwise they do not work
We will not refer to numerous tests that demonstrate that rag masks are perfectly suitable, of course, not for working in the infectious diseases department, but for protecting others from a potential patient wearing such a mask in public places. Take quarantine in China for example. To provide masks for at least every third Chinese, it would take 500 millionmedical masks per day, this is if you do not take into account the recommendations to change such masks every 2 hours. At the time when the epidemic was just beginning, such an amount was from the category of science fiction even for the “world factory”. China has been saved by the Asian tradition of wearing reusable rag masks in smog-wrapped cities. Almost everyone had such masks, and they were mostly on the faces of Chinese citizens during the epidemic. As can be seen in the countries of Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, etc.), such masks are great for preventing the spread of infection from patients to healthy, provided that they are worn by everyone.

Misconception 3: Only the sick need masks
A word to another virologist, head of the arbovirus department of the Research Institute of Virology named after D.I. Ivanovsky, Alexander Butenko :

“Masks should be used in order not to spread the infection, because people are carriers, not knowing that they are sick. Coronavirus can be sick without symptoms. Therefore, with such a development of events in the world, for those who still want to maintain health, it does not matter whether a person is sick or not, it is worth wearing a medical mask. ”

Nikolay Smirnov,
All-Russian project # NoshuMasku

Editor’s Note : WHO’s concerns and recommendations have grown, alas, not from scratch. Messages about the lack of personal protective equipment periodically come from different parts of our planet. And along with them are stories about the overestimation of prices for materials due to excessive demand and speculative margins on finished products. In general, everything that market relations, elevated by the country's leadership to the rank of absolute good, has long been accustomed to us. And while capitalism is alive, those who profit from everything in a row, even from the global misfortune that threatens the survival of all mankind, will not disappear. And the representatives of the bourgeois leadership will continue to manipulate consciousness of citizens in an attempt to hide the impossibility of somehow affecting the situation. ... -i-v-mire/

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Re: Russia today

Post by blindpig » Fri May 22, 2020 2:11 pm

"Prime numbers": External debt, which is silent
Member of the Labor Front Oleg Komolov with author's transmission

The word "stability" is back in fashion. In recent years, state propaganda has again turned to this forgotten stamp from the 2000s. Then this word described the main merit of the Russian authorities - overcoming the mess of the 90s, from which the national leader courageously pulled us out.

Well, now stability is used as a replacement for the word stagnation, but more harmonious and filled with positive content.

It is argued that despite the blows of the crisis and sanctions, Russia shows high resistance to external challenges. Let the economy show near-zero growth rates for many years, population incomes are declining, and demographic dynamics remain negative. It is only necessary to tolerate, wait out the elements, maintain what has been achieved and, as soon as the sun comes out from behind the clouds, the accumulated potential will provide us with breakthroughs in all areas.

Well, it’s not for nothing that more and more successful people appear in the country every year. Where would they come from, if not for a surplus budget, low inflation and large reserves. So big that they overlap with external debt. Yes, by the way, he is also a separate reason for pride.

All last year, pro-government media published headlines about zero and even negative net debt of the Russian Federation. And it really sounds solid and convincing against the backdrop of news about the growing debt of Western countries.

But in this matter, everything is not as simple as it seems. The exposure of myths about the external debt of the United States was dedicated to a separate video. Let me remind you in a nutshell that international borrowing is one of the instruments of nonequivalent exchange in the modern economy. The result depends on the country's place in the international division of labor. For the countries of the center, external debt is a source of development, and for the periphery, it causes the conservation of backwardness.

This issue was deeply worked out in the writings of Samir Amin , a representative of Marxist political economy. He introduced the concept of imperialist rent into scientific circulation. This is part of the surplus value created by the population of the periphery and appropriated by the capital of the countries of the center (see Amin S. The Law of Worldwide Value. New York, Monthly Review Press, 2010) . In modern capitalism, the periphery is represented by two types of economies.

Political economist-Marxist Samir Amin (1931-2018)

The first group includes countries that play the role of markets for the countries of the center. These include most countries in Africa and Eastern Europe, Argentina, India, Turkey and many others. Being net importers, they have negative financial values ​​and as a result are forced to resort to foreign loans. This situation creates a number of macroeconomic risks for them.

Firstly, the peripheral importing country is forced to attract a loan in the currency accepted by the seller.

Accordingly, it is also necessary to service the debt in the currency of the creditor, most often in US dollars or Euros. In this case, the amount of payments on external debt directly depends on the rate of the senior currency. If it strengthens, then the debt service burden is growing.

Secondly, floating interest rates on external debt cause large problems under which most of the international loans are issued.

