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  1. Forget what the politicians are saying....

    and pay attention to what the real bosses are saying. This quote was taken from a slide show on a business site:

    It's going to be difficult to significantly reduce unemployment without a softening of wages. You are going to have a real reduction in real average wages in order to reduce unemployment substancially.

    John Lonski
    Chief Economist
    So there it is, the capitalist solution. Employed or not employed, all must ...
  2. ARTICLE: Political Illustration: Lebanon and Beyond

    This article was published at the Design Altruism Project, based on an interview by a student in the graphic design program at the American University of Beirut. It discusses the state of political illustration in the region.
  3. Impressions of an Occupation, Part III: Organization – Structure

    After two days in Chicago, I was convinced that the structural side of the movement’s organization was an ineffective clusterf***. My initial impression at the New York City site confirmed this. Perhaps my expectations were too high; since the site had been around longer and had more participation I assumed some of the kinks had been worked out. This purist, direct-democracy system being followed renders decision-making ...
  4. Impressions of an Occupation, Part II: Organization – The Encampment

    I have spent 4 days in Zuccotti Park since I last wrote about my Chicago experience. Much has changed in Chicago since I left so I won’t focus on it since I am not aware of its current and ever-changing conditions. Instead I will be writing mostly about Occupy Wall Street in New York City, including some impressions I have from reading and watching videos about other sites.

    On the level of basic, ...
  5. PROJECT: The Occupied Wall Street Journal

    Created for the poster issue of this newspaper
    Friday, October 21, 2011

    The organizers of the Occupy Wall Street resistance movement put out a call for posters, and asked Jamaa Al-Yad to create a poster that tied in the efforts in downtown Manhattan to the revolutionary spirit recently activated in the Southwest Asian/North African region. We worked with a Lebanese proverb that translates literally as "he runs, he runs (he works hard) and for dinner he ...
    Jamaa Al Yad
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