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  1. Project: غسَّان كنفاني: ملصق ||| Ghassan Kanafani: poster

    A poster commemorating the anniversary of the assassination of Ghassan Kanafani, Palestinian writer and activist, on July 8, 1972. The caption reads: "In blood we write for Palestine".

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  2. PROJECT: يوم الأرض Land Day Le Jour de la Terre El Da de la Tierra

    Palestine becomes emblematic of all dispossessed people; the farmer, displaced by capitalist and globalizing forces, becomes a symbol of resistance. To return to the land becomes not just a right but a duty; the restoration of the land to the people the ultimate goal.

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  3. ARTICLE: Political Illustration: Lebanon and Beyond

    This article was published at the Design Altruism Project, based on an interview by a student in the graphic design program at the American University of Beirut. It discusses the state of political illustration in the region.

  4. PROJECT: The Occupied Wall Street Journal

    Created for the poster issue of this newspaper
    Friday, October 21, 2011

    The organizers of the Occupy Wall Street resistance movement put out a call for posters, and asked Jamaa Al-Yad to create a poster that tied in the efforts in downtown Manhattan to the revolutionary spirit recently activated in the Southwest Asian/North African region. We worked with a Lebanese proverb that translates literally as "he runs, he runs (he works hard) and for dinner he ...
    Jamaa Al Yad
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  5. Digging at "Ground Zero": A Message from Radio Row

    I wrote this prose poem as a kind of overview of ten years of thinking about September 11, 2001, now that I have the hindsight of living overseas. The piece, published at CounterPunch, compares the violence of that day with the violence directed at the 14-block neighborhood referred to as "Radio Row", which was erased in order to build the Twin Towers.

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