They make the country's economy dependent on interest rates in international financial markets, such as the London Interbank Rate or the US Primary Rate

This problem became one of the traps for peripheral countries in 1982 and led to the so-called non-payment crisis. He became one of the strongest blows not only to the debtors themselves, but also throughout the world economy. A number of countries, including Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, have announced that they are no longer able to service external debt. This happened because the United States, as part of the neoliberal reforms of Reagan, moved to a tighter monetary policy to reduce inflation. Interest rates in the United States rose sharply, and with them interest on the external debt of peripheral countries.

The third problem is the excess of real interest rates over GDP growth.

Central Bank Interest Rates (%)

According to the laws of the market, debt instruments of underdeveloped camps have a higher interest rate than securities of the center countries. And if the interest rate is higher than the country's GDP growth rate, then in this case, an increasing part of the national income will go to servicing loans, and the conditions for economic growth will deteriorate from year to year.

Problem number four is the restriction of the economic and political sovereignty of the debtor. Failure to pay off external debt forces the state to turn to international credit institutions, such as the IMF and the World Bank.

Their financial assistance is usually accompanied by a set of certain conditions and recommendations: freedom of movement of capital, liberalization of foreign trade, privatization, minimization of government spending on social programs; refusal to protect the environment; reduction of wages, restriction of the rights of workers; increased tax pressure on the poor and similar measures. Following these recommendations not only does not contribute to the growth of independence, stability and development of the national economy, but even more subordinates it to transnational capital.

Finally, the fifth problem is that external debt, like any loan, does not make a country richer or poorer. It only allows you to transfer the purchasing power of future income to the present. And if an external loan is taken in order to support the pants in difficult times and does not serve to increase labor productivity, improve the sectoral structure of the economy, then ultimately it simply reduces the country's real income and makes its economic situation even more difficult.

All of the above applies primarily to those countries of the periphery that mainly play the role of a sales market for the countries of the center. Another type of economic periphery is a source of resources (natural, labor and financial). Such countries include China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and several others. They are net exporters of goods, live in a constantly positive trade balance and profit in foreign currency. It is clear that for such economies the problem of external debt is not as acute as for the periphery of the first type.

Exporting countries, having a constant influx of foreign currency, feel relatively calm and even act as lenders of the center.

Take Russia as an example. According to the nominal size of external debt, our country is on the 25th place in the world. At the beginning of 2020, it amounted to 481 billion dollars. Is it a lot or a little? If you correlate with the country's GDP and get less than 30%. This is a small amount compared to the USA and EU countries. It is also customary to compare external debt with the size of the country's international reserves. At the beginning of the year, they amounted to more than 560 billion dollars. Those. we can conditionally say that if suddenly all countries of the world refuse to buy Russian oil and the influx of foreign currency into the country decreases, the state will be able to sell the right amount of dollars and euros to everyone who has obligations to the outside world.

At first glance, it may seem that the problem of external debt for our country is completely insignificant or does not exist at all.

However, in reality, everything is somewhat more complicated. And first of all, one has to wonder why a country that sells tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars more goods every year than it buys, generally borrow money abroad?

The fact is that the external debt of any country is represented by the obligations of state authorities and corporations.

If you look at the dynamics of debt in this context, you can find that in the 2000s, when the country was recovering from the crisis of the 90s, the debt burden of the commercial sector began to grow sharply. Thus, the debts of the real sector of the economy grew 20 times in the period from 2000 to 2014. Only the sanctions that limited our economy’s access to international capital markets could stop the growth of this wave.

The structure of the external debt of the Russian Federation

This at least strange situation became possible for two reasons: the first is high interest rates in Russia, which made lending to residents on the domestic capital market unprofitable. For example, when in 2009 the Central Bank refinancing rate was 13%, in the United States it was at the level of 0.22%. Not surprisingly, Russian banks and industrial enterprises preferred to lend abroad.

The question is why in Russia the stakes were so high. Here the reason lies in the courageous struggle of the Central Bank against inflation , which he himself created when he actively filled reserves with dollars, paying for them with unsecured rubles. The purpose of this operation was to maintain an artificially weakened ruble exchange rate and not prejudice the interests of commodity exporters. As a result, a paradoxical situation has developed in Russia: a country that earns dollars from foreign trade cannot sell them to itself. For buyers of dollars, that is, importers, the price of a dollar in the Russian foreign exchange market is excessively high. Therefore, it was more profitable for them to attract foreign currency from abroad.

Another problem of Russian foreign debt is a significant amount of borrowing with a floating interest rate.

Foreign debt of the Russian Federation with a floating interest rate

In recent decades, it has increased both in nominal and in relative values. In 2018, it exceeded the mark of 60% of the total amount of the country's external obligations. This increases the credit risk of the Russian economy.

