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PROJECT: The Occupied Wall Street Journal

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Created for the poster issue of this newspaper
Friday, October 21, 2011

The organizers of the Occupy Wall Street resistance movement put out a call for posters, and asked Jamaa Al-Yad to create a poster that tied in the efforts in downtown Manhattan to the revolutionary spirit recently activated in the Southwest Asian/North African region. We worked with a Lebanese proverb that translates literally as "he runs, he runs (he works hard) and for dinner he has but bitter weeds". Given the poverty rate in the region, the presence of slave labor, the strikes of women workers in Egyptian cotton mills, and the usurping entity of Israel acting as the local instigator of Capitalist powers just for a few examples, we chose to illustrate this proverb with a worker/farmer and his empty plate; his fist is clenched to signify his latent power in the face of those who would take this last crumb left to him.

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Jamaa Al Yad


  1. mmdad's Avatar
    There is more than enough to keep one occupied with our own "domestic" situation. I find it distracting and non-relevant to the OWS movement to insert international politics into the discussion. But then again, that's just me.
  2. Daniel Ibn Zayd's Avatar
    Everyone works locally, but bridges globally. How is this problematic?