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  1. 'Good' Syrian rebels on run - Saudis ask Putin for help

    Will there be any 'good' Syrian rebels left to provide credible representation at the January United States - Russia sponsored Geneva II peace conference?

    The U.S. favored rebel group, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), experienced major setbacks in December. On the first, the Syrian Arab Army killed a key FSA commander in Daraa Province in southern Syria. On the eighth, "the top Western-backed rebel commander in Syria," General Salim Idris, head of the FSA, fled Syria ...
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  2. 'Good' rebels signal siding with Syrian government to fight Al Qaeda

    Pres. Bashar al-Assad, Syria

    At The Agonist, we've been covering the attack on Syria for some time (Syrian Crisis). The considered move by the 'good' rebels, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), isn't news. It's history. In recent government victories at Qusayr and Homs, on the Turkish border, and in Latakia, FSA and other rebel groups have accepted negotiated surrenders to the Syrian Arab Army.

  3. Saudi America and the State of Denial

    The U.S. will surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil producer by 2015, and be close to energy self-sufficiency in the next two decades, amid booming output from shale formations, the IEA said. Bloomberg Nov 12

    The shale oil boom delivers dollars but at what cost? Phillip Taylor

    Well, I guess that means every thing will be just fine. We'll have plenty of cheap fuel ...

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  4. Project: غسَّان كنفاني: ملصق ||| Ghassan Kanafani: poster

    A poster commemorating the anniversary of the assassination of Ghassan Kanafani, Palestinian writer and activist, on July 8, 1972. The caption reads: "In blood we write for Palestine".
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  5. PROJECT: يوم الأرض • Land Day • Le Jour de la Terre • El Día de la Tierra

    Palestine becomes emblematic of all dispossessed people; the farmer, displaced by capitalist and globalizing forces, becomes a symbol of resistance. To return to the land becomes not just a right but a duty; the restoration of the land to the people the ultimate goal.
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