For example, if the American state continues to pursue a policy of expensive money and continues to raise interest rates, it will make servicing Russian debt more expensive.

By the way, the interest payments on foreign loans in the Russian economy are rather large, about $ 20 billion a year. For example, the same amount we spend annually with us; the state spends on supporting the housing and communal services system.

Interest payments on the external debt of the Russian Federation (billion dollars)

In addition, Russia faces the same risk as any peripheral economy: more than 2/3 of Russia's debt is denominated in foreign currency.

The ruble, respectively, accounts for 28%: this type of debt occurs then, foreigners buy ruble bonds of the government.

Currency structure of the external debt of the Russian Federation (%)

So, servicing external debt in dollars and euros, Russian debtors are forced to purchase foreign currency at an overvalued rate. The ruble is an artificially devalued currency (see Köhler G. The Structure of Global Money and World Tables of Unequal Exchange // Journal of World Systems Research. - 1998. - Vol. 4. - Issue 2.) .

Its nominal exchange rate deviates strongly from the value of purchasing power parity with the dollar, and the degree of this deviation in economic theory is called the distortion coefficient.

Distortion factor for the Russian Federation

In fact, it reflects one of the forms of imperialist rent and reflects the unaccounted transfer of part of the surplus value created by the working people of Russia.

In recent decades, it has fluctuated around the 2.5 mark and means that currency buyers overpay for it two and a half times.

The formula for calculating the volume of unaccounted transfer

This ratio will help us determine the amount of unaccounted transfer. With the help of simple calculations, we obtain values ​​by year and for the possibility of comparison, we translate them into constant prices in 2018.

So, it turns out that in 2018 the size of the unaccounted transport transfer for servicing external debt exceeded 530 billion rubles, and since 1992, the total amount of imperialist rent that Russia paid through the external debt channel amounted to almost 8 trillion rubles.

Unaccounted transfer for servicing the external debt of the Russian Federation

These funds were actually withdrawn left our economy in excess of the payment of the body of debt and interest. But money does not come from nowhere. In fact, this rent is charged to us, ordinary consumers. It is embedded in the prices of goods sold in the country and reduces the purchasing power of household incomes.

In general, the moral here is this: Russia's relatively low external debt is, of course, not bad. However, this is not the merit of the state. All the same, we remain peripherals, they simply rob us differently than, for example, Ukraine, which owes creditors more than 100% of annual GDP. Russia is a capital donor to the Western world and over the past decades has irrevocably sent over a trillion dollars abroad. Including through the accumulation of the very reserves that more than cover the external debt of Russia, allowing the ruling class to get old fairy tales out of the dusty chest. ... o-kotorom/

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Re: Russia today

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In Surgut, "Citizens of the USSR" intensified

They write letters to the court

In the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug , members of the notorious movement "Citizens of the USSR" have become more active . The organization operates in the city of Surgut. The cell’s actions come down to writing letters to official bodies: the city administration, the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the prosecutor’s office. Now the local organization is trying to enter into coalitions with opposition parties and is establishing contacts with them. Cell members do not plan to commit violent actions. Earlier, in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, in the city of Nizhnevartovsk, the FSB, the police and the Russian Guard detained a group of members of the “Home in the USSR” cell, who were preparing, according to the investigation, the seizure of administrative buildings. The activities of the newly created cell in Surgut are not of interest to law enforcement agencies.


The movement of "citizens of the USSR" to one degree or another is in every region of the country. The members of this organization believe that the USSR still exists, on the basis of which they refuse to comply with applicable laws, pay bills and obey the current government. They reinforce their views with references to legal documents, the constitution of the USSR and the RSFSR. Indeed, during the counter-revolution of 1985-1993, anti-Soviet and anti-communists rushing to power violated a lot of laws that existed then, and violated, among other things, the will of the vast majority of Soviet citizens to preserve the USSR, expressed by them in a referendum.

However, it is known that laws are the will of the ruling class, elevated to the rank of binding. The state at the same time serves as an instrument of the ruling class. Having made a coup, the bourgeoisie established a new order on the territory of the former USSR, returning the capitalist system. Now in the territory of the former USSR bourgeois laws are in force, supported by the power of the bourgeois state. No statements about the illegality of the existing state, no letters to the authorities can not change the current state of affairs.

It is possible to restore the USSR in a new form only if Soviet power is restored on its territory and the construction of socialism begins. But this cannot be done by writing letters to the bourgeois authorities. For this we need a long, systematic struggle of the proletarians of our country for their interests, for their own, working cause. ... grazhdane/

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